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Below you will find useful links to Ultima Online sites and resources.
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Official UO Sites
UO Herald UO Facebook UONews
The Official UO website
by BioWare-Mythic
UO's Facebook Page UO's Twitter Page

UO Client Downloads
Classic UO Client (CC)Stygian Abyss Enhanced UO Client (EC)
The venerable 2D clientThe modern UO client for UO, recommended.

Pinco's UI

UO Forum Sites
UO StraticsUltimate Online Forums
The eldest UO news and forum siteSite with many UO-related forums

Useful UO Sites

UO GuideUO JournalWhispering Rose Radio
UO Wiki EncyclopediaUO's snarky sideUO Radio Station
(Broadcasts UO Town Halls)

Useful Ultima Sites

Ultima CodexUltima Wiki
Repository of all things UltimaOnline Ultima encyclopedia

Great Lakes UO Sites
Tomes of SosariaThe Daily HeraldWays of the World
The original GL RP siteThe original GL news siteCarde of Skara Brae's art studio

The Fishing Council of BritanniaMajestic Oaks AuctionGreat Lakes EM Site
Salty sailors of the seaGL's longest running auction houseEM Malachi and EM Elizabella's site

Useful Downloads

VentriloICQUO Toolbar
Popular Voice Chat
Most common UO
'Pigeon' service
Internet Browser add-on
TrillianUO Cartographer
Multiple IM clients in one programWorks with UOA and the EC.
(Original hosting site closed, zip file hosed locally.)
EC Map files prior to Pub 75