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Ultima Online Newsletter (July 2019)

Submitted by UO_Herald on July 26, 2019 at 5:29 PM CDT

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The UO Team is happy to announce we will be sending out a newsletter periodically so you can stay up to date on the latest in Britannia!

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Producer Notes

Greetings Everyone,

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer, or winter if the hemisphere dictates!  In case you need a break from the summer heat be sure to check out our latest publish, Forgotten Treasures which is packed full of all new exciting loot to fish up from the sea and dig up from the land.  You can check out the full Forgotten Treasures release notes here.  We are currently preparing for our first TC1 release of our next publish, Forsaken Foes, which brings new equipment, some quality of life updates, and a continuation of our ongoing story arc!  Keep an eye on UO.com for full release details and check out below for some fun stuff coming with Forsaken Foes!

I would like to talk about posting on the UO Forums.  This is supposed to be a place that everyone feels comfortable to post comments, bugs, and questions, not a place to be made to feel inferior by others.  Rude behavior will not be permitted.  Starting immediately we will be sending out warning letters when the rules are broken.  If the poster persists with rule violating behavior on the forums then you will be banned for 30 days. When the 30 day ban has been lifted if the bad behavior continues posters will be permanently banned from the UO Forums.  Please think before you hit post, we do not want to ban players.  We want everyone to feel they can post there without being made to feel inferior or not important.  The forums is not a place to post personal information, if you do the thread will be locked immediately.

We have been working on the next publish which includes some exciting quests, new items, and some bug fixes.  

After reading the forums regarding items you would like to see in the store, I just wanted to tell you guys there are some great ideas that we will try to put in the store in the future.

For those that want to help friends to keep houses/accounts, I would like to let everyone know that we can not bless houses to save one but I will be happy to apply a code to the account provided by you. Remember we will check to ensure the code was purchased from the store.

We have a new toy for the Meet and Greets. You no longer have to stand in line, you sign up on the stone and we will pull you into the circle to speak to us and ask your question.  Remember if you leave the area the stone will remove you from the list.  We look forward to seeing you at the next Meet and Greet.

Following is the Meet and Greet schedule for July:

Chesapeake, July 29th at 7pm ET
Izumo, August 12th 9am ET

The following are actions taken on accounts that were banned or suspended during the month of May:

4 - Disruptive Behavior
59 - Macroing 
1 - Naming Violation
1 -  Staff Impersonation
1 - Abuse of Game Mechanics
1 - Harassment

See you on the High Seas,

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong

Forsaken Foes

We are very excited about what's coming in Forsaken Foes!  Check out the new pumpkin pirate ship below, and keep an eye out for next months newsletter where we'll talk more about what's in store for this Fall!  See you on the High Seas!


Question & Answer

1.   Is it possible to allow the CC to not restart the bandage macro before the bandage has been turned on so you don’t restart the action, like it works in the EC?

This is a really good question, and we have added it to our backlog for Bleak to investigate in a future publish.

2.  Can we get the ability to mix and match different pieces in armor sets?

We are sorry, the sets in the game are designed to work with a specific piece.

3.  Will we ever be able to get the grass, snow or water tiles in the future?

We can give you guys the option to get them again for a holiday pick and will look to adding water tiles in a future publish.

4.  Can we get speech triggers on runebooks like the crystal portal?

Adding speech functions to runebooks isn't something we can do.  In the past, the specialty teleporters have been available with pre-defined locations.  We would have to investigate the risks of allowing that functionality to be user generated, but have added it to our backlog for a future look - thanks for the suggestion!

5.  Can we do something about blocked recall locations, especially in NPC heavy areas like Ice Island?

The validation of teleportation locations is some of the oldest functionality in game.  Before we would make any changes to this it would require a great deal of testing, so something we aren't likely to change.


Customer Service

To recover an account, please email support@ultimaonline.com so that the Billing Support has a ticket in the system. Keep an eye out for the automated reply requesting account verification for the Billing Support Team to assist further.
•  How to create an account or log into my account?
•  How to manage my accounts after I’ve logged into the Account Center?
To reset your password you must first understand which type of account you are resetting the password for.
EA Accounts, Mythic Master Accounts, and Mythic Product / Game Accounts all have separate individual passwords. All of which you can reset at our Account Center at https://accounts.eamythic.com/.

•  To reset your EA Account password:
       * Please visit https://signin.ea.com/p/web/resetPassword
       * At the EA page enter the email used to log into your EA Account to change its password.
       * If you have not received your password or have received an error while trying to reset the password and you have disabled all spam filters, please contact EA Support here.
If you have an account that was terminated by CS over a year ago and would like to have it back, please contact the Dispute Team from the email associated with the account at dispute@ultimaonlince.com for further investigation and a possible one-time reprieve.
For in-game issues or question, please submit an in-game help request for a Game Master to contact you.
To submit your suggestions and feedback regarding game content, mechanics, or design, please send them to UO@broadsword.com.

Sovereigns Coin Codes purchased from EA Origin have to be redeemed on the Account Center; you cannot enter these in game.
Sovereign Coin Codes that have been redeemed are bound to the EA Account they were redeemed on and are only usable by the accounts linked with that EA Account; Sovereign Coin currency may not be transferred.

If you are having issues with your EA Origin purchase, follow this link to resolve the issue.

You may have noticed that Origin Store purchases made did not arrived as expected. The Origin Store enacts reviews on all transactions to safeguard against fraudulent purchases, and these reviews may take up to 72 hours. Unfortunately our Billing department is not able to expedite or circumvent this process. However, players who have questions or concerns regarding a store purchase can contact Origin Support for assistance using the below steps:
1)  Go here, https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=origin&platform=pc
2)  Select topic* - select Orders
3)  Select issue*
4)  Click on "Select contact option"
5)  Sign in with your EA Account or click on "Get help from an advisor without logging in." if you're having trouble signing in.

We would also like to reiterate that the Origin store is the only guaranteed provider of codes for Ultima Online. The validity of a code purchased from a third-party seller (be it a friend, in-game acquaintance, or recommended site) cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, any codes we find to have be fraudulently obtained will be disabled and an account that applies any of these codes will have that code removed from said account. This can result in the loss of game time, character slots, expansion access, Sovereigns (and the items purchased with them), in-game items and more. Please be advised that we cannot assist with any issues stemming from codes purchased via non-Origin means; you will be required to contact the vendor from which you purchased the code for further assistance.

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Iolo Undercover

Submitted by UO_Herald on July 18, 2019 at 5:25 PM CDT

Originally posted July 18, 2019 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

We invite you to sit back and enjoy, Iolo Undercover.

By EM Malachi

“You’re Iolo the Bard!”

“Not today I’m not. I’m just someone with a bowl of stew. Mind if I take this seat?” The bard sat down. “How are you doing today?”

Feridwyn examined the bard sitting across from him. An old cap covered shaggy white hair, and there was a warm smile behind the long beard. “I’m well. What brings you to the Fellowship?”

Iolo tentatively ate a small spoonful of the stew and looked pleasantly surprised. He set to work on the bowl. “I heard of the good work being done here and wanted to see it for myself.”

“What do you think so far?”

“I think I’m hungry. After a morning of stacking crates, I still have a lot of questions. The first being: Is this really the best way to help people?”

“Many have voiced doubts about our work, even a dear friend of mine, but trust is required.”

Iolo thought for a moment. “That reminds me of a story.”

There once was a farmer who bred and trained horses. One day, when he went into his stable, a voice said to him, “The nail holding the lantern is loose. One good gust, and it will fall.”

The farmer didn’t see anyone, just his horses, but he went over to the lantern and checked. The piece of wood was rotten, and the nail fell right out when he pulled on it. “Thank you! The whole place could have burned down.”

“You’re welcome!” said the strange voice.

A few days later, the farmer was getting ready to repair the thatch on the stable roof. He had the ladder in place when the same voice said, “The ground is soft under one rail. It’ll sink as you climb, and you will fall.”

Again, the farmer only saw a few of his horses in the corral, but he checked the ladder. One side was indeed sinking into the ground. “Thank you again! May I know your name?”

“I have a couple of names, but all my friends call me Smith.”

A couple of weeks later, the farmer was purchasing a new saddle from a traveling merchant in the village, when the voice warned him, “Don’t buy that saddle. The rigging isn’t attached very well.”

The farmer checked the straps and didn’t see a problem, and the merchant assured him that no one had ever had a problem with one of his saddles. Since it was a very good deal, the farmer ignored the advice. “I think I know a thing or two about saddles.”

The farmer put the new saddle on the horse and started the ride for home. Feeling good about his purchase, the farmer started to push his horse into a brisk gallop. As horse and rider turned the bend for home, the farmer saw the fence gate had somehow shut, and he decided to try to jump it. The horse under him had other ideas and instead turned off to the side. Just then the billet straps tore loose, and the rider tumbled off the horse into a puddle of soft mud.

While the farmer was wiping the stinking mud from his face, the horse bent his head down. “I also know a thing or two about saddles. While you are putting on our old saddle, grab me a sugar cube.”

As Iolo finished his tale, Feridwyn laughed. “My little ones would have loved that story.”

Feridwyn’s face darkened for a moment when he remembered. “I need to see about a food shipment to Ter Mur.”

Iolo patted the other man’s shoulder as Feridwyn got up to leave. “I know what you’re going through. It’s difficult. Let me know if you ever want to talk about it.”

Feridwyn gave a sad nod. “If you stick around, I’m sure we’ll share another meal. Good meeting you, Iolo.” He left.

Iolo wiped a crust of bread along the bottom of his empty bowl. “For a cult, they make a decent stew.”

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Time Change for Formosa Meet and Greet

Submitted by UO_Herald on July 12, 2019 at 4:25 PM CDT
UO Community News

Originally posted July 12, 2019 by Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong on the UO Herald:

Good morning all,

The Developer Meet and Greet on Formosa that is currently scheduled for 10 am ET on the 15th of July is being moved to 9 am ET on the 15th of July. Sorry for the late notice and we will see you there.

UO Team

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Happy Summer! A Special Gift For You!

Submitted by UO_Herald on July 9, 2019 at 5:20 PM CDT
UO Community News

Originally posted July 9, 2019 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

Have you ever wanted to sit and relax by the gentle crackle of a bonfire? Now you can!

Whether you are looking to roast some fish steaks or want to cook some ribs by the fire this bonfire is sure to please!

Visit the Britain Commons to claim yours today!

The dispensers are being built manually and we appreciate your patience as we place the dispenser on each shard.

See you in Britannia,
UO Team

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Trust Thy Brother

Submitted by UO_Herald on July 1, 2019 at 5:11 PM CDT

Originally posted July 1, 2019 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

We invite you to sit back and enjoy Trust Thy Brother,

By EM Malachi

The lamb looked at the shepherdess and gave a confused bleat. With the new smells, the small animal had grown shy. Katrina gently guided the lamb into the pen. Feridwyn, the animal’s owner, had sold the rest of his flock, but he had wanted her to have this one. “Why Britain? Why can’t you do their work here?” she asked.

Feridwyn emptied the oats from his pockets and tossed them into the pen. “It’s where I’m needed. The poor of Britain and Paws are crowded together in that awful city, and the Fellowship goes where their help is needed.”

“There are poor people here too.”

“True, but the shepherds take care of our own. When those vultures came for the gold I owed last year, you paid them and prevented them from throwing me out of my home. That is what the Fellowship is trying to do on a larger scale.”

“Other groups perform charity. That isn’t new.”

“But they haven’t done enough! For too long, the powers in the gilded houses and castles have made promises, but those at the bottom have only gotten poorer.”

“You are giving up everything, your whole life here.”

“I already lost it. Lily and the twins. Ever since I lost them to the pox, there have been many times I didn’t think I could go on. When I met the Fellowship envoy, I was in the darkest place I had ever been. She talked me back from the edge.”

“I didn’t know things had gotten so bad. I would have helped.”

“I didn’t want help. I wanted a reason to go on. I needed a purpose again, beyond living another day. I believe in the Fellowship’s work. For the first time in so long, I feel hope.”


With the Pirate Guild wanting him dead, it cost Mole all his gold to bribe a sailor to let him stowaway in the ship’s hold. It was a week of worry and claustrophobia, followed by a month of sickness, alone in the dark. He arrived in Britain nearly dead.

Those unloading the ship found him when they moved the stacked crates that had been his cell. The sailors drew lots to see who would move him to a convenient alley. The docker with the short straw was surprised Mole was still alive. He helped the wretched stowaway get to the Fellowship House.

For a week, members of the Fellowship brought potions to his bedside and helped him eat. Mole soon regained enough strength to sit by the window and listen to Batlin speak to the people of Britain.

At the end of the week, they came to him with a job. They brought him to a warehouse where people from Paws and refugees from the pirate conflict were working for the Fellowship. A stern woman named Brita showed him how to wrap powder charges for a ship’s cannons. Mole didn’t let on that he had done it before.

Settling down to work, Mole looked at the child next to him who was counting out grapeshot pellets, and muttered, “Better than starving.”

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