September 2008

Site Update

Submitted by DaKaren on September 30, 2008 at 4:04 PM CDT

UORPC.NET now has Forums (General and Great lakes only at this point), an Events Calendar for Great Lakes, and a link to the site's webmail.

Currently being looked into is linking the news program (Coranto) and the forums (phpBB), it is not as easy as it sounds...

The Great Lakes Calendar will require all additions to be emailed to site staff for inclusion. Please include this information: Event Name, Location (City/Area, Facet, Coords), Sponsor (the who), Date, Time (Central), Recurrence (is this weekly, monthly? etc.), and a description.

If anyone would like to volunteer their services to help improve the site, it would br greatly appreciated. I am looking for people with experience with graphics and web development (especially databases).

Thank you!

Welcome to UORPC.NET

Submitted by DaKaren on September 29, 2008 at 2:53 AM CDT

Welcome to the future Ultima Online Roleplaying Community website; a site dedicated to the intrepid roleplayers of the many Ultima Online shards. This site will be home to news, shard forums and calendars, The Library of Sosaria (books, history, etc), and much more!

The Great Lakes shard will be the first to go online as a prototype.

Please be patient with the construction process.

Thank You!

A Ventrilo server is available for Great Lakes players. You must have a username and password to speak however. A temporary Ventrilo page may be found here.

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