Prisoner Interview

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Prisoner Interview

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:49 am

The eve of October 8th, myself, Polynikes of Yew, Grand Marshal Knighthawke, Chancellor DaKaren and Tanieren traveled to Yew Headquarters.

The intent was to interview a prisoner captured during the recent activities in Skara Brae. Upon arrival a rather tall, sandy to light brown haired man was in the cell. Introductions were made, the man commented he was arrested without provocation while he was loading goods and passengers. He was asked if he had been appointed legal counsel or wished to retain such (per court protocol) Which he did request, and a list of candidates for the job was being ran through in my head as we moved to the next cell.

In the next cell was a very large beast a mix of animal and human, a lycanthrope (werewolf). He paced the cell feverishly for a time as we stood outside it and discussed the possibilities of a cure and the details of whom we believed the victim to be. After a time the beast reverted to his true form and within the cell stood none other than Wulfryc lost brother of Rhett.

We entered the cell, spoke with him. He had no memory of where he'd been, the last thing he remembered was sharing a drink with myself at the Grotto. (which had been more than a month ago) We gently explained what we'd all witnessed that evening and he quite understandably thought us all to be in a drunken state.

During the time we were talking with him, Tanieren attempted to speak with the other prisoner, the prisoner remarked "Don't kill me" grasped his throat and fell over. He was found to be dead.

There were no weapons or devices found in the cell that allowed the man to end his own life. No one in the building who had inflicted the fatal attack. It would appear the attack was magical in nature and done from some distance from the actual jail.

Wulfryc was moved to another more comfortable cell to be held in protective custody while we attempt to ascertain if there is a control or cure for this curse. I did as him if we found such, if he wished to make use of it. He was not sure at this time, as the Wolf is a powerful creature and a strong symbol of his clan's lineage. He will think while we search.
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