Prisoner Interview

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Prisoner Interview

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:38 am

(Monday, August 13, 2012)
With the conclusion of the High Council Meeting, I returned to Castle Graycloak refreshed myself then joined the Yew Militia at the Gate House to discuss a prisoner who was taken into custody.

Synopsis, the prisoner was witnessed killing a Rioter in Skara Brae by Edon M. of the Yew Militia, Grand Marshal Galen Knighthawke and I am unsure of who else may have been on hand.

Civil unrest has plagued the realm as hunger and political instability have been the standard since the death of Queen Dawn. Many townsfolks have taken to protesting, rioting and setting fires as well as a few who have taken to raiding and killing.

Prisoner, indicated to me he (as deduced by his voice, size and manner) that he was in Skara Brae "assisting the militia with control of the rioters". I asked him which militia and how he was rendering aid, he admitted killing the rioter, stating now there was one less mouth to feed and that there was one less rioter to have to contend with.

I asked if there had been any other circumstances or acts which preceded the killing. He stated he had observed many fires burning, but couldn't not directly attribute any of them to a specific rioter.

I shifted gears and asked the prisoner how he had been treated thus far during his incarceration, if he'd been fed regularly, treated well. To which he replied he had been fed but not the meal he had requested. The prisoner informed me that he was served a live rabbit, which he consumed the blood from. It would suffice for a time, but that he would prefer human blood.

After my conversation with him, I discussed what Edon had witnessed of the crime. The conclusion reached is there is adequate reason to hold a trial and more than adequate reason to treat this being quite carefully as the drinking of blood indicates either undead, Drow or some other predatory being. (It is my belief that this act was more that of a need to feed. I am well aware that my compassionate, respect for all life or beings can sometimes conflict a bit with how military types view the situation. I do grieve for the person who lost their life, I do however wish to balance that with as speedy and humane a process for the prisoner as possible.)

I have yet to speak with Grand Marshal Knighthawke regarding the situation and would like anyone else who was on hand that evening to contact me via pigeon or mail.

(OOC my availability is going to be a wee bit scarce until after Monday August 20th so please bear with me rl is kicking my butt right now)
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