Britannia vs Syephen Maxwell

Dicusssions and court proceedings for the High Court of Britannia.
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Britannia vs Syephen Maxwell

Post by Lord DaKaren » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:09 pm

Britannia vs Syephen Maxwell

Charges of:
Assault on the person of Rik Gemtracker
Attempted arson on ‘The Grotto’
Disorderly conduct

Through the testimony and evidence provided, it is clear that Mr. Maxwell attacked Mr. Gemtracker through the use of an explosive alchemical concoction – several of which were found on his person at the time of arrest. This concoction set Mr. Gemtracker’s clothing ablaze, as well as interior furnishings of The Grotto.

As such, Mr. Maxwell is hereby found guilty of the first two charges; assault and attempted arson. The third charge of disorderly conduct is dismissed.

Mr. Maxwell shall pay a restitution of 500,000 gold, to be split evenly between Mr. Gemtracker and The Grotto. He shall remain incarcerated at a location of the B.A.F.’s choosing for no more than the sum of two years, no less than one. At the time of release, Mr. Maxwell will immediately enroll in classes with the Royal Academy of Virtue for the duration of eight eighths. Failure to pay restitution or complete eight eighths shall result in additional incarceration.

Lord DaKaren,
Acting Justicar,
Chancellor of Virtue

February 27, BY 489
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