Log of the Thirty-eighth Governors' Council 08/22/16

Logs of the Governors' Council Meetings with King Blackthorn.

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Log of the Thirty-eighth Governors' Council 08/22/16

Post by Lord DaKaren » Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:23 pm

King Blackthorn: Welcome governors and citizens to this month's Council meeting.
Aornis: Hail, Sire
John: Your grace.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Good Evening Your Grace.
Kittie: Good evening, your Grace *smiles*
Tanda: Good evening your Majesty
Gurney Halleck: Good evening your majesty
King Blackthorn: *nods hello to everyone*
King Blackthorn: We have a lengthy agenda for this meeting, so let's get started.
King Blackthorn: If a governor will not be able to attend a meeting of the Council,
King Blackthorn: Contact my secretaries (Elizabella@uoem.net and Malachi@uoem.net.)
King Blackthorn: If you would like to make a request for assistance with an event,
King Blackthorn: it should be sent to the Lady Wraith (wraithbroadsword@gmail.com).
King Blackthorn: She has a cottage with a mailbox in northwest Britain, near the North Side Inn.
King Blackthorn: I see that several governors were unable to be here tonight.
King Blackthorn: Would anyone like to speak for one of their towns this evening?
Mr E: Apologies yer grace
King Blackthorn: *nods regally*
King Blackthorn: Now I invite each governor to give a State of the Town status report,
King Blackthorn: With each governor yielding the floor to the next in line.
King Blackthorn: We will start from Yew this meeting. Governor Willa, you have the floor.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you Your Grace.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yew fares well.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: All are feeling secure and looking forward to another wonderful season.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: We thank you for the guards.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I pass to Aornis.
Aornis: Thank you
Aornis: Vesper is doing very well and is enjoying a prosperous month in trading.
Aornis: I yield to Kittie
Kittie: Thank you Governor Aornis. *smiles* Moonglow is doing wonderfully. It is peaceful and the coffers continue to flow. I am expecting a visitor soon, as she has mentioned needing some assistance.
Kittie: But overall, Moonglow is doing very well with happy people and happy pockets! *chuckles* Thank you. I now yield the floor to Governor Halleck.
Gurney Halleck: Thank you, Trinsic fares well...we continue with infrastructure maintenance
Gurney Halleck: It has given way to allow more commerce from miners in the region
Gurney Halleck: I have no incidents to report
Gurney Halleck: I yield to Governor Warner
Dot Warner: Thank you, Governor Halleck. Thank you, Your Majesty.
Dot Warner: Britain is doing well this summer with merchants reporting increased tourism. Trade remains robust.
Dot Warner: The Third Annual Smuggler's Run Regatta is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th at 2pm central.
Dot Warner: As usual, the race shall start at the dock in Moonglow and end at the southern dock in Skara Brae.
Dot Warner: Additional information and registration are available on the Tribune.
Dot Warner: That is all I have. Thank you, Your Majesty. I yield to Governor Knighthawke.
Tanda: Thank you Governor Warner, Your Majesty,
Tanda: For some time Minoc has been searching and investigating
Tanda: the disappearance of Minoc Mining Company's owner's son
Tanda: We have finally confirmed through divination and forensics
Tanda: that he is in fact dead
Tanda: It seems that the young man was likely taken by a
Tanda: hmm, band, congress, herd *looks puzzled*
Tanda: of demons
Dr Jerred DeSule: *scrunches face*
Tanda: My husband is preparing to do some more digging and a punitive run
Tanda: through some of the haunts the demons
Tanda: frequent
Tanda: We are also expecting on a happier note
Tanda: a very extravagant game of chance and music
Tanda: to visit again
Tanda: for those brave enough to take the risk
Tanda: to play.
Tanda: There will be more details
Tanda: as to when we're going hunting
Tanda: Other than that the fallout from the MMC loss has yet
Tanda: to be determined
Tanda: that is all I have for tonight, I yield
Tanda: to Magincia's Governor
Mr E: Thank you Governor Tanda. Sadly, I have been very busy lately and not seen. However
Mr E: this should change as I have set into motion to continue Magincia's growth. The reports
Mr E: I got from my Lt Governor stated that the coffers are full, the people are happy and things are
Mr E: doing wonderfully. That is all Magincia has at this time. The floor is yours your grace.
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors for keeping me informed about your towns and cities.
King Blackthorn: Our Minister of Security, Magnus Grey, shall now address the Council.
Magnus Grey: Your majesty. Governors.
Magnus Grey: The situation with the ratmen attacks in Ter Mur has been resolved.
Magnus Grey: During a skirmish at the gates of the Royal City, their queen, Muroidea, was killed.
Magnus Grey: The rest of the vermin tribes have scattered or returned to Abyss.
Magnus Grey: The Gargoyle Seer Naxatilor asked for help on another matter.
Magnus Grey: We are currently helping a group of Hythloth gargoyles.
Magnus Grey: These rogue An-Kal-Lem wish to be free of their daemonic blood.
Magnus Grey: Given the disruptive role the An-Kal-Lem have played in the last few years,
Magnus Grey: It seems prudent to investigate this matter,
Magnus Grey: Especially with the Dark Unknown taking an interest in the matter.
Magnus Grey: But if there is a chance to help those afflicted, it is also the right thing to do.
Magnus Grey: Members of the Royal Guard are returning to Ter Mur tomorrow to investigate more.
Magnus Grey: Sir Geoffrey has mentioned that many Britannians are exploring the lost Kotl city.
Magnus Grey: As the situation with the Myrmidex remains active, the city is a useful resource.
Magnus Grey: Many have learned the details of the last time Eodon went to war with the Myrmidex.
Magnus Grey: As for new weapons and craft, the Kotl golems may inspire new designs from our tinkers.
Magnus Grey: I may ask someone in the ministry to compile a more complete report on the Eodon situation.
Magnus Grey: Margaret Korbel is currently in Nujel'm working on various matters related to the treaty.
Magnus Grey: While Ambassador Korbel doesn't have the particulars scheduled,
Magnus Grey: There will likely be a state visit in the future to finalize formal relations.
Magnus Grey: The Ministry will need to provide protections to the royals and diplomats during this.
Magnus Grey: That is the current state of our security.
Magnus Grey: Any questions?
King Blackthorn: My thanks to Minister Grey.
Magnus Grey: Thank you for your time.
King Blackthorn: Now I shall respond to the State of the Towns.
King Blackthorn: Governor E, it is good to hear that my city of shepherds is happy and enjoying nature's bounty.
King Blackthorn: Governor Knighthawke, my condolences to the family of the young man who passed away.
King Blackthorn: I hope that Sir John's quest brings the family some closure.
King Blackthorn: It is good that the city has also found a joyous way to celebrate life, through music.
King Blackthorn: Governor Warner, I am pleased that my citizens feel safe and prosperous enough
King Blackthorn: to visit our capital city.
King Blackthorn: The regatta sounds exciting. I wish all the competitors luck.
King Blackthorn: Governor Halleck, I agree that building and maintaining the infrastructure is important.
King Blackthorn: How very wise of you to see to that.
King Blackthorn: Governor Kittie, how intriguing that Moonglow is expecting a mysterious visitor.
King Blackthorn: I hope all continues to be well in my city of Truth.
King Blackthorn: Governor Aornis, it is good to hear that Vesper is well and prosperous.
Aornis: Thank you.
Kittie: *smiles and nods*
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Governor Willa, I am pleased that all is well in my city of Justice.
King Blackthorn: I will mention to the Library of Scars that the guards are doing well in their duties.
King Blackthorn: Now we turn to requests from governors.
King Blackthorn: There weren't any this month, except those ably handled by the Lady Wraith. My thanks to her.
Kittie: *nod nod*
King Blackthorn: Now we shall open the floor to new issues.
King Blackthorn: Governors may present any new issues first.
King Blackthorn: Now citizens may present new issues.
King Blackthorn: Are there any other new issues to be addressed this evening?
King Blackthorn: If there are no further issues, we shall adjourn.
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors present for a very productive Council meeting.
King Blackthorn: My thanks as well to all the citizens who had the civic spirit to attend.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall adjourn. Goodnight.
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