June 2014

Producer Update

Submitted by UO_Herald on June 26, 2014 at 3:38 PM CDT
UO Development

Originally posted 2014 Jun 26 19:48 -0400 GMT by Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong on the UO Herald:

Greetings Everyone,

Since I have not given you guys an update lately I thought I would let everyone know what we are up to and give you some highlights as to what and when you can expect to see new and exciting things in UO! I know we stated that Publish 86 would originally be released in July but we are looking at mid August before we can publish now. Since the shutdown of the Mythic Studio, it has caused us to move the rest of our build machines from that office to the office in Herndon before we were expecting so that has caused a delay in our publish time. This is not an excuse but I wanted to let everyone know some of the things we have been dealing with to cause these delays.

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Legends down Tomorrow Morning 6/18/2014

Submitted by UO_Herald on June 17, 2014 at 4:07 PM CDT
UO Customer Service

Originally posted 2014 Jun 17 19:34 -0400 GMT by Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong on the UO Herald:

Afternoon everyone,

We will be taking down Legends onlytomorrow starting at 5 am EST for approx. 3 hours.We should have it back up and runningby 8 am EST, if any issues come up that alter that time I will make sure to keep everyone informed.



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