Log of the Fifty-first Governors' Council 10/16/17

Logs of the Governors' Council Meetings with King Blackthorn.

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Log of the Fifty-first Governors' Council 10/16/17

Post by Lord DaKaren » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:07 pm

King Blackthorn: Welcome governors and citizens to this month's Council meeting.
King Blackthorn: We have a lengthy agenda for this meeting, so let's get started.
King Blackthorn: If a governor will not be able to attend a meeting of the Council,
King Blackthorn: Contact my secretaries (Elizabella@uoem.net and Malachi@uoem.net.)
King Blackthorn: If you would like to make a request for assistance with an event,
King Blackthorn: it should be sent to Lord Raine (UORaine@gmail.com).
King Blackthorn: He has a cottage with a mailbox in northwest Britain, near the North Side Inn.
King Blackthorn: I see that several governors were unable to be here tonight.
King Blackthorn: Would anyone like to speak for one of their towns this evening?
King Blackthorn: Now I invite each governor to give a State of the Town status report,
King Blackthorn: With each governor yielding the floor to the next in line.
King Blackthorn: We will start from New Magincia this meeting. Governor E, you have the floor.
Mr E: *tips cap*
Mr E: Yer grace I just want to apologize for my lack of attendance lately
Mr E: I had to relocate my home which took longer than expected and a horrible storm came across the
Mr E: lands causing much mayhem and destruction.
Mr E: Sadly, I feel that I have not been able to perform the duties the office demands as of late
Mr E: Luckily Lt Governor Goldie held down the fort
Mr E: Even after coming back from my long departure I found New Magincia was doing well
Mr E: Coffers filled
Mr E: People enjoying the ale
Mr E: Sadly, I will not be seeking office next term and I hope Goldie will resume her position
Mr E: In the mean time I will ensure that a change of power will be handled well and seamlessly
Mr E: I yield to Governor Tanda
Tanda: Thank you Mr. E and Your Grace
Mr E: *lays head on desk*
Tanda: Minoc
Tanda: *pats his hand*
Tanda: is grateful to all those who helped with the Titans
Tanda: trade is coming back
Tanda: the nip in the air has people bringing in the fall harvest
Tanda: baking seems on the increase the smell of ginger and cinnamon abounds
Tanda: Hopefully we can look forward to a peaceful holiday season
Tanda: though I've seen a few Drow poking about more than of recent times
Tanda: That's all, I yield to Governor Warner
Dot Warner: Thank you, Governor Knighthawke. Thank you, Your Majesty.
Dot Warner: Britain is doing quite well and the damage to the east side of town has been repaired.
Dot Warner: The citizens have been enjoying the victory parade when they aren't beating back the Pumpkin King's odd minions.
Dot Warner: *sighs* There has been a minor snag in displaying the Gold Tome of the Virtues, so it has been moved to the vault of the First Bank of Britain for now.
Dot Warner: I hope to have it on display before this year's Britain Harvest Banquet, which is presently scheduled for November 22nd.
Dot Warner: That is all I have. Thank you, Your Majesty. I yield to Governor Yew-wood.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you Governor Warner...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yew has been cleaning up from the invasions...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Things are much nicer.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: We are looking forward to the Harvest Festival.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: We would like to announce though our Annual Samhain Festival.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: To be held on October the 25th at 8pm under the central stars at our Yew-wood Forrest Theatre.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: We will hold a Costume Contest and Trivia...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: And hope that the Grim Reaper doesn't show up again and threaten our guests...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Every year he takes them and leads them to death...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I hope it doesn't happen this year, but I want the Red Ankh Society to stand by for the event just in case.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I hope to see plenty of costumes this year!
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I guess I'm the last Your Grace...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you.
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors for keeping me informed about your towns and cities.
King Blackthorn: Our Minister of Security, Magnus Grey, shall now address the Council.
Magnus Grey: Your majesty. Governors.
Magnus Grey: The situation with the Elemental Titans was resolved.
Magnus Grey: The beings are currently bound by a blackrock artifact,
Magnus Grey: And their armies and cultists defeated.
Magnus Grey: Mythran, who was instrumental in this victory, plans to return to his world.
Magnus Grey: We don't foresee additional problems from Pagan.
Magnus Grey: However, there are still unanswered questions.
Magnus Grey: The main one being: Why was Britannia attacked to begin with?
Magnus Grey: While those matters are looked into, focus is returning to internal matters.
Magnus Grey: Britannian Security forces stopped an attack on an alchemist in Vesper.
Magnus Grey: A cult was involved known as the Order of Rythela.
Magnus Grey: We don't currently have much information on the group, but what we do know:
Magnus Grey: The Order serves the spider eidolon, Rythela.
Magnus Grey: The cult has been known to feed people to this large spider creature.
Magnus Grey: Rythela is one of the children of a larger spider being known as the World-Weaver.
Magnus Grey: While the World-Weaver is dead, she left behind eyes of unknown importance or power.
Magnus Grey: Since the cult is interested in these relics, Britannian Security plans to recover them first.
Magnus Grey: We have enlisted the aid of an archeologist to help find them.
Magnus Grey: I will provide more information on this situation as we have it.
Magnus Grey: Any questions?
Magnus Grey: Thank you for your time.
King Blackthorn: My thanks to Minister Grey.
King Blackthorn: Now I shall respond to the State of the Towns.
King Blackthorn: Governor E, I am so sorry to hear about the storm that attacked your lands.
King Blackthorn: The weather has been cruel to many this season and it has been heartbreaking to see.
Killroth: My lord
Mr E: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Just a moment, please Killroth.
King Blackthorn: Governor E, I wish you well in the difficult process of recovering from this tragedy,
King Blackthorn: and hope you are safely settled in your new home.
King Blackthorn: *smiles gently at Governor E*
Mr E: Thank you m'Lord
King Blackthorn: Thank you for all you did for New Magincia during your service.
King Blackthorn: Lt. Governor Goldie handled the gubernatorial duties well in your stead.
King Blackthorn: *nods to Goldie*
Goldie: *nods*
King Blackthorn: *looks at notes*
King Blackthorn: Governor Knighthawke, I am pleased to hear that Minoc's harvest has been bountiful.
King Blackthorn: The holiday season will, I hope, be a time of good fellowship for all.
King Blackthorn: Governor Warner, it was wise of you to move the Gold Tome of Virtues to the vault.
King Blackthorn: The Harvest Banquet sounds festive.
King Blackthorn: Governor Willa, it sounds like it will be quite a busy season in Yew.
King Blackthorn: with the Samhain Festival and the Harvest Festival as well.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall open the floor to new issues.
King Blackthorn: Please go ahead, Killroth.
Killroth: *slams hand on table*
Killroth: where is my mayor
Killroth: Jhelom is lacking any kind of bonus
King Blackthorn: Governor Carpe Diem?
King Blackthorn: I'll check my records, just a moment.
King Blackthorn: Governor Diem notified my secretaries before the last meeting that he would be unable to
King Blackthorn: attend that meeting.
King Blackthorn: Governor Diem was present in August.
King Blackthorn: We are looking up his message from September, just a moment.
King Blackthorn: We have found his reason for being absent in September.
King Blackthorn: It is a good reason, but we cannot share it with you.
Killroth: very well when can I run against him. is his term almost up?
King Blackthorn: I think it's June and December.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor Willa
Killroth: ok very well is there any seats open maybe I should change towns
King Blackthorn: There are not any open seats right now.
Killroth: ok then thank you milord and governors
King Blackthorn: You may want to check the governor stones in December to see.
King Blackthorn: Thank you, Killroth.
King Blackthorn: There usually are more governors at the meetings.
King Blackthorn: The ranks are a bit thin tonight.
Killroth: I think the dark lady has influenced their attendance
Killroth: her magic is strong
King Blackthorn: Oh!
King Blackthorn: I see what you mean.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yes she is strong
King Blackthorn: Well, let's see if there are any other new issues to address this evening?
Dot Warner: Aye...
Killroth: see my lord the realm needs my leadership
Killroth: *kicks chair*
Dot Warner: Dr. DeSule asked me to inform the Council that he and Governor Skattles embarked...no pun intended...on a multiweek expedition to discover Skattles’ origins.
Killroth: sorry Martyna
King Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor Warner. I'll note that.
King Blackthorn: If there are no further issues, we shall adjourn.
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors for a very productive Council meeting.
King Blackthorn: My thanks as well to all the citizens who had the civic spirit to attend.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall adjourn. Goodnight.
Magnus Grey: Good night all.
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