Log of the Forty-first Governors' Council 11/14/16

Logs of the Governors' Council Meetings with King Blackthorn.

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Log of the Forty-first Governors' Council 11/14/16

Post by Lord DaKaren » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:20 pm

King Blackthorn: Welcome governors and citizens to this month's Council meeting.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: We have a lengthy agenda for this meeting, so let's get started.
King Blackthorn: If a governor will not be able to attend a meeting of the Council,
King Blackthorn: Contact my secretaries (Elizabella@uoem.net and Malachi@uoem.net.)
King Blackthorn: If you would like to make a request for assistance with an event,
King Blackthorn: it should be sent to Lord Raine (UORaine@gmail.com).
King Blackthorn: He has a cottage with a mailbox in northwest Britain, near the North Side Inn.
King Blackthorn: I see that several governors were unable to be here tonight.
King Blackthorn: Would anyone like to speak for one of their towns this evening?
King Blackthorn: Now I invite each governor to give a State of the Town status report,
King Blackthorn: With each governor yielding the floor to the next in line.
King Blackthorn: We will start from New Magincia this meeting. Governor E, you have the floor.
Mr E: Thank you your grace
Mr E: New Magincia is doing great. The trade is up, the coffers full.
Mr E: However sadly I was playing with some new magic with my wife Farrah
Mr E: and I seem to have lost her in... a different dimension or land... or something
Mr E: *frowns*
Tanda: Oh my.
Mr E: I have been doing my best to get her back and is has caused me not be seen as much as I would
Mr E: like
Mr E: However, I have spoken with my citizens and we are planning a holiday give away much as we did
Mr E: last year.
Mr E: I yield to the lovely Governor Tanda
Tanda: Thank You Governor
Tanda: Your Grace, Minoc is doing well
Tanda: we are in the process of tracking down some rumor among our new citizens
Tanda: Minoc has really worked to restore
Tanda: what Lost Hope Bay use to stand for
Tanda: and welcoming all races willing to work and sacrifice
Tanda: for the benefit of all
Tanda: it is going well
Tanda: they seem to be mingling and mixing
Tanda: better than I had hoped
Tanda: but there are those who are hearing some rumblings
Tanda: from the more tribal groups
Tanda: toward those who have left the tribe
Tanda: So we're monitoring
Tanda: Another note Majestic Oaks Auction house
Tanda: out between Vesper and Minoc
Tanda: is having their Christmas give away with holiday visit
Tanda: Dec 15th
Tanda: a Thursday at 8 p.m.
Tanda: Other than that things are moving along swimmingly
Tanda: I yield to Governor Warner
Dot Warner: Thank you, Governor Knighthawke. Thank you, Your Majesty.
Dot Warner: The early snows caused a slight slowdown in trade, though I'm certain the merchants will recover with the upcoming Artisan Festival.
Dot Warner: Several residents of East Britain have...voiced their concern...about certain visiting dignitaries taking...ah...liberties shall we say.
Dot Warner: I would loathe to see my citizens regard the Gilded Dagger's activities with glee. Fortunately, they understand the delegation is only temporary.
Dot Warner: Hopefully, citizens will be distracted with the merriment of the Fourth Annual Britain Harvest Banquet. Which is next Monday, the 21st, in FitzOwen Green at 8pm by the central stars.
Dot Warner: Transport will be available from the First Bank of Britain.
Dot Warner: That is all I have. Thank you, Your Majesty. I yield to Governor Kittie.
Kittie: Thank you kindly Governor Warner, Your Majesty..
Kittie: Moonglow has been prospering.
Kittie: I have been working diligently to get some repair work done in the city, so the citizens may enjoy their lovely city and all it's splendor.
Kittie: Statues have been removed and carpeting repaired along with various other things throughout Moonglow. *smiles* The coffers are overflowing, the trades seem to be increasing!
Kittie: Our fair city continues to do well as citizens continue to smile and look forward to each day that passes, until the Moonglow 2nd Annual Holiday Ball on December 17th at 8pm!
Kittie: We continue to hope it will bring more and more to come see this fair city and enjoy what magik it has to offer. *smiles*
Kittie: That being said, I happily yield the floor to Governor Aornis. *smiles*
Aornis: Thank you, Governor Kittie.
Aornis: All is well in Vesper. We are eagerly preparing for this month's Walrus Festival, though
Aornis: some of my citizens are wary that some…thing may interfere with our great event.
Aornis: Other than that, Vesper is as prosperous as usual.
Aornis: I yield to Governor Willa.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you Governess Aornis...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yew Fairs quite well... the coming of the snows has brought the hibernations of many this year’s harvest is fermenting and there is
Willa of the Yew-Wood: much to be Thankful for.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Our coffers are fine and we look forward to the coming elections.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: We are hoping our guest dragons have a nice time this harvest season.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: We are still enjoying reading to them.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Such dear creatures.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thankfully no more trees are burning in the wood.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Things are good we hope to have another lovely holiday season.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I think I'm the last Your Grace.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I've no one to pass the stick to.
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors for keeping me informed about your towns and cities.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Our Minister of Security, Magnus Grey, shall now address the Council.
Magnus Grey: Your majesty. Governors.
Magnus Grey: The artifacts I mentioned last meeting have not be recovered.
Magnus Grey: We were able to track those working for the Dark Unknown,
Magnus Grey: It seems the artifacts have been split and divided between several parties.
Magnus Grey: Unfortunately, we have lost the trail on most of the artifacts and are looking for new leads.
Magnus Grey: We have resolved the issues with the road between Britain and Trinsic.
Magnus Grey: The nature spirits, Robin Redcap and Jenny Greenteeth, were dispatched by Royal Security Forces.
Magnus Grey: The Redcap tunnels were also cleared, and we believe the issue resolved.
Magnus Grey: Currently, we are providing security for the state visit from nobility from Nujel'm.
Magnus Grey: It seems that some forces have hired the Gilded Dagger, a group of assassins, to "kill" the treaty.
Magnus Grey: We have identified one of the group’s leaders, Atif Jabiri,
Magnus Grey: But we still do not know the party that is responsible for hiring the Gilded Dagger.
Magnus Grey: We will continue to protect the three Nujel'm Guests: the Dowager Sultana
Magnus Grey: Sultana Nihad
Magnus Grey: and Princess Zaida.
Magnus Grey: Some suspect that the Mad Dowager Sultana might be involved with the Gilded Dagger,
Magnus Grey: But at this time, I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor.
Magnus Grey: Only to say that the matter is being looked into.
Magnus Grey: Margaret Korbel will speak with you more about the diplomatic issues and responsibilities shortly.
Magnus Grey: However, do you have any questions on the security issues of this visit?
Magnus Grey: Any questions on Britannian security in general?
King Blackthorn: My thanks to Minister Grey.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Um...
Magnus Grey: Thank you for your time.
Magnus Grey: Governor Willa?
Magnus Grey: Did you have a question?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I'm fairly certain that some of these folk are shady...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I do have concerns...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: But you plan to have the Guard on hand?
Magnus Grey: The Royal Security Ministry will have people at each event of the State Visit.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I've heard the Princess's and such are rather... oh how do I put this delicately...
Magnus Grey: We plan to keep security incognito to avoid panic.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Um... eccentric?
Magnus Grey: That is a good word.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Many concerns over safety...
Magnus Grey: While Korbel will talk more about diplomatic "herding"
Willa of the Yew-Wood: After all isn't one of them from Tokuno?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I believe they are well trained in the arts of sneaking and stealthy maneuvers.
Tanda: I hope they herd easier than Cats
Magnus Grey: We will have plentiful security on hand for less delicate problems.
Tanda: *looks at Kittie*
Magnus Grey: I plan to have some of the most resourceful members of the Ministry on hand.
Kittie: *chuckles*
Magnus Grey: They are experts on matters of intrigue and stealth.
Martyna Z'muir: *arches a brow*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I think it would be wise... as well... with that many folk in one area it's a prime target for mischief.
Magnus Grey: Sadly, large crowds make that unavoidable.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: So many dignitaries... I worry about safety.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I would hate to see anything bad happen to any of them on our watch.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Would certainly not help our reputations.
Magnus Grey: While a few other guests will come for the eventual signing,
Magnus Grey: The Fair will be mostly Britannians and the three Nujel'm guests.
Magnus Grey: But if it would settle your worries, I can be sure to assign body guards to each guest.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I heard there was some sort of uprising there and such..... something about silly fears of the people that we want to eat them or drown them?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: No idea what silly non-sense they fill the heads of their citizenry in Nujel’m...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Seems a tad insane.
Magnus Grey: I will be sure to protect any additional Nujel'm visitors.
Magnus Grey: Misinformation is the enemy of diplomacy.
Magnus Grey: Though often a weapon used in intrigue.
Magnus Grey: I am not worried about physical security, but some of these issues should be discussed with Korbel.
Magnus Grey: There may be solutions other than arrest and more guards she will suggest.
Magnus Grey: Does that help answer your question, Governor Willa?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Well some yes.
Magnus Grey: Discuss the matter more with Margaret Korbel.
Magnus Grey: If there are any additional security issues, she can pass them on to me.
King Blackthorn: My thanks to Minister Grey.
Magnus Grey: Thank you for your time.
King Blackthorn: Now I shall respond to the State of the Towns.
King Blackthorn: Governor E, I am pleased that my city of shepherds prospers.
King Blackthorn: The holiday festivities you have planned sound quite worthwhile.
King Blackthorn: On a personal note, I wish you luck with retrieving Governor Farrah safe and sound.
Mr E: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Governor Knighthawke, I am pleased that my city of crafters continues to welcome all.
King Blackthorn: The work ethic of Minoceans is admired far and wide.
King Blackthorn: I also wish Majestic Oaks a successful and festive auction.
Tanda: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Governor Warner, I too am looking forward to the Artisan Festival.
King Blackthorn: As for the visitors, a capital city enjoys many benefits from the rich variety of visitor,
King Blackthorn: and must sometimes deal with the... minor inconveniences as well.
Dot Warner: *nods*
King Blackthorn: The Harvest Banquet sounds like a very enjoyable way to celebrate the season.
King Blackthorn: Governor Kittie, it sounds like my city of mages has been buzzing with activity!
King Blackthorn: The Holiday Ball sounds delightful.
Kittie: *smiles and nods*
King Blackthorn: Governor Aornis, ah, the dear Walrus Festival.
King Blackthorn: In so many ways it still has the magic and wonder I remember of it from childhood.
King Blackthorn: *seems lost in thought for a moment, then refers to his notes*
King Blackthorn: Governor Willa, I agree, as the year draws to a close, there is much to be thankful for.
King Blackthorn: Yes, the dear little dragons. I must remember to visit them soon.
King Blackthorn: I am glad my city of Justice is well.
King Blackthorn: Now we turn to requests from governors.
King Blackthorn: There weren't any this month, except those ably handled by Lord Raine. My thanks to him.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall open the floor to new issues.
King Blackthorn: Governors may present any new issues first.
Tanda: *raises hand*
King Blackthorn: Please go ahead, Governor Knighthawke
Tanda: November 30th, I am thinking about 8 p.m.
Tanda: we will be investigating further the rumors I mentioned earlier
Tanda: or that is the plan
Kittie: *raises hand* I have more of a request, your Majesty.
Tanda: Have to love little messengers
Tanda: That is all Your Grace
King Blackthorn: Thank you for that announcement, Governor Knighthawke.
King Blackthorn: What issue would you like to ask about, Governor Kittie?
Kittie: Your Majesty, I have been asked by a great many of Verity Isle, for the great Mages to work on a spell, to change the rain, to snow..
Kittie: The people of Moonglow would also enjoy it, if the rain were to stop and snow were to fall from the heavens as well.
King Blackthorn: That does sound beautiful, but I do not know if it is possible.
Mr E: Perhaps you need to do your weather dance your grace.
King Blackthorn: I seem to remember snowfall from my younger years.
Kittie: *nods* I understand, but I know the great mages have done it many, many moons ago...
King Blackthorn: Alas, I do not know a weather dance or spell.
King Blackthorn: I will mention your request when communing with the spirits of the great mages.
Mr E: You wanna ask they give me the right dimension to find Farrah that would be wonderful as well
Kittie: *smiles and nods* The people of Verity isle and myself, give great thanks for that, Your Majesty.
King Blackthorn: *smiles at everyone*
King Blackthorn: Does any governor have other new issues to discuss?
Tanda: Perhaps a skyclad dance circle of mages
Tanda: would help?
John: *blushing deeply*
King Blackthorn: *shivers* That's more a springtime activity, for those who enjoy it.
Tanda: *smiles*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Well this is hardly the time of year to go stripping off ones clothing to dance...
Tanda: to each their own
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Be frightfully cold.
Kittie: Especially if you don't have fur! *smiles*
John: *blushing more*
Dot Warner: *facepalms*
King Blackthorn: *wraps his cloak more tightly about him* Any other new issues?
Kittie: *cants an ear in Dot's direction* ...?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I was thinking it was about the right time of year to join with my tree and meditate and conserve energy for the spring.
King Blackthorn: That sounds very peaceful, Governor Willa
King Blackthorn: Now I believe Ambassador Korbel would like to address the Council.
Margaret Korbel: *nods and smiles*
Margaret Korbel: Hello, Your majesty. Hail, Governors.
Kittie: *nods*
Margaret Korbel: We need to discuss several matters related to the treaty signing.
Dot Warner: *nods*
Margaret Korbel: We would like to invite all governors to attend the treaty signing on November 22nd.
Margaret Korbel: While we understand that not all will be able to travel to Luna for the event,
Margaret Korbel: Having many of you on hand will show the stability and strength of our kingdom.
Margaret Korbel: Tomorrow, we will be holding the cultural fair in Luna as part of the state visit.
Margaret Korbel: We hope will show off Britannian culture and create a lasting bond.
Margaret Korbel: The grounds have been setup outside the wall of Luna for the fair and signing.
Margaret Korbel: There is currently an avenue of towns with a tent for each of his majesty's main settlements.
Margaret Korbel: I am told the construction should last indefinitely.
Margaret Korbel: I have taken the liberty of preparing a small exhibit for each town,
Tanda: *smiles*
Margaret Korbel: With objects borrowed from the Royal Museum.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *smiles*
Margaret Korbel: The current agenda for tomorrow is:
Margaret Korbel: I. Official Welcoming Ceremony and Presentation of the Treaty
Margaret Korbel: II. Mingling and Exhibits
Margaret Korbel: III. Dove Release
Margaret Korbel: IV. Mingling and Exhibits
Margaret Korbel: V. Closing Ceremonies
Margaret Korbel: If you would like to staff your town's tent during the times of mingling, it would be helpful.
Margaret Korbel: Please feel free to share the rich culture and history of your towns.
Kittie: *nods*
Margaret Korbel: It is likely that some of our state guests will visit the exhibits and ask questions.
Margaret Korbel: Any suggestions or comments about the agenda?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: You think that Selky and Mirendel would like to join me at Yew's booth?
Margaret Korbel: That seems a nice idea, but they are rather unpredictable.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I wonder if they would enjoy that...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yes well Selky can get some rather um....
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Interesting ideas..
Margaret Korbel: Pirate-like?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *giggles*
King Blackthorn: *laughs*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yes...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: But it would be quite the learning experience for them... well more for Mirendel.
Margaret Korbel: Youth is always a chaotic time.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Well it's a thought.
Margaret Korbel: *nods*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Good for them to get out and learn.
Margaret Korbel: A nice idea, but likely not possible at this time.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Perhaps another time... they do need to be learning more.
Margaret Korbel: *nods*
Now following.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: But I do look forward to the fair.
Margaret Korbel: For the treaty, I believe I have a current copy.
Tanda: *smiles*
Margaret Korbel: Though, those of you who worked on the finished draft would like to send along another
Margaret Korbel: Just to be safe.
Margaret Korbel: That would be helpful.
Tanda: Can do
Margaret Korbel: Thank you.
Mr E: *mumbles* Maybe it was Kal Por Ylem In Vecti
Margaret Korbel: Based on tradition, we must present a Gift of State to the Nujel'm delegation at the signing.
Margaret Korbel: I wanted to ask if the governors wanted to take responsibility for this task:
Margaret Korbel: To choose something of minor value that symbolizes Britannian society.
Tanda: *whispers to E "the spell to find your wife?"*
Margaret Korbel: The governors would present this gift or gifts at the signing to the Nujel'm delegation.
Margaret Korbel: Thoughts on this matter?
Kittie: Hmmm
Mr E: *whispers* Sorry yes... trying to remember the last variation we went into
Mr E: *frowns*
Tanda: *wrinkle brow*
Kittie: I could maybe bring a nice bottle of harvest wine.. as a symbol of raising spirits?
Margaret Korbel: *smiles*
Dot Warner: A tame silver serpent?
Kittie: The citizens do so enjoy their ale and wine.
Margaret Korbel: That seems a very nice thought.
King Blackthorn: Wine is a nice idea
King Blackthorn: Or ale
Margaret Korbel: *thinks about the serpent*
Kittie: *smiles brightly and nods* Alright then.
Tanda: Wheat or bread?
Margaret Korbel: I think the wine is a nice idea.
King Blackthorn: That would go well with the wine or ale, Governor Knighthawke.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Hum... I would think it would be something of a chain suggesting that each link makes a whole and each are needed and all equal.
Margaret Korbel: And the bread.
Kittie: Thank you Margaret.
Margaret Korbel: Symbols of Britannian plenty.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: All all of us are unique but different though I don't think a chain is a very good symbol.
Mr E: My friend Captain Morgan could brew up a special ale for the event if desired
Willa of the Yew-Wood: They might consider we wish to enslave them.
Kittie: Or should we be looking into something more.. unique as a gift?
Dot Warner: Unless they take it as an insult, "commoner food."
Margaret Korbel: Perhaps present the wine to the nobles, but the bread to their commoners?
Kittie: Hmmm.. *nods*
Margaret Korbel: A state gift to all of Nujel'm would be a very interesting symbol.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Interesting...
Dot Warner: *nods*
King Blackthorn: I don't know that the nobles and commoners should get different gifts.
King Blackthorn: It is a very nice idea to give out bread, but perhaps some wine with it as well?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Something from here to represent us all...
Margaret Korbel: That is possible.
Tanda: If I were to invite our King to dinner
Margaret Korbel: I'm told there is a wine merchant in Britain that people are always talking about...
Dot Warner: A mystic ankh to represent Britannia?
Tanda: I would do my best to prepare classics from Minoc
King Blackthorn: The bread and wine is a very good idea, which I think all Nujel'm citizens could enjoy.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Rather hard. I would think we need something that represents us as a people being equal and free.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: And full of knowledge.
King Blackthorn: Or maybe a food from each town? Something each governor feels represents their town?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Wine from Yew.
King Blackthorn: *nods* That sounds appropriate, Governor Willa
Tanda: Haggis/Sausage
Margaret Korbel: *takes notes*
Kittie: Some pastries from Moonglow?
King Blackthorn: I don't want to interfere though. Really, you all should do what you think is best.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Fish from Vesper
King Blackthorn: That sounds like a good idea, considering its location.
Kittie: *smiles and nods*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Squash from Skara Brae.
Margaret Korbel: Will you be able to prepare a crate of each offering for the signing a week and a day from now?
King Blackthorn: I don't want any governor to have to spend much on this.
King Blackthorn: In time or gold
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I would think so.
Mr E: I will bring Ale from Magincia.
Margaret Korbel: If you give me a list, I can acquire most of it.
Margaret Korbel: *writes down ale*
Margaret Korbel: Was Britain Bread?
Tanda: Sausage from Minoc
King Blackthorn: Ale sounds nice from New Magincia, and sausage from Minoc
Kittie: Some Magikal Pastries from Moonglow.
Tanda: no need to tell them it's made from Sheep stomach
Tanda: *laughs*
King Blackthorn: Ah, pastries, everyone likes cake
Dot Warner: Multi-grain bread loaves for Britain, representing the city's multiculturalism.
Kittie: *nods and giggles*
Margaret Korbel: Jhelom, Trinsic, any ideas?
Bentley: Fish from Skara Brae
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Trinsic would be rose petals.
Dot Warner: Or rose perfume.
Margaret Korbel: Rose petals? To eat? I guess that makes sense.
King Blackthorn: It's possible to make cake with rose petals. I saw, um, someone doing that in a crystal ball once.
Tanda: they are quite tasty
Margaret Korbel: Jhelom?
Kittie: Have you been spying on our new pastry chef, Your Majesty?
King Blackthorn: Rose water can be an ingredient in some pastries as well.
Kittie: *giggles*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Hum.... let me see... Jhelom...
King Blackthorn: Pastry chefs are the best sort of chefs, Governor Kittie.
John: Something with meat for Jhelom. It makes one more aggressive.
Mr E: Jhelom..... a deadly poison dagger
Kittie: Aye, that they are *smiles*
Tanda: How about pies for tossing
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Margaret Korbel: Deadly poison dagger as a food?
Tanda: Jhelomites love to fight
Dot Warner: Spiced sausages?
Kittie: Perhaps next time, I will be sure to have them make you a cake with such roses atop. *smiles*
Mr E: You would be surprised the things they eat
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I would think Pies.
Margaret Korbel: I will write down pies
Margaret Korbel: Britain - Bread
Margaret Korbel: Jhelom - Pies
King Blackthorn: Tossable pies stick to the floor these days. It's as though some magic is holding them there.
Margaret Korbel: Moonglow - Cake and Cookies
Margaret Korbel: Trinsic - Rose Petals
Margaret Korbel: Minoc - Sausage/Haggis
Margaret Korbel: Yew - Wine
Margaret Korbel: Skara - Squash or Fish
Margaret Korbel: Magincia - Ale
Margaret Korbel: Vesper - Fish
Margaret Korbel: Any changes?
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Skara should be squash... since we have fish from Vesper
Mr E: *Nods*
Mr E: Squash will be Skara
Bentley: *looks angrily at Mr E*
King Blackthorn: What do you think of that, Bentley? Squash from Skara?
Margaret Korbel: They do have some very nice farms on the mainland there.
Bentley: That is fine we can provide squash
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yes they do...
King Blackthorn: *smiles* I'm sure they'll be delicious
Margaret Korbel: *smiles*
Tanda: Feeding the masses is a good ice breaker I hope
Willa of the Yew-Wood: All settled then.
Margaret Korbel: *finishes her notes*
Margaret Korbel: Very good.
King Blackthorn: It sounds very good. I'm sure the poor of Nujel'm will enjoy the Britannia feast.
Margaret Korbel: *nods*
King Blackthorn: *Britannian
Margaret Korbel: *looks over her notes*
Margaret Korbel: Invitation - check.
Margaret Korbel: Treaty - check.
Margaret Korbel: Fair agenda - check.
Margaret Korbel: State Gift - Check.
Margaret Korbel: I believe that is everything I had questions about.
Margaret Korbel: Do you have any questions on the matter or concerns?
Kittie: *shakes her head*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I think we covered it.
King Blackthorn: Thank you, Ambassador Korbel.
Margaret Korbel: Thank you for your time.
King Blackthorn: Now citizens may present new issues.
King Blackthorn: Are there any other new issues to be addressed this evening?
King Blackthorn: If there are no further issues, we shall adjourn.
Dr Jerred DeSule: *pulls out 5 pounds of notes, then reconsiders*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you Your Grace.
King Blackthorn: *glances at Dr DeSule*
Now following.
King Blackthorn: Any issues, doctor?
Kittie: *nods* Thank you, Your Majesty.
Dr Jerred DeSule: Oh no.. no.. unrelated notes!
Dr Jerred DeSule: *winks*
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors present for a very productive Council meeting.
Kittie: *smiles*
Tanda: Blessed Be Your Grace
Margaret Korbel: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: My thanks as well to all the citizens who had the civic spirit to attend.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall adjourn. Goodnight.
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