Know the Kat behind the Kittie.

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Know the Kat behind the Kittie.

Post by Lady Kittie » Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:35 am


Just thought I'd stop on in and introduce myself on an OOC level. Most people know me as Kittie or DJ Kittie from I'm a fairly fun and outgoing individual who just enjoys helping other players and having a good time.
I'm a mother of 1 and a step mom of 3 more, so our house is FULL. heh. My daughter DOES play UO and yes, she is "Luna" on Great Lakes.
I am a freelance artist as well as a freelance voice actress (when the children so allow. lol). I also craft various jewelry and accessories.
I speak French fluently and I speak Japanese (always forever learning). I am a HUGE Sailor Moon nut (I have a huge, ever growing, collection), Madoka Magica fan (a small collection) and Nakayoshi collector (been reading since 1997).
I'm a kind, caring and fun loving individual, but don't let my outgoing nature fool you. I am also quite a serious person when I need to be as well.
As far as my knowledge in "running things", I ran a group called "Wisconsin Ball Joint Doll" (I collect BJDs, but am actively collecting Azone characters as well as Dollfie Dreams) for many years. I started with about 15 members and it quickly grew to over 100. I organized meets and handled everything from journaling the meetings to managing the money that was used. I organized company sponsors for all of our events. We were a non-profit organization that was managed by myself.
So yes, I am very serious about my being Governor. I take my tasks very seriously. heh.
I've been actively role playing since I was 15/16, starting with AOL when it was just message boards. Moving on to chat rooms, UO, EQ2 and so forth. My fiancee and I adore playing DnD style tabletop games with the kids.
And yes, I do play other games, mostly on my PS3, because I'm a HUGE "Tales" fan amongst other JRPGs, heh. But as much fun as games can be, my family always comes first. As it should be with all players IMO.
Alright, I believe I've likely bored you to death. lol. But, if you're intrigued about my art and/or my jewelry/accessories, please feel free to visit my website and/or my storenvy; I have other sites, but they're all on my main site. :P heh.

Well, thank you all again!
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