Cove Plague Notes

Cove is a sleepy hamlet on the edge of Loch Lake, known to uphold the Principle of Love.

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Cove Plague Notes

Post by Martin Ashburn » Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:15 pm

(OOC: This is a the story so far type of post presented in an IC manner. Your character doesn't have access to this in game, nor would they know any of the information publically withheld, or the conclusions reached by Martin and his associates.)

Day 1
I have been asked by Ingrid Lowry of the Healing Hand, the Chief Healer of Cove, to assist her with an illness that hasn't responded to treatment.

Upon arriving at the Healing Hand, was met with a disheartening sight. Six youths lay bedridden in the Hand's cots. Symptoms include a glassy-eyed expression, lethargy and a non-specific dermatosis. Each patient works as a longshoreman at the local dock.

Symptom notes:
Patient pupils appear dilated. Little response to light.

Patient energy levels well below the normal range, despite adequate sustenance. Complaints of soreness and muscle weakness when directed to perform simple exercises.

Dermatosis: Patches of red, inflamed skin. Epidermal layers are separating from the dermis causing extreme scaling. Patients report associated pruritus.

Eyes - Cool compress, reduced exposure to sunlight.
Constitution - Diet high in nutritional content continued. Local mutton, greens and milk. Continued bedrest.
Skin - Chamomile-comfrey salve w/ colloidal silver alternating with light healing potion wash.

Potential chemical exposure, possible communicable disease. Allergic reaction ruled out.

Patients were allowed to return home during treatment. Twice daily examinations proved inconclusive. Added mix of oral healing and strength potion to regimen.

Day 13
Patients continue to decline, albeit slowly. We believe the regimen is at least helping to ease the discomfort. Four more citizens have fallen ill with similar symptoms; three longshoremen and one transient. Patients continue to deteriorate.

Day 17
Attempted a treatment suggested by a well-travelled R.A.S. member: the extract from brie mold grown on sourdough bread concocted at Beta Outpost.

Day 23
While the patients of the illness showed no improvement from the mold extract, a 20-year-old female patient suffering from an unrelated wound infection showed marked improvement. Further investigation required.

Day 27
An orcish mine was discovered high on the southwestern slope of the mountain. Engineers suggest runoff from slag may contain unknown compounds that adversely affect human life. However, when I pointed out that the incidence of illness would be far more widespread if the water were contaminated I was rudely rebuffed and told to mind my business. Cove Elders believe the recent truce with the local orc clan was a ruse. Britain was asked for shipments of potable water. Three more citizens have fallen ill, all three are family of previous patients. Patients continue to deteriorate.

Day 29
The B.M.V. Benevolence docked and offloaded one hundred barrels of potable water and two tons of foodstuffs. A caravan from Minoc is expected early next week with additional supplies. Two more citizens have fallen ill. I fear hostilities with the orcs is imminent. Patients continue to deteriorate, dermatosis the most widespread symptom.

Day 33
I have officially named Cove a disaster site and mobilized R.A.S. support on the continent. Governors Warner and Knighthawke have pledged to assist as needed. Four more citizens have fallen ill; two farmhands, one guard, one transient. Patients continue to deteriorate.

Day 35
Smuggled out samples of Cove's water to Beta Outpost for testing. Ordered the results released publicly.

Day 38
Testing revealed the water free of contaminants. The Elders forced Ingrid to apologize on their behalf to the orc chieftain due to their intransigent political cowardice. While a communicable disease remains a possibility, there have been no reports of such an illness outside Cove as one would expect. Non waterborne chemical contamination remains a possibility. Patients continue to deteriorate; several have displayed fits of delirium.

Day 40
Another shipment of water and food has arrived from Britain.

Day 65
Despite our best efforts and superior medical resources, the initial four patients have succumbed to the illness. All four fell into a deep sleep and could not be woken after violent fits of delirium several days before death. Each was reported to babble incoherently about potter's glaze, but Cove has no potter within its walls. Against the Elder's wished, we are enacting a general quarantine of the hamlet: no outside travel except for hunting parties certified as fit, no exportation of goods (ore excluded), no immigration and no shore leave for vessels in port (vessels may only unload and then depart).

Day 85
Three more patients have died, each going through a phase of severe delirium and unconsciousness. Locals have begun to suspect this may be an animal borne illness. The stray animal population has increased.

Day 92
Cove Elders have once again forced Ingrid down an ill-conceived path. Bowing to public panic, they are now trying to place the blame on seemingly agitated stray animals. I suggested she request aid from Britain to loosen any potential strings.

Day 95
The slaughter of Cove's stray animals was undertaken with near pathological glee by volunteers from outside Cove. Governor Warner led citizens on this grisly task, but clearly did not enjoy the task. I followed the group conducting necropsies on four felines, seven canines, one equine, two species of ungulate, several species of avians, and a serpent. Several samples of parasites were taken to check for insect-born contagions. The higher-order animals all showed signs of a mild encephalitis. This seemed unusual, as they were otherwise in excellent health. I suggested they search for similarly agitated animals outside the hamlet's wall.

Day 96
Governor Warner reports that her group of volunteers found a great many agitated and even enraged species of wildlife outside Cove. They also found strange vibrating crystals that seemed to be the cause of the animal's distress. Eventually, a tunnel was discovered along the waterway between Loch Lake and Brittany Bay. It led to an underground cavern containing a massive vibrating crystal and many strange creatures. All five crystals were destroyed.

Since destroying the crystals, the animal population has seemed normal. All analyses of samples proved negative for contagions. This does not rule out the possibility that the underground creatures are somehow involved. Unfortunately, the BMC quickly collapsed the tunnels before any samples could be retrieved.

Day 104
Another patient succumbed today.

Day 109
In support of Governor Warner's ban on the Light Horse Mercenaries and the Dark Horse Trading company, Cove's Elders have also banned both criminal enterprises. While the DHTC conducted a fair amount of trade here I'm sure less disreputable shipping firms will take their place. The BMV Benevolence continues to deliver supplies.

Day 123
Ingrid has elected to request help from Britain again due to rumors that there is something untoward going on that our patients aren't telling us.

Day 125
Governor Warner led a group of citizens on a quest to gather information. Gossip led them to the home of the McVicker's of the McVickers Longshoreman Assoc., which replaced the last vestiges of the Cove Merchant's Association several years ago. The encounter with the widow McVickers did not go well as she and her "houseguest" attacked the group. However, this revealed a wealth of information, including the source of the plague.

It appears that the illness is not an actual illness, but the result of a substance called 'glaze' being tested on the citizens of Cove. Several pieces of evidence, including a sample of "Batch 34" of the glaze compound have been confiscated. The glaze has been secured in the Beta Outpost Vault for study. Governor Warner made copies of the relevant written materials.

Day 137
Testing on the glaze sample has revealed one ingredient: silver serpent venom. This explains the lethargy and dermatosis. The venom appears to have been modified somehow and combined with a presently unknown number of unidentified substances. Whoever created the glaze is clearly a genius...a demented, evil, amoral genius. Research is ongoing.

Day 159
We are finally able to continue investigating the Glaze matter, by following the "McVickers" trail back to Jhelom.

Day 161
I led a group of citizens to investigate links to Jhelom. It didn't go well. We learned that there are mysterious ships coming in and out of port in the dead of night. We found that the Magistrate's office is rife with corruption. We discovered a next of Light Horse Mercenaries and their tools for forging official documents. We discovered that Jhelom nobles called 'congregants' are using convicts in some sort of bloodsport, including one of Cove's missing criminals named Markus Burlan. Glaze, in some form, is also at least a semi-known quantity here. Sadly, Mr. Burlan perished in the Pit before we could rescue him. Worse yet, upon returning to Cove, we found it under siege by orcs. The Healing Hand was a scene of carnage. Every patient and healer, including six R.A.S. volunteers and Ingrid Lowry, were slain. Fortunately, the orcs were caught and dealt with. Governor Warner sealed the gate to dissuade another attack.

Day 163
I have asked CriosTem to conduct autopsies on the victims in Cove...I feel I'm simply too close to the matter. She will file them at the Beta Outpost. I have also sent a request to a cohort in Jhelom to look into Mr. Burlan's death. Why was a convict from Cove given to Jhelom instead of delivered to the prison in Yew? Too many questions, too few answers. I think I need a break...

Day 166
Spoke with the new Advocate of Justice regarding the ridiculous accusation that Governor Warner was behind the attack in Cove. Fortunately, the baselessness of the charge is quite evident. The Advocate seems to be kindred spirit, having similar fields of study. Granted him Beta Outpost access to study the glaze and associated research.

Day 167
Received a package from my cohort in Jhelom. More corruption. First, a false death certificate for Mr. Burlan. Then the fact he was to be cremated without autopsy. Fortunately, an autopsy was conducted covertly. Documents were sent to Beta Outpost.
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