July 30th 2014 Developer Meet & Greet Log

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July 30th 2014 Developer Meet & Greet Log

Post by Lord DaKaren » Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:00 pm

[18:02:04] [Mesanna]: shall we get started
[18:02:10] [Mesanna]: bleak is running a little late
[18:02:19] [Mesanna]: Traffic was bad this evening
[18:02:34] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[18:02:37] [Mesanna]: Greetings Great Lakes thanks for having us
[18:03:01] [Mesanna]: Shall we start
[18:03:11] [Misk]: Indeed!
[18:03:11] [Mesanna]: Hi Rocko
[18:03:21] [Rocko]: Hail
[18:03:33] [Rocko]: first of all, thanks for coming out and greeting the community
[18:03:40] [Rocko]: it is a great event
[18:03:46] [Mesanna]: our pleasure
[18:03:54] [Rocko]: on to the question.... =)
[18:03:58] [Rocko]: Now that Broadsword is running UO, how will the company improve customer service, including in game support....
[18:04:07] [Rocko]: ....and have you ever considered instanced housing?
[18:04:28] [Mesanna]: ok 2 part question
[18:04:31] [Mesanna]: part 1
[18:04:47] [Rocko]: Vendor buy bank guards
[18:04:47] [Mesanna]: I can tell you the improvements we are making by hiring more CS people
[18:04:51] [Mesanna]: and
[18:05:01] [Mesanna]: we are also improving the Account management page
[18:05:14] [Mesanna]: so it doesn't drive everyone crazy to try to figure it out
[18:06:21] [Mesanna]: the second part about Instance housing
[18:06:33] [Mesanna]: I think we are way to deep into UO to change the housing now
[18:06:42] [Mesanna]: People would hang me high if they lost their castles now
[18:06:56] [Mesanna]: I am not sure we can to be honest with you
[18:06:56] [Rocko]: but an instance does not change what a person has
[18:07:11] [Mesanna]: I would have to ask our Engineer about that one
[18:07:13] [Rocko]: it creates an area for people to place a domicile
[18:07:16] [Mesanna]: *looks to Bleak*
[18:07:43] [Mesanna]: can I ask why you would want it
[18:07:53] [Mesanna]: what benefit you can see from it
[18:08:09] [Rocko]: to allow for placement of a larger house for those with a small house
[18:08:21] [Rocko]: it could be designed for only 18x18
[18:08:53] [Rocko]: i dont see something like castle redesign as that feasible
[18:09:13] [Rocko]: it would be awesome but not sure if it is codable
[18:09:27] [Mesanna]: we are not either to be honest
[18:09:54] [Mesanna]: that one has not even been brought up before
[18:09:59] [Mesanna]: so its totally new
[18:10:08] [Bleak]: It is not currently on the table.
[18:10:20] [Rocko]: thanks for your time =)
[18:10:23] [Mesanna]: thanks
[18:10:30] [Mesanna]: Have a good evening
[18:10:36] [Mesanna]: Hi Britannic
[18:10:40] [Misk]: Hello!
[18:10:45] [Bleak]: Hi
[18:10:49] [Britannic]: Hello and thank you for this meeting and giving me this opportunity.
[18:11:01] [Kyronix]: Greetings!
[18:11:11] [Britannic]: I met some of the devs in person years ago during the beta of the EC in Philly and NYC.
[18:11:32] [Bleak]: KR?
[18:11:33] [Britannic]: My question is in 5 parts, so I will try to be quick.
[18:11:35] [Britannic]: Yes
[18:12:03] [Britannic]: With the upcoming Vice vs. Virtue can you add a Guild Access mode to houses in Fel like the new boats have?
[18:12:26] [Britannic]: I don't want to make my house public and set guild access doors
[18:12:59] [Britannic]: Number 2, can you give tailors the ability to make bags or backpacks?
[18:13:04] [Bleak]: I think it is a good idea
[18:13:33] [Mesanna]: wait
[18:13:33] [Bleak]: Only a couple lines of codes :-)
[18:13:41] [Mesanna]: Part 1
[18:13:47] [Mesanna]: Bleak said it was a good idea
[18:13:49] [Britannic]: Number 3: Some non-stacking items which should be: Unmarked recall runes, small pieces of blackrock and Medusa's Blood
[18:13:51] [Mesanna]: he will look into iut
[18:13:53] [Bleak]: but really I will look into it
[18:13:53] [Mesanna]: it
[18:13:59] [Mesanna]: Stop
[18:14:05] [Britannic]: ok sorry
[18:14:07] [Mesanna]: let us answer you
[18:14:09] [Misk]: The Provisioners Union will be incredibly upset if tailor begain crafting bags...
[18:14:10] [Mesanna]: lol
[18:15:08] [Mesanna]: #3 we are constantly trying to catch up with the stackable items
[18:15:36] [Britannic]: I'm sure it's a never ending list.
[18:15:38] [Mesanna]: we understand we have alot of items in the game that need to be stackable
[18:16:05] [Mesanna]: we are working on it
[18:16:10] [Mesanna]: and yes you are correct
[18:16:14] [Mesanna]: its a long list
[18:16:18] [Mesanna]: on next question
[18:16:20] [Britannic]: Your efforts are appreciated.
[18:16:41] [Britannic]: Ok, #4 salvaging items created through carpentry and tinkering like we can with tailoring and smithing.
[18:17:00] [Alister]: Sanctum Viatas
[18:17:37] [Mesanna]: some items make sense to do but not wood if you think about it
[18:17:45] [Mesanna]: we have thought about it
[18:17:55] [Mesanna]: and will put more thought into it for the future
[18:18:14] [Britannic]: That is all I ask, your consideration.
[18:18:33] [Britannic]: Ready for my last question?
[18:18:37] [Mesanna]: yes sir
[18:18:57] [Mesanna]: test
[18:18:58] [Britannic]: Can you address some of the display discrepancies between EC and CC. Such as all dragons
[18:19:02] You cannot say anything at this time; you have been muted.
[18:19:03] [Britannic]: being the red dragon skin
[18:19:31] [Britannic]: Or some hues that doesn't show on things in EC but do in CC.
[18:19:35] [Mesanna]: Address some of the display discrepancies between ec and cc>
[18:19:43] [Mesanna]: such as all the dragons?
[18:19:50] [Mesanna]: sorry
[18:19:56] [Mesanna]: the people are not hearing the questions
[18:20:02] [Britannic]: Oh, okay.
[18:20:51] [Britannic]: Those are my questions. Thank you for your time, attention, consideration and hard work.
[18:20:51] [Mesanna]: give me a sec
[18:21:40] [Misk]: Can you hear me now?
[18:21:44] [Mesanna]: hi
[18:21:47] [Mesanna]: sweet
[18:21:50] [Mesanna]: now
[18:22:36] [Mesanna]: I can say this
[18:22:50] [Mesanna]: Some people will be very upset if we change the Classic client to look like the EC
[18:23:03] [Mesanna]: some people like the EC
[18:23:06] [Britannic]: I don't want CC to look like EC.
[18:23:16] [Britannic]: I just want hues in EC to match CC.
[18:23:37] [Britannic]: All dragons in Destard are red in EC but in CC they are red and brown, that's an example.
[18:23:44] [Mesanna]: we can not make everyone happy
[18:23:48] [Britannic]: I know.
[18:23:51] [Mesanna]: this is true
[18:24:07] [Mesanna]: when we do the pet revamp
[18:24:25] [Mesanna]: I will have our artist look into giving more colors to the different types
[18:24:27] [Mesanna]: how about that
[18:24:37] [Britannic]: That would be cool.
[18:24:41] [Britannic]: Thank you.
[18:24:47] [Mesanna]: oI can't promise more than that
[18:24:53] [Mesanna]: you are more than welcome
[18:24:58] [Mesanna]: have a good evening
[18:25:00] [Mesanna]: thats 5
[18:25:02] [Mesanna]: lol
[18:25:02] [Britannic]: You too.
[18:25:10] [Britannic]: Yep. Just the 5.
[18:25:25] [Jack Sparrow]: Hello all :)
[18:25:30] [Misk]: Hello!
[18:25:35] [Bleak]: hi
[18:25:39] [Jack Sparrow]: I want to say, i love the em program
[18:25:46] [EM Elizabella]: *smiles*
[18:25:47] [Jack Sparrow]: but lag is getting out of control
[18:25:50] [Mesanna]: Hi Jack
[18:25:56] [Jack Sparrow]: because everyone from every shard
[18:26:02] [Jack Sparrow]: shows up to the events
[18:26:09] [Mesanna]: You have good EM's
[18:26:09] [Jack Sparrow]: would it be possible
[18:26:15] [Jack Sparrow]: for the ems to try
[18:26:23] [Jack Sparrow]: and schedule them at the same time?
[18:26:28] [Jack Sparrow]: so people have to choose
[18:26:38] [Mesanna]: No thats not possible
[18:26:44] [Jack Sparrow]: i realize they cant always all be at the same time
[18:27:12] [Jack Sparrow]: wow, ok
[18:27:14] [Mesanna]: its hard for them to schedule all their events at the same time
[18:27:16] [Mesanna]: sorry
[18:27:25] [Mesanna]: everyone has different schedules
[18:27:30] [Jack Sparrow]: i realize it would be impossible to do them all at the same time
[18:27:37] [Jack Sparrow]: but at least an effort to try
[18:27:42] [Jack Sparrow]: o do some like that
[18:27:47] [Jack Sparrow]: would be a great help
[18:28:05] [Jack Sparrow]: that is all
[18:28:07] [Jack Sparrow]: thank you
[18:28:09] [Mesanna]: thank you
[18:28:19] [Mesanna]: Hi Bort
[18:28:28] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[18:28:28] [Bort]: so hi, I've got one comment and one question
[18:28:32] [Bort]: nice to see you all
[18:28:33] [Mesanna]: ok
[18:28:34] [Bort]: So
[18:28:55] [Bort]: Okay, this game has a ton of systems that have fallen into disuse or were never used
[18:29:04] [Bort]: Doom gauntlet, heartwood kill quests, etc
[18:29:22] [Bort]: I mean we have a whole system for distributing random kill quests! Its done!
[18:29:25] [Bort]: And nobody uses it
[18:29:39] [Bort]: If you guys could think of like twenty items people want, REALLY want
[18:29:57] [Bort]: And distribute them across these systems, you could increase the content available to a player
[18:30:06] [Bort]: By a large amount for really not that much work
[18:30:47] [Bort]: Also, I had one random question
[18:30:48] [Bort]: Cora
[18:31:02] [Bort]: A publicly accessible boss that kills everyone if more than one person fights her
[18:31:10] [Bort]: ...why? Ive never been able to get it.
[18:31:48] [Kyronix]: Well first to address your comment
[18:32:05] [Kyronix]: There are definitely some areas that need some love, and it's just the natur e
[18:32:12] [Kyronix]: Of a game that has been around as long as we have
[18:32:17] [Bort]: No, I totally understand
[18:32:24] [Kyronix]: That being said, the global loot we are testing now will add value to those encounters
[18:32:38] [Kyronix]: Since more difficult mobs will generate better loot
[18:32:44] [Bort]: *nod nod*
[18:32:55] [Kyronix]: And we are constantly looking at ways to leverage old systems when putting in new
[18:33:11] [Bort]: That kill quest system is begging to be used for something sweet.
[18:33:21] [Bort]: It just needs proper loot.
[18:33:39] [Kyronix]: As to your AI concern, we can take a look at Cora's and see if it needs a tweak
[18:33:47] [Bort]: Well I just mean on a conceptual level
[18:34:06] [Bort]: "And then she does 60 damage for every person within combat range! This will ___."
[18:34:35] [Bort]: I mean if 3 people try to melee her they all blow up for 180 damage
[18:34:59] [Kyronix]: Thanks for the feedback though! :D
[18:35:02] [Bort]: Yep!
[18:35:06] [Kyronix]: We <3 feedback
[18:35:06] [Bort]: Mine that old content!
[18:35:25] [Bort]: Its good stuff and its free, just needs love
[18:35:29] [Bort]: ANyway peace
[18:35:33] [Kyronix]: See ya!
[18:35:43] [Deavous]: hail all, just afew things
[18:35:46] [Mesanna]: Evening
[18:35:49] [Kyronix]: Greetings!
[18:35:53] [Bleak]: Hello
[18:36:03] [Deavous]: volems, please dont put them out again
[18:36:23] [Deavous]: imagine everyone having 2 volems at events
[18:36:28] [Deavous]: lagggg
[18:36:32] [Mesanna]: to late
[18:36:36] [Deavous]: bad for game
[18:36:41] [Mesanna]: they are 500K in the clean up Brit
[18:36:43] [Mesanna]: not cheap
[18:36:50] [Deavous]: alot mutli accounts at events
[18:36:56] [Deavous]: laggg bad
[18:37:23] [Deavous]: energy fields can they flag people?
[18:37:46] [Deavous]: 2 blues cross field u and red comes and kills u lol
[18:38:03] [Deavous]: wish could flag them
[18:38:09] [Deavous]: at least
[18:38:20] [Deavous]: last thing
[18:38:30] [Mesanna]: ok you want it to flag
[18:38:41] [Mesanna]: because right now I don't think it does
[18:38:57] [Deavous]: if blue put field on u yes flag
[18:39:20] [Deavous]: should flag
[18:39:35] [Deavous]: wbad typer
[18:39:43] [Mesanna]: no worries
[18:39:57] [Deavous]: last thing is cheating
[18:40:06] [Deavous]: so much going on
[18:40:32] [Deavous]: pvp scripting ect will something be done soon?
[18:41:39] [Mesanna]: I wished I had a GM here to explain the procedure to you
[18:41:52] [Mesanna]: but I do know they have to prove someone is cheating
[18:41:57] [Mesanna]: to do anything
[18:42:31] [Deavous]: will cc get some love eclient is better now then classic client
[18:42:49] [Mesanna]: it is faster
[18:42:57] [Bleak]: Enhanced > Classic
[18:43:01] [Mesanna]: but it is called the Enhanced client for a reason =)
[18:43:03] [Mesanna]: lol
[18:43:12] [Mesanna]: sorry
[18:43:30] [Bleak]: but we will give CC some love soon
[18:43:49] [Deavous]: all i care is thing to be fair
[18:43:51] [Deavous]: ty
[18:43:55] [Deavous]: done
[18:43:59] [Mesanna]: thank you
[18:44:27] [Stylez]: hail
[18:44:29] [Mesanna]: hi Stylez
[18:44:34] [Bleak]: Looking into reducing client side lag
[18:44:44] [Stylez]: me and my wife had been away for 6 months, we were wondering
[18:44:54] [Stylez]: if you were going to make power scroll books available
[18:45:07] [Bleak]: also options to disable robes
[18:46:22] [Mesanna]: sounds like an idea for a future gift to me =)
[18:46:36] [Stylez]: ok
[18:46:45] [Stylez]: also i have an issue with niter deposits
[18:47:01] [Stylez]: sometimes they spawn inside the mountain and i have to ctrl shift to see it
[18:47:24] [Stylez]: why doesn't it spawn outside sometimes?
[18:47:50] [Misk]: it should only be spawning if you are on a ship or in a dungeon
[18:48:09] [Misk]: that is the way it was designed; if you are on a ship and it it spawning in the mountains
[18:48:10] [Stylez]: well i dig alot of it out in ilshenar
[18:48:18] [Misk]: then that is a problem, we can look into resolving that issue
[18:48:47] [Stylez]: ok cool ty thats all i have... for now
[18:48:54] [Misk]: ok
[18:49:16] [Tanda]: Hello Elizabella, Mesanna, Kyronix, Bleak and Misk
[18:49:20] [Kyronix]: Hello
[18:51:18] [Tanda]: Is it possible to modify the city stone to allow transport to Governor's offices
[18:51:22] [Tanda]: or to mark a path
[18:51:39] [Tanda]: and the second question is it possible for us to host
[18:51:54] [Tanda]: a multi shard Governor's event
[18:51:58] [Tanda]: like a Rare's fest
[18:52:10] [Tanda]: those are my two questions
[18:52:30] [Kyronix]: With regard to your first question?
[18:52:45] [Kyronix]: What is it you are trying to get done?
[18:53:02] [Tanda]: Well most of our offices are a trek from the City stone
[18:53:05] [Tanda]: not easy to find
[18:53:16] [Tanda]: so sitting in it to meet people
[18:53:23] [Tanda]: is not very useful
[18:53:45] [Tanda]: I'd like to utilize what was built
[18:54:09] [Tanda]: I've put out runes, in lots of spots
[18:55:11] [Tanda]: Did I explain well enough?
[18:55:13] [Kyronix]: Aye
[18:55:47] [Kyronix]: I don't see adding that kind of function to the city stone
[18:55:54] [Tanda]: *nods*
[18:55:59] [Kyronix]: I mean, the same could be said about not finding the mage shop
[18:56:09] [Tanda]: true enough
[18:56:44] [Mesanna]: what was the rares festival?
[18:56:55] [Tanda]: Well I am also Melian of MOA
[18:57:00] [Tanda]: so have done a rare's fest
[18:57:09] [Tanda]: I'd like to do something similar
[18:57:19] [Tanda]: only as a roleplay Governor's gathering
[18:57:25] [Tanda]: a weekend
[18:57:28] [Tanda]: temporary house
[18:57:35] [Tanda]: some sort of death fest
[18:57:56] [Tanda]: Trying to build some community
[18:58:34] [Mesanna]: Put together a proposal but you need to put it together and get with me
[18:58:44] [Mesanna]: then we will talk
[18:58:44] [Tanda]: *nods*
[18:58:48] [Tanda]: I can do that
[18:58:50] [Tanda]: Thank you
[18:58:59] [Tanda]: Take care and thanks for all the hard work
[18:59:03] [Mesanna]: thank you
[18:59:14] [Mesanna]: hi Bunny
[18:59:18] [Bunny]: Hello Mesanna
[18:59:18] [Bleak]: Hello
[18:59:30] [Bunny]: Hello Bleak and Kyronix
[18:59:32] [Bunny]: and misk
[18:59:35] [Misk]: Hello
[18:59:41] [Bunny]: just two quick question
[18:59:49] [Bunny]: can will get item bless deed back in the britain clean up menu ?
[18:59:59] [Bunny]: will we also have new 16th veteran reward year reward to pick?
[19:00:02] [Mesanna]: I would rather not
[19:00:08] [Mesanna]: put it back in the game
[19:00:09] [Bunny]: oh
[19:00:16] [Mesanna]: because it destroyed item insurance
[19:00:22] [Bunny]: some of the people might has miss the chance to get it
[19:00:33] [Bunny]: saying for the returner or new player
[19:01:02] [Mesanna]: we could say that from before though
[19:01:11] [Mesanna]: I understand
[19:01:13] [Bunny]: nod
[19:01:18] [Mesanna]: I am sorry
[19:01:25] [Bunny]: understand
[19:01:29] [Bunny]: no worries
[19:01:31] [Bunny]: will we also have new 16th veteran reward year reward to pick?
[19:01:46] [Bunny]: something that we old vet can look forward too
[19:01:51] [Mesanna]: 17th
[19:01:52] [Bunny]: i wondering should i pick
[19:02:03] [Mesanna]: oh oh
[19:02:05] [Bunny]: the highest reward is 15th year
[19:02:07] [Bunny]: tiger
[19:02:17] [Bunny]: nothing higher that we can save up for
[19:02:23] [Bunny]: so wondering if there will be a 16th
[19:02:28] [Bunny]: reward
[19:02:29] [Mesanna]: wombat can't count higher than 15 =)
[19:02:31] [Mesanna]: lol
[19:02:36] [Bunny]: roger
[19:02:38] [Bunny]: thank you
[19:02:41] [Mesanna]: welcome
[19:02:42] [Bunny]: love you
[19:02:46] [Mesanna]: *hugs*
[19:02:50] [Mesanna]: Hi Love
[19:03:00] [Love]: Hello Mesanna
[19:03:07] [Kyronix]: Salutations!
[19:03:30] [Love]: I think the global loot change is good for UO so I hope Doom Artifact can
[19:03:41] [Love]: get a upgrade also
[19:03:57] [Love]: I hope new player and some of my friend which return to UO can
[19:04:07] [Love]: level up
[19:04:12] [Love]: fast with the vet
[19:04:17] [Love]: in term of gear wise
[19:04:24] [Kyronix]: Making new artifacts is tough since we have imbuing and reforging now
[19:04:44] [Love]: so doom artifact will not get a upgrade ?
[19:05:03] [Kyronix]: We aren't changing any artifacts in this pass for loot
[19:05:21] [Love]: ahh understand
[19:05:25] [Kyronix]: But will continue to evaluate how everything plays out
[19:05:41] [Love]: execellent
[19:05:42] [Mesanna]: Our plates are full for this publish
[19:05:44] [Love]: My last comment I hope we can have my body style change so I can have a fat body
[19:05:53] [Mesanna]: LOL
[19:06:01] [Love]: or a bigger boobs. is it a possible dream?
[19:06:22] [Love]: i am abit fat
[19:06:24] [Love]: in real life
[19:06:28] [Love]: so hoping to have a body
[19:06:29] [Love]: same
[19:06:41] [Love]: some lady might wish to have a bigger boobs too
[19:06:43] [Love]: :)
[19:06:44] [Mesanna]: I will talk to our artist but I doubt it
[19:06:46] [Mesanna]: lol
[19:06:54] [Love]: Thank you
[19:06:56] [Love]: Love you
[19:07:00] [Mesanna]: Take care
[19:07:03] [Love]: thank
[19:07:11] [Mesanna]: Hi Gift
[19:07:13] [Gift]: Hello Mesanna
[19:07:31] [Gift]: Will we have some big challanging event where there is prizes money?
[19:07:40] [Gift]: something like pvp shard contest or Hunting contest?
[19:07:47] [Gift]: maybe players can buy some stuff which add into the prizes pool will help?
[19:08:00] [Gift]: maybe players can buy some stuff which add into the prizes pool will help?
[19:08:04] [Gift]: maybe players can buy some stuff which add into the prizes pool will help?
[19:08:43] [Mesanna]: You mean like a PVP Ladder for real cash?
[19:08:50] [Gift]: ya
[19:08:55] [Gift]: like dota2
[19:08:58] [Mesanna]: we actually talked about it
[19:09:03] [Misk]: COLD HARD CASH TALKS!
[19:09:03] [Gift]: oh
[19:09:09] [Mesanna]: yeppers we have
[19:09:20] [Gift]: oh i wonder if that is possible
[19:09:23] [Mesanna]: have to get it thru legal and all first
[19:09:31] [Gift]: and maybe we can chip in for the prizes pool
[19:09:32] [Mesanna]: Bleak said he would put in the first 100
[19:09:38] [Mesanna]: didn't you Bleak
[19:09:39] [Kyronix]: *chuckles*
[19:09:43] [Gift]: :)
[19:09:44] [Bleak]: 250
[19:09:50] [Mesanna]: sweet see
[19:09:51] [Gift]: will make it so exciting
[19:10:01] [Gift]: and something to look forward
[19:10:06] [Mesanna]: Money talks BS walks =)
[19:10:12] [Gift]: lol
[19:10:18] [Mesanna]: *winks*
[19:10:20] [Gift]: thank you
[19:10:23] [Gift]: love you
[19:10:24] [Mesanna]: welcome
[19:10:28] [Gift]: bye
[19:10:29] [Gift]: take care
[19:10:39] [GargyMcGarg]: Hello Lady Mesanna, Kryonix, Bleak, Misk, And EM Elizabella
[19:10:46] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[19:10:48] [Mesanna]: Evening
[19:10:48] [Misk]: Hello!
[19:10:50] [EM Elizabella]: Hi
[19:11:07] [GargyMcGarg]: I have been asked By Rook To ask about more mods for talismans
[19:11:28] [Misk]: What type of mods?
[19:11:30] [GargyMcGarg]: And about balancing throwing weapons for gargoyles so they can use shields
[19:11:35] [GargyMcGarg]: I have no clue
[19:11:45] [GargyMcGarg]: He just said More mods for talismans
[19:12:01] [GargyMcGarg]: id guess like resistances stat bonuses
[19:12:05] [Mesanna]: Ask them to write them down and send us their suggestions
[19:12:10] [Mesanna]: we would love to hear their ideas
[19:12:11] [GargyMcGarg]: ok
[19:12:13] [GargyMcGarg]: will do
[19:12:19] [GargyMcGarg]: I also was wondering
[19:12:20] [Misk]: There are some new talisman available in the upcoming cleanup Britannia
[19:12:26] [GargyMcGarg]: yes i saw that
[19:12:28] [GargyMcGarg]: I also was wondering
[19:12:31] [Misk]: that have some new mods
[19:12:45] [Misk]: Bleak can speak to the throwing question...
[19:12:49] [GargyMcGarg]: if we could subtract the item count for rune books and spellbooks etc
[19:13:04] [GargyMcGarg]: since they cost no weight wouldn't they not cost slots?
[19:13:38] [GargyMcGarg]: slots for your backpack*
[19:13:54] [GargyMcGarg]: some of us carry around like 30+ spellbooks and runebooks
[19:14:07] [GargyMcGarg]: which is really inconvient to be honest
[19:15:01] [Mesanna]: thats something we would have to talk about
[19:15:15] [Bleak]: We will have to take another look at the Garg shield throwing numbers. They might see a little bump.
[19:15:38] [GargyMcGarg]: yeah you can't throw with gargys if they have shields
[19:15:46] [GargyMcGarg]: which is weird in my opinion
[19:17:01] [Mesanna]: Anything else Gargy?
[19:17:09] [GargyMcGarg]: nope
[19:17:15] [Mesanna]: Thank you
[19:17:16] [GargyMcGarg]: thnx you very much
[19:17:20] [GargyMcGarg]: your welcome
[19:17:35] [Mesanna]: Hi Matthias
[19:17:38] [Matthias O'Hare]: Hi Elizabella! Misk! Bleak!
[19:17:41] [Matthias O'Hare]: Hi Kyronix
[19:17:44] [Matthias O'Hare]: His Mesanna :)
[19:17:48] [EM Elizabella]: Hi
[19:17:50] [Mesanna]: His?
[19:17:56] [Misk]: Hello!
[19:17:57] [Mesanna]: HRM
[19:18:01] [Matthias O'Hare]: I have 3 questions, 1 regards to TC, 1 to PvP, and 1 specific to GL
[19:18:17] [Matthias O'Hare]: On TC, it is regard to the Trade Quests
[19:18:22] [Matthias O'Hare]: I thank you Kyronix for all the hard work
[19:18:23] [Bleak]: Hi
[19:18:27] [Matthias O'Hare]: I have enjoyed testing it
[19:18:29] [Kyronix]: Thanks for checking it out
[19:18:43] [Matthias O'Hare]: My question is will the scaling be turned back on for testing before publish?
[19:18:47] [Kyronix]: Yes
[19:18:49] [Matthias O'Hare]: I did this to tier 3 with Dot Warner
[19:18:53] [Matthias O'Hare]: ah! ok nice!
[19:19:01] [Matthias O'Hare]: thank you
[19:19:08] [Matthias O'Hare]: As for my PvP question
[19:19:37] [Matthias O'Hare]: Would it be viable to add a 1 second delay before forming when hit succesfully with a bola?
[19:19:52] [Matthias O'Hare]: or maybe even just banning ethereal mounts?
[19:19:56] [Matthias O'Hare]: in fel
[19:21:10] [Bleak]: We send this question to our PvP focus group.
[19:21:33] [Matthias O'Hare]: Thank you
[19:21:43] [Matthias O'Hare]: My last question is specific to GL
[19:21:46] [Matthias O'Hare]: and basically for me
[19:21:59] [Matthias O'Hare]: I have 2 houses on Tokuno north side, one for a few years and one some recently
[19:22:05] [Helen]: My escort seems to have abandoned me!
[19:22:24] [Matthias O'Hare]: the one I had for a few years was 18x18 but when I used resize to move it a tile east
[19:22:33] [Matthias O'Hare]: the most it would let me replace was a 18x15
[19:22:54] [Matthias O'Hare]: the other I just acquired was a collapsed 18x18 but same thing, only can replace with 18x15
[19:23:05] [Matthias O'Hare]: I'd really like to be able to make these the full 18x18 they used to be
[19:23:22] [Matthias O'Hare]: is that something that you could handle?
[19:23:47] [Mesanna]: We would have to look at the area
[19:23:54] [Mesanna]: to see if something was blocking it
[19:23:58] [Mesanna]: send me an email please
[19:24:04] [Mesanna]: so I can look at the area
[19:24:08] [Matthias O'Hare]: I am pretty sure it is the north wall of the town
[19:24:20] [Matthias O'Hare]: it started registering different than it used to
[19:24:31] [Matthias O'Hare]: I will send you an email then
[19:24:36] [Mesanna]: thank you
[19:24:39] [Matthias O'Hare]: I appreciate you taking the time to answer my three questions
[19:24:45] [Mesanna]: you have the correct address?
[19:25:04] [Matthias O'Hare]: I believe I do? mesanna@broadsword.com right?
[19:25:11] [Mesanna]: yes sir
[19:25:18] [Matthias O'Hare]: I will send it there then!
[19:25:19] [Matthias O'Hare]: thanks!
[19:25:22] [Mesanna]: thank you
[19:25:22] [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you
[19:25:39] [Mesanna]: have a good evening
[19:25:39] [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: have a good evening
[19:26:00] [The Frog Prince]: *hops inside!*
[19:26:06] [The Frog Prince]: hi hi ribbit!! =D
[19:26:06] [Crystal] The Frog Prince says: hi hi ribbit!! =D
[19:26:09] [Mesanna]: Evening FP
[19:26:09] [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Evening FP
[19:26:10] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[19:26:10] [Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello!
[19:26:12] [EM Elizabella]: *smiles*
[19:26:12] [Crystal] EM Elizabella says: *smiles*
[19:26:22] [The Frog Prince]: first and frogmost
[19:26:27] [The Frog Prince]: tytytytyty for all you do!
[19:26:28] [Mesanna]: LOL
[19:26:33] [The Frog Prince]: love this game and the stuffs in it :)
[19:27:11] [The Frog Prince]: once upon a time frog read a post about things to be worked on for the upcoming year.
[19:27:27] [The Frog Prince]: now, a lot has happened this year, between Broadsword and etc
[19:27:36] [The Frog Prince]: but still hoping that one thing is on the list
[19:27:45] [The Frog Prince]: (and that frog didn't just imagine it)
[19:27:52] [The Frog Prince]: Colored Dragons =)
[19:28:00] [Mesanna]: lol we are going to do them
[19:28:01] [The Frog Prince]: Anything to tell about that?
[19:28:05] [The Frog Prince]: KK =D
[19:28:06] [Mesanna]: when we do the Pet revamp
[19:28:10] [The Frog Prince]: oooooooooooooo
[19:28:12] [Mesanna]: I will put in tasteful
[19:28:17] [The Frog Prince]: yay good!
[19:28:21] [Mesanna]: and I do mean tasteful hued dragons
[19:28:28] [The Frog Prince]: don't want to see a nes Skittles version of destard...
[19:28:37] [Mesanna]: exactly
[19:28:38] [The Frog Prince]: but yes, much fun to be had with different new and colored dragons
[19:28:43] [The Frog Prince]: would they be different types?
[19:28:44] [Mesanna]: but it will not just be dragons
[19:28:52] [The Frog Prince]: like an acid green dragon with poison breath?
[19:28:59] [Mesanna]: it will be various pets
[19:28:59] [The Frog Prince]: maybe living in swamps?
[19:29:03] [The Frog Prince]: ooo :)
[19:29:09] [Mesanna]: like frogs!!
[19:29:13] [Mesanna]: RIbitt
[19:29:14] [The Frog Prince]: LOL =D
[19:29:16] [The Frog Prince]: haha
[19:29:21] [The Frog Prince]: SO THERE is a pet revamp
[19:29:23] [The Frog Prince]: interesting
[19:29:29] [Mesanna]: in the future yes
[19:29:31] [The Frog Prince]: any tidbits ye can release?
[19:29:33] [The Frog Prince]: :)
[19:29:38] [Mesanna]: we are going to do a much needed pet revamp
[19:29:47] [The Frog Prince]: *nods*
[19:29:50] [The Frog Prince]: frog loves the pets
[19:29:55] [The Frog Prince]: and even the current pet system
[19:30:00] [The Frog Prince]: love it.
[19:30:08] [The Frog Prince]: hard to add to it, with our stables full...
[19:30:21] [Mesanna]: we can sell you more slots =P
[19:30:22] [The Frog Prince]: but yes, frog looks forward to seeing what you can do with it ribbit :)
[19:30:22] [Mesanna]: lol
[19:30:27] [Mesanna]: *ebil laugh*
[19:30:28] [The Frog Prince]: haha!
[19:30:36] [The Frog Prince]: too fun :)
[19:31:01] [The Frog Prince]: kk, guess that's frog's only quextion
[19:31:11] [Mesanna]: thank you
[19:31:14] [The Frog Prince]: look forward to it, tyvm for giving us a heads up!
[19:31:19] [Mesanna]: have a hopping good evening
[19:31:19] [The Frog Prince]: *bows and waves*
[19:31:23] [The Frog Prince]: =D
[19:31:29] [The Frog Prince]: *hops*
[19:31:42] [Marinda]: Good evening, all!
[19:31:43] [Mesanna]: Evening Marinda
[19:31:55] [Marinda]: I have a couple of easy questions, hope they'll be quick for you.
[19:32:02] [Marinda]: First one is the hardest, for Bleak
[19:32:10] [Mesanna]: *sits back*
[19:32:17] [Marinda]: Is there any possibility of being able to be in several chat channels simultaneously?
[19:32:41] [Marinda]: second question is for kyronix while you ponder that one
[19:32:51] [Marinda]: when do you think we'll see the next details for VvV?
[19:33:05] [Marinda]: and i have 2 more easy questions for mesanna after that
[19:33:32] [Kyronix]: We are working on our next iteration of VvV right now
[19:33:50] [Kyronix]: Had to polish up some things with the other aspects of the publish
[19:33:56] [Marinda]: okay
[19:33:57] [Kyronix]: But now it's full steam ahead with VvV
[19:34:06] [Kyronix]: We look forward to testing out the next iteration with you guys
[19:34:21] [Marinda]: anxious to see more details
[19:34:24] [Bleak]: Currently we are only allow one chat channel at a time. Under the previous system you could be in multiple. Currently there are no plans to changes this back.
[19:34:39] [Marinda]: thanks, bleak
[19:34:47] [Marinda]: it would just be nice to be able to monitor more than one at a time
[19:34:55] [Marinda]: like general and the new player one
[19:34:59] [Marinda]: but i understand
[19:35:07] [Marinda]: okay 2 questions for mesanna, easy ones
[19:35:08] [Bleak]: We willl keep this in mind for the future.
[19:35:11] [Marinda]: thank you
[19:35:29] [Marinda]: 1st question is do we have a new associate producer yet and if yes, when can we meet him/her?
[19:36:14] [Marinda]: second question is about rerunning 2 old events
[19:36:26] [Marinda]: ToT and the halloween 2008 event with the skeletal liches in graveyards
[19:36:35] [Marinda]: those are my 4 questions
[19:37:28] [Mesanna]: We can look at the Halloween one
[19:37:33] [Marinda]: okay
[19:37:33] [Mesanna]: to see if we can revamp it
[19:37:37] [Mesanna]: because it used wrong
[19:37:39] [Marinda]: would be nice to get those spellbooks again
[19:37:43] [Marinda]: no no this is the one
[19:37:47] [Marinda]: where you went to graveyards
[19:37:50] [Marinda]: to kill skeletal liches
[19:37:55] [Kyronix]: Treasures of Tokuno is what we modeled the city invasions off of
[19:38:01] [Marinda]: and got the conjurer's grimoire off their corpses
[19:38:01] [Kyronix]: And then what ended up in the dungeon downstairs
[19:38:38] [Mesanna]: Are you just wanting the dyes?
[19:38:41] [Marinda]: no
[19:38:44] [Mesanna]: or the system?
[19:38:44] [Marinda]: don't care about the dyes
[19:38:47] [Marinda]: it's the spellbooks
[19:38:54] [Mesanna]: for the TOT?
[19:38:59] [Marinda]: both events
[19:39:07] [Marinda]: the Tome of Lost Knowledge from ToT
[19:39:15] [Mesanna]: ok
[19:39:21] [Marinda]: and the Conjurer's Grimoire from the Halloween 2008 event with the liches in graveyards
[19:39:41] [Mesanna]: We can always use those items in other systems
[19:39:52] [Marinda]: okay
[19:39:58] [Marinda]: it would also be nice
[19:40:05] [Marinda]: to have some overland events we can do at any time
[19:40:09] [Marinda]: not keen on dungeons
[19:40:11] [Marinda]: too much lag
[19:40:21] [Marinda]: and hard to do things that require a group of people
[19:40:30] [Marinda]: play solo most of the time anymore
[19:40:34] [Marinda]: anyway,
[19:40:38] [Marinda]: thank you very much for your time!!
[19:40:41] [Marinda]: Good night
[19:40:46] [Mesanna]: Thank you
[19:40:54] [Aornis]: Good evening, Mesanna, Elizabella, Kyronix, Bleak, and Misk. Thank you for coming to Great Lakes.
[19:40:56] [Mesanna]: Greetings Aornis
[19:41:00] [EM Elizabella]: Hi
[19:41:12] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[19:41:18] [Aornis]: First of all, I would like to thank you for all you have done, are doing, and will do for UO.
[19:41:19] [Bleak]: Hello
[19:41:35] [Mesanna]: our pleasure
[19:41:38] [Aornis]: Your hard work is much appreciated by those of us who love this game
[19:41:54] [Aornis]: My question is about future plans. It has been almost 5 yuears since the major addition, Termur
[19:41:58] [Mesanna]: We do it because we love this game also
[19:42:08] [Aornis]: (Good to hear, UO rocks!)
[19:42:29] [Aornis]: Are there any plans for more lands? the only additions since 2009 are BT's dungeon and high seas
[19:42:43] [Aornis]: I know that I, for one, was exteremly excited a bout and hapy with the additon of trermur
[19:43:06] [Mesanna]: We have talked about alot of new things new ideas
[19:43:13] [Mesanna]: some ideas such as
[19:43:19] [Mesanna]: a new player adventure,
[19:43:26] [Mesanna]: steam punk
[19:43:42] [Kyronix]: Martian Dreams!
[19:43:58] [Mesanna]: new lands is a hard one for me because we have alot of land that is not used now
[19:44:04] [Aornis]: Those sound awesome! Are any of your ideas coming close to fruition?
[19:44:09] [Mesanna]: I would hate to add more that we would just not use
[19:44:18] [Aornis]: Ahh true. Any plans to get the lands more used?
[19:44:21] [Mesanna]: I would rather go back and revamp what we have
[19:44:27] [Mesanna]: maybe add new dungeons
[19:44:48] [Aornis]: That would be great
[19:44:52] [Mesanna]: Did I answer your question?
[19:44:58] [Aornis]: Yes, you did
[19:45:02] [Mesanna]: Oh good
[19:45:02] [Aornis]: I have one more question
[19:45:05] [Mesanna]: ok
[19:45:09] [Aornis]: More for my person curiosity
[19:45:17] [Mesanna]: Bleak did it
[19:45:22] [Aornis]: What are each of your favorite parts of UO?
[19:45:22] [Mesanna]: sorry
[19:45:23] [Aornis]: LOL
[19:45:36] [Misk]: I like suit building
[19:45:55] [Misk]: Through crafting, refining and imbuing
[19:46:23] [Kyronix]: I like fishing and old school PvP battles...if you remember the Abyss shard, that was awesome
[19:46:40] [Aornis]: Awesome : )
[19:47:19] [Bleak]: I enjoy the different combinations of skills and combat.
[19:47:31] [Misk]: Bleak likes ALL THINGS GARGOYLE!
[19:47:34] [Mesanna]: I like decorating and being creative
[19:47:38] [Aornis]: Hehe, I can tell : )
[19:47:43] [Aornis]: Gargoyles rule!
[19:47:50] [Bleak]: and Gargoyles :P
[19:48:01] [Mesanna]: and killing stuff!
[19:48:02] [Aornis]: Ahh, hehe. I do like your deco style for toons, Mesanna
[19:48:04] [Aornis]: Hehe, yes!
[19:48:09] [Mesanna]: Thanks =)
[19:48:15] [Aornis]: I have yet to have the honor of being killed by you. One day..!
[19:48:27] [Aornis]: And you, Elizabella? What's your favorite part?
[19:48:27] [Mesanna]: lol I am sure we can make it happen
[19:48:32] [Aornis]: hehe yay!
[19:48:45] [Mesanna]: she like coloring
[19:48:47] [Mesanna]: lol
[19:48:52] [Aornis]: coloring is fun hehe
[19:48:54] [EM Elizabella]: gardening :)
[19:49:00] [Aornis]: Ahh, green thumb!
[19:49:15] [EM Elizabella]: *smiles*
[19:49:17] [Aornis]: Well, thank you all for your time and your answers. Was a pleasure speaking with you all
[19:49:24] [Mesanna]: thank you
[19:49:27] [Aornis]: *bows*
[19:49:35] [Mesanna]: good evening
[19:49:37] [Kat]: Good Evening Mesanna, Misk, Kryonix, Bleak and Elizabella, thank you for coming!
[19:49:44] [Kat]: Firstly
[19:49:47] [Mesanna]: Hi Kat
[19:49:48] [Bleak]: Hello
[19:49:53] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[19:49:55] [EM Elizabella]: Hi
[19:51:07] [Kat]: since poor Kyronix cant have his hot air balloons
[19:51:15] [Kat]: I have brought him a gift
[19:51:17] [Kyronix]: Whoa whoa whoa
[19:51:29] [Kat]: Bacon!
[19:51:30] [Kyronix]: Hot Air Balloons are definitely on the table
[19:51:33] [EM Elizabella]: *giggles*
[19:51:34] [Kyronix]: I'll still take your bacon
[19:51:38] [Kat]: hehe
[19:51:41] [Kat]: secondly
[19:51:45] [Mesanna]: how did you know
[19:51:58] [Kyronix]: It tastes like...burning
[19:52:00] [Kat]: is there a possibility of getting body art for our paper dolls? tattoo's??
[19:52:11] [Mesanna]: I would love that
[19:52:13] [Kat]: something we purchase?
[19:52:18] [Kat]: and can apply?
[19:52:22] [Mesanna]: I think it would be very kewl
[19:52:26] [Kat]: me too!
[19:52:31] [Mesanna]: I will talk to our artist
[19:52:35] [Kat]: :D
[19:52:38] [Mesanna]: see how hard it would be
[19:52:41] [Kat]: thank you!
[19:52:47] [Mesanna]: and let you guys know
[19:52:52] [Kat]: thank you :)
[19:52:56] [Kat]: that was it :)
[19:53:01] [Kat]: you guys have a good evening
[19:53:05] [Mesanna]: thank you, you also
[19:53:13] [Mesanna]: Hi John
[19:53:15] [John]: Greetings all. If you did not know, this is Galen Knighthawke from Stratics.
[19:53:19] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[19:53:25] [John]: I'm copying/pasting this so it'll go quite fast unless something goes terribly wrong.
[19:53:27] [Bleak]: Hey
[19:53:34] [John]: I will stick to one question, then I'll portal-away and let you answer.
[19:53:43] [John]: I love the EM program, and our EMs in particular.
[19:53:49] [John]: I specify this because for some reason when I ask about this
[19:53:55] [John]: some people think I don't.
[19:54:02] [John]: Given that I love the EM events, I still must ask:
[19:54:17] [John]: Will there ever again be a story-driven global event, with temporary but persistent content?
[19:54:24] [John]: Thank you. I will go away and let you answer now.
[19:54:41] [Kyronix]: Yes there will be
[19:54:45] [Kyronix]: It's going to be awesome!
[19:54:59] [Kyronix]: Thanks!
[19:55:00] [Mesanna]: thank you Galen
[19:55:09] [Mesanna]: Hi Oxie
[19:55:26] [Oxie]: Thought you guys fel sleep :)
[19:55:26] [Mesanna]: one question only guys
[19:55:31] [Oxie]: Thank you for all the work you guys do.
[19:55:37] [Mesanna]: thank you
[19:56:15] [Mesanna]: Oxie do you have a question?
[19:56:15] [Oxie]: Spell waving power ups losing a 6 powr upto hyelp somone new 5 m;inites later
[19:56:33] [Oxie]: this discourages helping each other
[19:56:47] [Misk]: Enough of the Chivalry?
[19:56:55] [Oxie]: I notice people asking power ups every 30 to 60 minutes
[19:57:09] [Oxie]: maybe a arcane Crystalel vending machine atbrit bank
[19:57:18] [EM Elizabella]: If you put your spellbooks in a bag you won't spam.
[19:57:23] [Oxie]: that loads the same number of power that the last group powered up with?
[19:57:30] [Oxie]: or if they lasted longer?
[19:57:35] [Oxie]: I am done thank you again
[19:57:36] [Misk]: I agree that If you have a more powerful Focus you should not be over-written
[19:58:00] [Oxie]: All follow me
[19:58:01] [Oxie]: exactly
[19:58:05] [Oxie]: thank you Misk
[19:58:09] [Misk]: We can look into not overwriting a more powerful focus if you help others
[19:58:16] [Mesanna]: I agree
[19:58:18] [Mesanna]: wait
[19:58:31] [Oxie]: ?
[19:58:32] [Mesanna]: ok you have your book back
[19:58:36] [Mesanna]: you can go now
[19:58:43] [Mesanna]: we took your spell book
[19:58:44] [Oxie]: bok?
[19:58:52] [Mesanna]: to stop you from casting
[19:58:55] [Mesanna]: next
[19:58:59] [Mesanna]: hi Kysanthe
[19:59:03] [Kysanthe]: hello all!
[19:59:13] [Bleak]: Hi
[19:59:18] [Misk]: Hello!
[19:59:20] [Kysanthe]: I wanted to start by thanking all of you. I started playing this game when it first came out
[19:59:28] [Mesanna]: wonderful
[19:59:35] [Kysanthe]: I've had the priviledge to be a counselor in the past
[19:59:47] [Kysanthe]: Now I have the joy of reliving it with my 12 year old son
[19:59:55] [Kyronix]: That's awesome
[19:59:56] [Mesanna]: thats great
[19:59:58] [Kyronix]: Grow your own guild!
[19:59:59] [Kysanthe]: I have a few thoughts
[19:59:59] [EM Elizabella]: *smiles*
[20:00:13] [Kysanthe]: as previously stated. I also would like to see ToT artifacts return
[20:00:33] [Kysanthe]: We spend a lot of time in fandancer and would love to have some of the artifacts we missed when it came out
[20:00:53] [Kysanthe]: I love that you guys have worked really hard an player retention
[20:01:05] [Kysanthe]: However I see 3-4 IDOCS daily
[20:01:15] [Kysanthe]: and while atlantic and GL are going strong
[20:01:24] [Kysanthe]: many other servers have become ghost towns
[20:01:40] [Kysanthe]: I was hoping that you were working on ideas for attracting new players
[20:01:51] [Kysanthe]: Perhaps advertising
[20:01:56] [Mesanna]: we are always working on ideas
[20:02:07] [Kysanthe]: a refresh on the client would help - and i've heard you are working on that
[20:02:16] [Mesanna]: yes we are
[20:02:30] [Kysanthe]: I think pirates and boat combat is thrilling and exciting and would love to have more of it
[20:02:50] [Mesanna]: I would love to give it a bit of love also
[20:02:51] [Kysanthe]: I love the town of Moonglow and hate that it has become a ghost town.
[20:03:06] [Kysanthe]: This is likely an unpopular idea - but i would like you to consider reducing the cap
[20:03:14] [Mesanna]: any ideas you might have we would love to hear them
[20:03:15] [Kysanthe]: of lower reagent cost to something like 50%
[20:03:23] [Mesanna]: we are always open to good ideas
[20:03:28] [Kysanthe]: to inspire people to start using and carrying reagents again
[20:03:50] [Kysanthe]: Lastly, I wanted to give praise to the EM's and the roleplayers on this shard
[20:04:03] [Kysanthe]: They have been incredibly kind and helpful to myself and my son
[20:04:08] [Mesanna]: The EM's on GL's are really good
[20:04:14] [Kysanthe]: and have made us feel welcome and immediately involved.
[20:04:16] [Mesanna]: I am very proud of both of them
[20:04:19] [Kysanthe]: thank you for your time.
[20:04:21] [EM Elizabella]: Thank you :)
[20:04:23] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:04:30] [Mesanna]: hi Nia
[20:04:41] [Nia]: Greetings and felicitations!
[20:04:50] [Nia]: Long time listener, first time caller...
[20:04:56] [Mesanna]: Hi
[20:04:57] [Nia]: =)
[20:05:16] [Nia]: Can I just say to The Frog Prince, I love his Discover Card commercial. ;)
[20:05:23] [Mesanna]: lol
[20:05:43] [Nia]: Ok, I have 4 quick (I hope) questions.
[20:05:50] [Mesanna]: 1
[20:05:59] [Nia]: 1) Will the pet revamp include some new ridable pets like maybe regular dragons?
[20:06:16] [Mesanna]: Probably not a new ridable
[20:06:24] [Mesanna]: and dragons are hard due to the size
[20:06:29] [Nia]: Ok
[20:06:41] [Mesanna]: they are to big to straddle
[20:06:52] [Nia]: 2) Can you ad some sorting or filtering features to the Davies Table and Seed Boxes?
[20:07:37] [Mesanna]: we can look into it
[20:07:42] [Nia]: Thank you.
[20:07:51] [Mesanna]: adding it to our long list of things we would like to do
[20:08:16] [Nia]: 3) For those of us who are design-challenged, any possibility of new prefab house designs?
[20:08:31] [Mesanna]: yes we have talked about this
[20:08:41] [Nia]: Awesome
[20:08:54] [Mesanna]: we would like to put in some new designs
[20:09:01] [Mesanna]: from castles down
[20:09:10] [Nia]: Nice. That would be spectacular.
[20:09:27] [Mesanna]: maybe let you guys design the new ones
[20:09:42] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:09:48] [Nia]: Thanks. my last question
[20:10:10] [Nia]: I applied for the counselor program when all is said and done with it will I know if I was or was
[20:10:20] [Nia]: not selected so I don't wonder forever?
[20:10:33] [Mesanna]: email me and I will let you know
[20:10:48] [Nia]: mesanna@broadsword.com right?
[20:10:53] [Mesanna]: yes
[20:11:04] [Mesanna]: thats correct
[20:11:05] [Nia]: I will do that. Thank you very much for your time and all of your
[20:11:09] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:11:09] [Nia]: hard work.
[20:11:17] [Mesanna]: have a good evening
[20:11:21] [Nia]: We've come a long way since my early dial-up uo days!
[20:11:39] [Nia]: Thank you and have a wonderful evening.
[20:11:39] [Mesanna]: yes we have
[20:11:45] [Mesanna]: You also
[20:11:58] [Mesanna]: Greetings Willa
[20:12:27] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Thank you Mesanna, Kyronix, Bleak, Misk and Elizabella.
[20:13:25] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: I was wondering... Spellbooks, specifically can we every please have them be imbuable.
[20:13:48] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: You can imbue every other type of thing or buy what you need in a slayer
[20:13:52] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: But you can't with spellbooks
[20:13:57] [Mesanna]: but if we did that then we would do away with inscription
[20:14:12] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: And could mages please have talismans work for them.
[20:14:23] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: I still need to fill the books and I still need to make them
[20:14:39] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: So I still need inscription
[20:14:54] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: And you still have to craft armor to imbue it
[20:15:16] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: So technically its the same thing
[20:15:21] [Mesanna]: Makes sense Willa
[20:15:42] [Misk]: It does not make sense that a warrior can have two slayers active, while a mage cannot
[20:15:44] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: It's just that to make a scrappers I have to do 100's and 100's of peerless
[20:15:54] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: And the chance of getting a slayer is next to none
[20:16:23] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: And Talisman slayers like Vermin and such don't add anything for a mage
[20:16:35] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Which is not fair.
[20:16:51] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Just saying.
[20:17:11] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Anyway that was my thought was I would really appreciate some thought on mage spellbook slayers.
[20:17:30] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Also on your pet revamp.... can I please tame Dread Spiders?
[20:17:38] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: And could we have a ridable Spider?
[20:17:49] [Mesanna]: that would be kewl
[20:17:54] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Wouldn't it!
[20:17:56] [Mesanna]: I would ride a spider
[20:18:24] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Well not me personally I would never be caught dead on a spider but.... I do know some "evil" folk who would love it
[20:18:40] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Just wondering....
[20:19:09] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: And thank you for your time.
[20:19:13] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:19:14] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Most appreciated.
[20:19:19] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: I do miss our chats Mesanna
[20:19:33] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Be will
[20:19:38] [Mesanna]: you also
[20:19:45] [Mortal Crux]: soup!
[20:19:47] [Mesanna]: Hi Mortaql
[20:19:49] [Mesanna]: ack
[20:19:52] [Mesanna]: Mortal
[20:19:52] [Mortal Crux]: oh man
[20:19:55] [Mortal Crux]: foul
[20:19:56] [Mortal Crux]: !
[20:19:59] [Mortal Crux]: jay kay
[20:20:06] [Mortal Crux]: love you guys, love uo mostly etc
[20:20:36] [Mortal Crux]: could it be considered to remove the free cure from having poisoning?
[20:20:54] [Mortal Crux]: paired with the ability to lethal its pretty strong for pvp
[20:21:17] [Mortal Crux]: the extra .25 spell cast of arch cure can make or break really
[20:21:20] [Mesanna]: yes can consider it but why?
[20:21:50] [Mortal Crux]: mage duels in particular are a big fuel for the pvpers to play the game
[20:22:11] [Mortal Crux]: in a mage duel clutch poisons are the difference between winning and losing
[20:22:39] [Mesanna]: but do you not think they have earned that
[20:22:40] [Mortal Crux]: if you have poisoning and get free cures it really hinders templates that dont use it
[20:22:46] [Mesanna]: they invested the skill
[20:23:13] [Mortal Crux]: i think the ability to lethal posion and require alternate cures then a standard cure spell is
[20:23:21] [Mortal Crux]: quite reason enough to gm it
[20:23:36] [Mesanna]: We will talk about it with the focus group
[20:23:45] [Mesanna]: see what their take on this is
[20:24:04] [Mortal Crux]: one last thing, would it be possible to toggle the casting focus if you have inscription?
[20:24:17] [Mortal Crux]: inscription is nice, but casting focus is yucky
[20:24:37] [Misk]: how is casting focus "yucky" ?
[20:24:47] [Mortal Crux]: it seems to cause a very slight delay due to adding an additional check
[20:25:14] [Mortal Crux]: and it causes a personal delay in staring to see if you get a focus on each cast
[20:25:26] [Mortal Crux]: so you dont cancel your focus by casting another
[20:25:55] [Bleak]: is this CovenantX?
[20:26:03] [Mortal Crux]: nope, but he is a guildie
[20:26:04] [Mortal Crux]: ;)
[20:26:06] [Bleak]: haha
[20:26:23] [Misk]: Bleak can answer that question
[20:26:42] [Mortal Crux]: we should all get in vent together, you guys would ban us and come to our house and beat us up
[20:26:50] [Mortal Crux]: we over analyize game mechanics
[20:26:51] [Mortal Crux]: ;p
[20:26:51] [Bleak]: We will pass both points along to the focus group
[20:27:10] [Mortal Crux]: alright, i appreciate it. sorry to break the flow with pvp questions
[20:27:39] [Mortal Crux]: last thing, stone form protection
[20:27:46] [Mortal Crux]: but i nor you need to say anything else
[20:27:47] [Mortal Crux]: ;p
[20:27:50] [Mortal Crux]: be safe
[20:27:54] [Mesanna]: good night
[20:28:00] [Mesanna]: Hi Tye
[20:28:04] [Tye Weatherlight]: Hello UO Dev team, i just have 1 simple question!
[20:28:09] [Bleak]: 42
[20:28:11] [Mesanna]: Great
[20:28:42] [Tye Weatherlight]: Were is the best place to sumbit serious content ideas were they will be seen by you?
[20:28:51] [Tye Weatherlight]: otherwise ill be here all month
[20:28:55] [Mesanna]: To my email address
[20:28:59] [Mesanna]: I will send them to the team
[20:29:18] [Tye Weatherlight]: ok thanke, I'm done :)
[20:29:22] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:29:30] [Lilly Ann]: Is there anyway for begging to get used other then 1 holiday i would love to kiss npc's for gifts
[20:29:30] [Mesanna]: Hi Lilly
[20:29:43] [Lilly Ann]: or for maybe caroling ?
[20:30:00] [Lilly Ann]: sorry i hate to type
[20:30:13] [Lilly Ann]: come on dont you see the kissing going on all over the game
[20:30:21] [Lilly Ann]: feel the love in the air
[20:30:36] [Mesanna]: *speechless here*
[20:30:40] [Lilly Ann]: :)
[20:31:07] [Mesanna]: I have nothing for begging
[20:31:13] [Kyronix]: We are always thinking of the less than useful skills
[20:31:19] [Lilly Ann]: other thing i would like to say is world chat had made game play bad
[20:31:34] [Lilly Ann]: cant fel have there own chat
[20:31:50] [Mesanna]: we have been asked this before
[20:32:05] [Lilly Ann]: would make for better play
[20:32:17] [Lilly Ann]: i miss the days of going to the bank and chating there
[20:32:31] [Mesanna]: For what I have seen lately
[20:32:33] [Lilly Ann]: there no need now
[20:32:42] [Lilly Ann]: the cussing is just bad
[20:32:56] [Mesanna]: I don't think its going to make a difference
[20:32:57] [Lilly Ann]: and you can only block so many people
[20:33:16] [Lilly Ann]: well if you can only hear from tram or from fel
[20:33:35] [Lilly Ann]: it would not be junk talk about who killed who
[20:34:05] [Lilly Ann]: i mean i turn mine off but i miss out on people talking
[20:34:39] [Lilly Ann]: anyways all i have to say love you all great job
[20:35:00] [Lilly Ann]: still there?
[20:35:08] [Mesanna]: yes we are
[20:35:12] [Mesanna]: yes we can
[20:35:25] [Mesanna]: this is what we talked about it earlier
[20:35:49] [Mesanna]: you are saying you do not want it to be a general channel right
[20:35:49] [Lilly Ann]: i must of missed it was at work came in late
[20:35:54] [Mesanna]: you want a tram and a fel channel
[20:35:56] [Mesanna]: is that correct
[20:36:07] [Lilly Ann]: no i dont want to hear from fel
[20:36:07] [Mesanna]: so you want a divided channel?
[20:36:20] [Lilly Ann]: amd all the chatting about there killings
[20:36:40] [Lilly Ann]: and there cussing because they cant play and fight nicely
[20:36:45] [Misk]: We will look into it
[20:36:56] [Lilly Ann]: well fel is fel and tram is tram
[20:37:10] [Mesanna]: we are aware
[20:37:16] [Lilly Ann]: not everyone does the fel thing
[20:37:50] [Mesanna]: we will look into more filter options maybe
[20:37:54] [Lilly Ann]: i mean think abou tit this way new people see everything thats said from both sides
[20:37:55] [Mesanna]: something
[20:38:08] [Lilly Ann]: that would be good
[20:38:11] [Mesanna]: We understand Lilly
[20:38:14] [Lilly Ann]: or more to block
[20:38:23] [Lilly Ann]: cus i dont want to hear them all
[20:38:39] [Lilly Ann]: ok i have taken up to much time ty
[20:38:45] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:38:54] [Mesanna]: Hi FP
[20:38:54] [The Frog Prince]: Hi! Promise just a quick-ribbit!
[20:38:57] [The Frog Prince]: :]
[20:39:10] [Mesanna]: 1 question
[20:39:15] [The Frog Prince]: long time ago think there was mention of additional clothing...
[20:39:22] [The Frog Prince]: additional shoes, pants, shirts, etc
[20:39:32] [The Frog Prince]: anythink like that in the near/far future-ribbits?
[20:39:51] [Mesanna]: when we have time for our artist we want to add new clothing
[20:39:52] [Mesanna]: yes
[20:40:05] [The Frog Prince]: kk tyty *waves and hops!*
[20:40:08] [The Frog Prince]: =D
[20:40:10] [Mesanna]: welcome =)
[20:40:21] [Mesanna]: Hi Britannic
[20:40:28] [Britannic]: Hello!
[20:40:39] [Britannic]: I have just 1 question as I forgot to ask it earlier.
[20:40:39] [Mesanna]: wb
[20:40:43] [Mesanna]: lol ok
[20:41:01] [Britannic]: I have a thief that just has Ninjitsu as her weapon skill for use with shurikens.
[20:41:24] [Britannic]: But I wanted to use a weapon that has UBWS and I don't think that recognizes Ninjitsu. Can that be fixed?
[20:41:40] [Misk]: Ninjitsu is not a weapon skill
[20:42:07] [Britannic]: It is if you are a ninja
[20:42:40] [Misk]: so with that reasoning, my tailor should be using UBWS too?
[20:42:59] [Britannic]: Tailoring is not used to drive a weapon.
[20:43:07] [Britannic]: Ninjitsu does.
[20:43:18] [Britannic]: Therefore it is a weapon skill.
[20:43:30] [Mesanna]: not going to argue
[20:43:34] [Mesanna]: to hungry for this
[20:43:51] [Britannic]: Okay. It was worth asking. Not arguing.
[20:43:56] [Mesanna]: lol
[20:44:13] [Mesanna]: its ok
[20:44:26] [Britannic]: Thanks again for your time this evening.
[20:44:32] [Mesanna]: No worries
[20:44:37] [Misk]: Thank you ;)
[20:44:39] [Mesanna]: Last question
[20:44:44] [CRuento tIMorE]: Hail Gods of UO & crafting!
[20:44:50] [Kyronix]: Hello!
[20:44:54] [CRuento tIMorE]: I have a quality of life area of concern pretaining to suit construction.
[20:45:08] [CRuento tIMorE]: Do any of you remember the character creation menu on how you can select your own desired begi
[20:45:11] [Mesanna]: Greetings
[20:45:22] [CRuento tIMorE]: nning stats?
[20:45:30] [Kyronix]: Sure
[20:45:30] [Misk]: Yes
[20:45:35] [CRuento tIMorE]: I was wondering if it were possible to add an arrow up/down
[20:45:41] [CRuento tIMorE]: increase/decrease base resist altering option on tools for armor crafting?
[20:45:51] [CRuento tIMorE]: Take a look if you will, I have prepared examples in the box to show the specifics at which I aim
[20:46:08] [CRuento tIMorE]: Ontop of the column
[20:46:19] [CRuento tIMorE]: These 17 examples have taken well over 20k leather resources to craft.
[20:46:35] [CRuento tIMorE]: It would save a tremendous amount of time if I crafters were able to craft the specific base res
[20:46:48] [CRuento tIMorE]: Especially considering the amount of randomness that reforging can yield.
[20:47:05] [CRuento tIMorE]: What are your thoughts on this idea?
[20:47:30] [Kyronix]: So just so we understand
[20:47:43] [Kyronix]: You want to be able to craft a piece with base resists you choose
[20:47:50] [CRuento tIMorE]: Correct, & save
[20:47:53] [Kyronix]: Rather than rolling the dice to see what you craft?
[20:48:06] [CRuento tIMorE]: Except, not removing the random craft option
[20:48:16] [Kyronix]: Just offering it as an alternative?
[20:48:20] [CRuento tIMorE]: Correct
[20:48:32] [Kyronix]: Something for us to consider, you've got us talking :)
[20:48:41] [CRuento tIMorE]: Thank you for your time
[20:48:46] [CRuento tIMorE]: That is all
[20:48:50] [CRuento tIMorE]: *bows*
[20:48:58] [CRuento tIMorE]: *grabs box*
[20:49:07] [Kyronix]: I thought that was for us....
[20:49:07] [Mesanna]: items like that gives us alot of good ideas
[20:49:09] [Mesanna]: thank you
[20:49:19] [Kyronix]: I thought we were getting pressies....
[20:49:25] [Kyronix]: Hrmph
[20:49:35] [Mesanna]: GL's thank you for having us
[20:49:37] [Misk]: You got bacon
[20:49:41] [Kyronix]: Yayyyy
[20:49:43] [Kyronix]: Thanks everyone!
[20:49:53] [Mesanna]: as always we appreciate you taking the time to come out and spend with us
[20:51:13] [Mesanna]: if you have any good ideas for Vet rewards please send them to me
[20:51:26] [Misk]: She will even accept BAD ideas
[20:51:56] [Mesanna]: and on that note
[20:51:58] [Misk]: Thank you all for coming out :)
[20:52:03] [Mesanna]: I am going to eat dinner!!
[20:52:11] [Mesanna]: thank you Bella for helping tonight
[20:52:13] [Bleak]: Thanks gals and guys!
[20:52:16] [EM Elizabella]: Thank you Mesanna, Misk, Bleak, and Kyronix for meeting with us :)
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