Log of the Thirtieth Governors' Council 11/16/15

Logs of the Governors' Council Meetings with King Blackthorn.

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Log of the Thirtieth Governors' Council 11/16/15

Post by Lord DaKaren » Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:39 am

King Blackthorn: Welcome governors and citizens to this month's Council meeting.
John: Your grace. Minister.
Kittie: *smiles* Hello Your Highness!
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Ooo Evening your Grace! You must be feeling better?!
King Blackthorn: *nods hello to everyone*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I'm so glad to see you.
King Blackthorn: Yes, much better, thank you.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: We have a lengthy agenda for this meeting, so let's get started.
Kittie: So good to see you in good spirits as well!
Tanda: It's good to see you back Your Grace
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: If a governor will not be able to attend a meeting of the Council,
King Blackthorn: Contact my secretaries (Elizabella@uoem.net and Malachi@uoem.net.)
King Blackthorn: If you would like to make a request for assistance with an event,
King Blackthorn: it should be sent to the Lady Wraith (wraithbroadsword@gmail.com).
King Blackthorn: She has a cottage with a mailbox in northwest Britain, near the North Side Inn.
King Blackthorn: I see that several governors were unable to be here tonight.
King Blackthorn: Would anyone like to speak for one of their towns this evening?
King Blackthorn: Now I invite each governor to give a State of the Town status report,
King Blackthorn: With each governor yielding the floor to the next in line.
King Blackthorn: We will start from Britain this meeting. Governor Warner, you have the floor.
Dot Warner: Thank you, Your Majesty.
Dot Warner: Britain continues to fare well and trade continues to increase.
Dot Warner: The King's Cup Tournament occurred this past Saturday.
Dot Warner: Unfortunately, only three of the eight contenders bothered to attend.
Dot Warner: *sighs* Their loss.
Dot Warner: Congratulations to this year's champion is NightStriker of Rehab is for Quitters. He walked away with the one-hundred million gold purse.
Dot Warner: John Knighthawke *looks over her right shoulder* came in second, while Leif of the Yew Militia came in third.
Dot Warner: They all fought valiantly.
Dot Warner: Britain's next event is the Third Annual Britain Harvest Banquet, to be held this coming Monday at 8pm in FitzOwen Green.
Dot Warner: There will be a gate provided near the First Bank of Britain.
Dot Warner: Please see the Tribune for further details.
Dot Warner: That is all, Your Majesty. I yield to Governor Kittie.
Kittie: *smiles and nods to Dot* Thank you Governor Warner... your highness *she blushes, a soft purr beneath her voice*.. the city of Moonglow has been flourishing. There have been no further incidents of any dinosaurs and holiday preparations
Kittie: are already under way!! *she smiles excitedly* There is much fun to be had and even the jolly man himself to make an appearance! *she nodded, her ears perking* Other than this, Moonglow's Coffers have done quite well and continues to do so.
Kittie: *she nodded, her tail swishing vibrantly* I now yield the floor to Governor Aornis your Majesty. *she said blushing softly yet*
Aornis: Thank you. Vesper is doing very well. The Vesperians are eagerly preparing for
Aornis: next week's Walrus Festival
Aornis: That is all. I yield to Governor Willa
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you Governor Aornis.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yew fares well still... we really enjoyed out festivities from our Samhain festival.....
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Was delightful.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I enjoyed seeing all the fancy costumes.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Other than that things are as normal as can be in the fair city of Yew.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I yield to Governor Goldie.... of New Magincia.
Goldie: thank you
Goldie: All has been extremely quiet
Goldie: My good friend Earlhad Todie was freed from his captivity recently
Goldie: Although I don't think any charges have been file on who kidnapped him
Goldie: I have been enjoying the fish net tosses with my sister city of Moonglow
Goldie: Looking forward to the Banquet next Monday
Dot Warner: *smiles*
Goldie: That is all I have tonight
Kittie: *smiles brightly!*
Goldie: I yield to Lady Tanda
Tanda: Thank you Governor, good to see you back Your Grace
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Tanda: Minoc managed to clean up the issue with labor which should have been in your last report
Tanda: Things have been quiet thus far, we still haven't found Minoc Mining Companies
Tanda: owner's son
Tanda: the search continues
Tanda: We are looking forward to the Banquet kicking off the Yule Season
Tanda: and the Yuletide celebration held jointly but my fellow Governors and Majestic Oaks
Tanda: Auction house December 17th, starting early at 7 p.m.
Tanda: I have heard rumors the spending this year has been
Tanda: a great economic boon to many shops
Tanda: That is all I have to report Your Grace
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors for keeping me informed about your towns and cities.
King Blackthorn: Our Minister of Security, Magnus Grey, shall now address the Council.
Magnus Grey: Your majesty. Governors.
Kittie: *nods*
Magnus Grey: The issues with the Moonstones of Vice have been solved.
Magnus Grey: Several experts and Royal Britannian Security cast the necessary ritual.
Magnus Grey: This ritual converted the stones into their opposites.
Magnus Grey: While the exact origin of the Moonstones and their recent activity remains unknown,
Magnus Grey: We believe we won't have any problems related to the stones directly.
Magnus Grey: While the Time Lord no longer needs our help and there is a stable Time Gate
Magnus Grey: There are still concerns with Eodon and Shadowguard.
Magnus Grey: The first survey of this land was a success, and a report has been given to Sir Geoffrey.
Magnus Grey: He will be working on matters related to Britannian-Eodon security.
Magnus Grey: He will be coordinating with the Ministry of Security in the coming months.
Magnus Grey: Other than that, most things seem peaceful.
Magnus Grey: There does seem to be a slight issue in Britain that the Royal Guard is looking into.
Magnus Grey: Do you have any questions for me?
Magnus Grey: Thank you for your time.
King Blackthorn: My thanks to Minister Grey.
Tanda: Thank you
Magnus Grey: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Now I shall respond to the State of the Towns.
King Blackthorn: Governor Goldie, I am glad that your friend is safe and home with his family for the holidays.
King Blackthorn: How nice to hear of Moonglow and New Magincia's shared net toss events.
King Blackthorn: It is always good to see sister cities working (and celebrating) together.
King Blackthorn: Governor Knighthawke, I am pleased that the labor issue is resolved.
Tanda: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: The auction sounds very exciting and quite good for merchants.
King Blackthorn: *looks serious* I hope the mining company's son is found soon.
Tanda: Thank you Sir
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Governor Warner, I am glad that my capital city is prospering.
King Blackthorn: Congratulations to NightStriker, John Knighthawke *smiles*, and Leif.
King Blackthorn: I hope the Harvest Festival goes well.
King Blackthorn: Governor Kittie, it is good to hear that my city of Honesty is flourishing.
Kittie: *smiles and blushes*
King Blackthorn: I hope that the jolly one does appear, with treats for all the good little mages of the city.
Kittie: *giggles softly*
King Blackthorn: Governor Aornis, ah yes, this is one of those rare years when the Walrus Festival is in November.
King Blackthorn: To me, it's not really Walrus Festival unless it snows, but perhaps I'm being humbug. *grins*
Aornis: I agree, Sire
Aornis: Snow makes it a real festival
Aornis: festival
King Blackthorn: *thinks for a moment of Walrus Festivals from his childhood*
King Blackthorn: I wish Vesper luck with its celebration.
King Blackthorn: Governor Willa, I am glad to hear that all is well in my city of Justice.
King Blackthorn: Now we turn to requests from governors.
King Blackthorn: There weren't any this month, except those ably handled by the Lady Wraith. My thanks to her.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall open the floor to new issues.
King Blackthorn: Governors may present any new issues first.
King Blackthorn: *looks around* No new issues from governors?
Kittie: *shakes her head*
Dot Warner: *shakes head*
King Blackthorn: Now citizens may present new issues.
King Blackthorn: Seems things are peaceful for now, a bit of a holiday lull.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Are there any other new issues to be addressed this evening?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Minister Magnus might you know where the beloved dragons babies went?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I've been missing them.
Magnus Grey: Hmn...
King Blackthorn: I've heard that they sometimes fly into the highest mountains,
King Blackthorn: for snowball fights.
Magnus Grey: I will send a scout to look into that.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Oh..... I do miss reading them stories.
King Blackthorn: *smiles at Governor Willa*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: They are always so eager for company.
King Blackthorn: I'm sure the scouts can lure them home, with gingerbread cookies perhaps.
King Blackthorn: I'm glad you mentioned it.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Oh! I might see if my sister can make me some for them.
King Blackthorn: How thoughtful of you.
King Blackthorn: I hope everyone has a good harvest festival.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: And you Sire.
King Blackthorn: Thank you
King Blackthorn: If there are no further issues, we shall adjourn.
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors present for a very productive Council meeting.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you your Grace.
Magnus Grey: *nods*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: And I am so very glad to see you doing better.
King Blackthorn: My thanks as well to all the citizens who had the civic spirit to attend.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Tanda: Blessed Be Your Grace
King Blackthorn: I feel fit as a fiddle. *smiles* Thanks to my loyal citizens.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall adjourn. Goodnight.
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