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Contacting me

Post by MalagAste » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:08 am

It has come to my attention that it may now be difficult to find me or contact me. I have given up on ICQ for the foreseeable future since I haven't been able to add anyone to ICQ in a LONG time... Since ICQ was bought out by the Russians it continually asks me to input my phone # to add anyone to my contact list... IMO they can go suck a rock they aren't EVER getting my phone # and if I put in something made up some poor S.O.B. will likely get flooded with solicitations and such they seriously do NOT want.

I've already had people from all over in some seriously disturbing Countries randomly ICQ me looking to "meet American Woman" etc... and they can suck that same rock... So no more ICQ for me... I've moved on to better communication systems and now nearly exclusively use Discord... it is by far superior and more functional and user friendly than ICQ, Skype, Team Speak or even Ventrilo...

If you want to talk to me type to me or whatever I can be reached on Discord my contact is MalagAste#6273... I draw the line at you sending me pics or vids of any parts of your anatomy... and though I work in a hospital I am not a NURSE... or a Doctor I don't want to look at your disease... :Shame on you

Anyway I'm always happy to talk to people interested in joining/rejoining UORPC... if you don't feel comfortable with Discord you can always PM me here or on Stratics. I won't insist you "talk" in Discord... you can lie and tell me you don't have a mic... whatever... BS floats your boat... if you want to remain anonymous whatever your a "G.I.R.L" (Guy in real life) and you don't want to admit you play chicks or if you are a chick and want to remain a "dude"... for whatever reason... in peoples minds... I tend to find actually "talking" to others builds up a bond and closer friendship making working things out much easier as long as everyone remains adult about discussions and doesn't verbally attack others. I also don't stand for that and will boot anyone who attacks others. If you don't like what folk are saying there is always the option to go AFK... and leave the conversation.

Anyway I tend to ramble... I also tend to sometimes curse bad enough to make a sailor blush. And am sometimes hot headed but I cool down as quick as my fuse goes off... usually... just let it burn out. :AngDem: You'll be better off that way. Again you have the option to mute me or go AFK or not get in voice chat at all... however I'll warn you now if you choose to ignore voice chat and not get in Discord... or at least read what's posted there and such and you feel your missing out on things.... THAT'S ON YOU. Not me. I'm not your daycare and I'm not anyone secretary... if you want information you know where to get it... IN OUR DISCORD. If you want in there and feel you have something to offer the RP community and want to be a part of it then by all means do so. But don't feel bad if you are missing out if you aren't participating in chat with the rest of us.

While some folk feel it ruins the "immersion"... it's been my experience that the immersion is only stronger with voice chat... and if I'm RPing in game quite a bit... I'm not really talking in Voice chat... but I'm hearing... and I can take suggestions and such. I don't much read the crap in Gen Chat and I don't much pay attention to all that is said in game at an EM Event as there is all too often too much going on to really see much of anything... So unless you're talking I'm not probably hearing you.

Outside the EM Events... which I suggest if you plan to attend them and participate... I suggest if you want to play evil that you make a "neutral" character with which to participate... We've found through experience that having "enemies" participate in "Good" events like the Royal Spy Missions and Royal Guard Missions tends to get people unnecessarily killed... to "friendly/unfriendly" fire... which is rather a hassle for everyone and best avoided. I have nothing against Evil wanting to "spy" on the spies and such but you do so at your own risk.

Status as of late is thus... most the community is MIA... The BAF and Council is made up of both RP and some not so often RPers... who enjoy the community etc.. and do occasionally participate and join in council meetings etc... Much of the BAF is small 1 or a few person guilds... nothing like the 20+ people in a guild we used to have so most people if they don't want to join an established "norm" guild or whatever join the BAF with their own 1 or whatever person guilds... and we are all in a larger alliance (OOC wise this is under DaKaren's Control so please PM DaKaren if you wish to join the side of "good")... That said there IS an EVIL alliance as well but you know Evil they don't tend to work well with others... so mostly they are their own sects just in an alliance out of... we'll say... morbid curiosity... with one another. This Alliance is run by "The Rylna" Rylna Barrirret... She would be the Drowish version of what humans would refer to as Satan. She tends to enjoy Chaos so the more the better in her mind. (And out of character wise that would be ME) So if you want to join the Evil Alliance please contact me.

Those who wish to be in the community but remain "neutral" (blue)... are welcome. High Council meetings are every other Monday posted to the calendar.

EM Events hosted by the GL's EM's Elizabella and Malachi are every Tuesday night at 8pm CST... if you are looking for me and/or most of the rest of the RP community you can generally find us there every Tuesday.

Outside that many attend MOA Auctions on Thursdays...

Also bear in mind that I work 3 12 hour shifts every weekend from 6pm to 630am... I have little to no time in between working, eating and sleeping. So if there is something you are wanting to do on a weekend... chances are I can't be there. Other than that I work every other Wed... 2nd shift. Leaving me little time for much unless your a serious night owl like myself. Mon-Thur I'm generally on all night long... now whether or not I'm in UO is well... anyones guess.. but most often than not if you ask me to join you with something I'm usually more than happy to do so.

Ok done with rant/ramble...
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