Ruling, Beauvina v. High Council of Britannia

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Ruling, Beauvina v. High Council of Britannia

Post by Court Courier » Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:09 pm

It comes before this High Court to determine if it is legal for the High Council to bar from its chambers bovines and other similar animals who may, in course of some unknown event, come to wish to observe the proceedings of the executive body of the land. Many statements were given and questions asked, but this case must be narrowed down to its core components.

First, are these animals intelligent? The definition of intelligence is one that many philosophers have attempted to give, tried to understand, and fought to make clear. In the end, they often fail. Clearly all animals display some manner of intelligence, but this leads to the next question.

Do these animals show interest in the governance of Britannia? Lady Beauvina has testified that, indeed, they do. However, we have but her word to go on. She, herself, asked that if Sherry the Mouse spoke only to Lord British, would she too be considered stupid. The truth of this would be that it is very likely she would. Many would probably question Lord British's sanity if he had run around talking about a speaking mouse without her speaking publicly. In evidence, many people are known to have thought "My Story" to have been a joke.

Thus we come to a dilemma. How do we preserve the rights of those who cannot or do not speak for themselves? In truth, it is most difficult. We preserve the rights of animals not to be treated inhumanely, for we know they cannot speak for themselves. Beauvina claims the cows are indeed speaking to her, but no one else has come forth to back this claim. Do we then have faith that they do indeed speak to her? In truth, it seems that she converses with them freely, but whether that is true conversation, a product of empathy, or symptom of something else, we cannot readily be certain.

Therefore, this Court must rule on this matter the only way it knows to be proper. Without substantial evidence that the bovine populace indeed wishes to become more greatly involved in Britannian society, this Court must uphold the High Council's ban on animals attending the meetings of the High Council, with the following provision:

Should the day come when an animal may speak publicly for itself and express its desires to multiple people, that shall be recognized as an intelligence capable of attending meetings. This speech must come in a common, recognizable tongue known to the Council, or one that may be easily and readily translated.

We must all in the early stages of life rely on others. If truly these cows are speaking to Beauvina, then someday they may too speak to the rest of us. Until then, this Court encourages Beauvina to continue to aid her friends, and keep them abreast of Britannian affairs herself, in the hopes that one day they shall speak freely to the rest of Britannia and take their place in Britannian society.

Until such day, this Court upholds the High Council's ban.

So written this day of January in the 447th year of our Lord British.
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