Log of the Fifty-second Governors' Council 11/13/17

Logs of the Governors' Council Meetings with King Blackthorn.

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Log of the Fifty-second Governors' Council 11/13/17

Post by Lord DaKaren » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:37 pm

King Blackthorn: Welcome governors and citizens to this month's Council meeting.
John: *bows*
Tanda: Your Grace
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you Your Grace.
King Blackthorn: *nods hello to everyone*
Skattles II: Mrwwf!
King Blackthorn: We have a lengthy agenda for this meeting, so let's get started.
King Blackthorn: If a governor will not be able to attend a meeting of the Council,
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *still brushing the dog*
Skattles II: *wags tail*
King Blackthorn: Contact my secretaries (Elizabella@uoem.net and Malachi@uoem.net.)
King Blackthorn: I see that several governors were unable to be here tonight.
King Blackthorn: Would anyone like to speak for one of their towns this evening?
King Blackthorn: Now I invite each governor to give a State of the Town status report,
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Lady Kittie did leave word...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: She fell ill rather unexpectedly.
King Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor Willa. I had heard and I hope she is feeling well again soon.
King Blackthorn: Rather sad not to have the cat here tonight to keep the dog company.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *smiles*
Skattles II: *ears perk up*
Skattles II: wrf?
Skattles II: *looks around*
Dot Warner: *arches a brow*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *keeps brushing the dog*
King Blackthorn: One gets the feeling that they're really friends, underneath it all.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: I believe she asked we mention, The Verity Island Holiday Ball is coming in December. Otherwise coffers are overfull and residents are happy.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: She didn't say what day it was.
Dr Jerred DeSule: *skeptical expression*
King Blackthorn: Thank you for that report on Moonglow, Governor Willa.
King Blackthorn: Please keep the floor and tell us the state of Yew.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Your most welcome your Grace.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Yew fairs well... we are doing good with getting back to normal after the attacks.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: And after well the fields were under duress from all those killer pumpkins.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Things are getting back to normal.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: And I'm doing better after my alter Ego was attacked by the Grim Reaper and that horrible Drowish Devil woman Rylna.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Outside of that...
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Things are fine.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Thank you Your Grace and I will hand the baton so to speak to Lady Tanda Knighthawke
Tanda: Thank you Governor Willa
Tanda: Your Grace, Minoc is doing quite well
Tanda: with no cemetery of our own it's been quiet through all the Death festivals
Tanda: The invasions were an inconvenience, but the people of the highlands are a sturdy lot
Tanda: and well recovered now
John: *nods*
Tanda: The auction house between Minoc and Vesper is organizing for the Yule season already
Tanda: and decorations for the season are forth coming
Tanda: it is my hope to foster a season of giving
Tanda: so that those who have less this season receive some care
Tanda: With that I yield the floor to Governor Warner
Dot Warner: Thank you, Governor Knighthawke. Thank you, Your Majesty.
Dot Warner: Britain's trade surplus continues to grow, and the city has stored more than enough food to last through the coming winter. Paws included.
Dot Warner: Our craftspeople are already a buzz regarding this year's Artisan Festival, coordinating with their counterparts in other cities to ensure every tree reaches its potential.
Skattles II: *chews on corner of books on table*
Dot Warner: The Fifth Annual Britain Harvest Banquet will be held on Wednesday, November 22nd at 8pm in FitzOwen Green.
Dot Warner: As with past years, this event is for the citizens and friends of Britain to become better acquainted with one another.
Dot Warner: That is all I have for this session. Thank you, Your Majesty. I yield to Governor Skattles.
Skattles II: Woof!
Skattles II: *tilts head*
Skattles II: mrwf?
Dr Jerred DeSule: I will speak on Skattles behalf
Skattles II: Mrwf.
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Dr Jerred DeSule: Vesper is doing well enough. Our funds are a tad low, but the city is recovering well from recent
Dr Jerred DeSule: events. There is a rather large flood wall we could use assistance dismantling.
Dr Jerred DeSule: In regard to another matter I've been asked to investigate:
Dr Jerred DeSule: The dead author, JL Polstan appeared to have left a trail of notes during his ordeal
Dr Jerred DeSule: Myself, Skattles, and a few other trackers managed to find a page out of journal
Dr Jerred DeSule: I've been unable to find any other pages and am requesting assistance from the community
Dr Jerred DeSule: My office is putting forward a reward of 30 million gold for the first to find all the pages
Dr Jerred DeSule: of this journal.
Dr Jerred DeSule: Interested scavengers can message my pigeon service at 16166003 should you recover
Dr Jerred DeSule: all the pages.
Dr Jerred DeSule: Or you may send a notice to my office via mail. (at nrwestendorf@gmail.com)
Dr Jerred DeSule: A post on the ethereal boards will follow shortly.
Dr Jerred DeSule: I yield the floor back to you, your Majesty.
Skattles II: bark!
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors for keeping me informed about your towns and cities.
Dr Jerred DeSule: Skattles.. shh.
Skattles II: mrf.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *resumes brushing Skattles*
King Blackthorn: Our Minister of Security, Magnus Grey, shall now address the Council.
Skattles II: *gnaws on books on table*
Magnus Grey: Your majesty. Governors.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: 'no no Skattles
Magnus Grey: I would like to review matters south of Trinsic.
Magnus Grey: There have been more attacks by the Heartless Heirs, a group of mercenary undead.
Magnus Grey: To review, the group is lead by a man named Lothar.
Magnus Grey: Looking into our records, there was a mercenary by that name who died in Deceit years ago.
Magnus Grey: Lothar was taking part of a dangerous and unlawful expedition to find a shard of the Gem.
Magnus Grey: We do not know how he came to be in his current state or what he found in Deceit.
Magnus Grey: But we intend to learn this information.
Magnus Grey: The group's current focus is a rivalry with the Library of Scars.
Magnus Grey: This has resulted in the deaths of several mercenary with the Library.
Magnus Grey: Given the good standing of the Library, we are coordinating with them.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *quietly moves books away from dog*
Skattles II: arf!
Magnus Grey: The current plan is for the Royal Guard to disrupt the group's operations.
Skattles II: *scrambles up on the table briefly and drags them back*
Skattles II: *gnaws at them while growly softly*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: No!
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Bad Dog!
Magnus Grey: Since several members of Britannian Security are part of the Library, they will be involved as well
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Sit!
Magnus Grey: I will update you on the results of these operations when I know more.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *moves books again*
Magnus Grey: Any questions on Britannian security?
Tanda: *raises hand*
Skattles II: *looks insulted*
Magnus Grey: Yes, Governor?
Tanda: Not really a question more of a proviso
Tanda: I do have a piece or fragment of that Gem in my home
Tanda: perhaps I should place it somewhere else
Magnus Grey: Security of such relics are a high priority at all times.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *braids a few bandages and ties knots at each end and gives the newly formed cloth "bone" to the dog*
Magnus Grey: Given what we know about the group's movements,
Skattles II: Mrf.
Magnus Grey: They seem focused around Trinsic, and I do not expect any strikes that far north.
Skattles II: *gnaws on the toy half-heartedly*
Tanda: Thank you
Magnus Grey: However, you may wish to attempt security by obscurity for the time being.
Skattles II: *sniffs at the books and eyes them*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: *glares at dog*
Willa of the Yew-Wood: No.
Tanda: *nods*
Skattles II: Bark!
Magnus Grey: Movement to a nearby unknown fortified position may be in order.
Magnus Grey: But I leave that in Minoc's capable hands.
Tanda: I will take care of it
Magnus Grey: *nods*
Magnus Grey: Any other questions?
Dr Jerred DeSule: *whispers to Fyaedmar*
Fyaedmar Covla: *nod*
Magnus Grey: Thank you for your time.
King Blackthorn: My thanks to Minister Grey.
King Blackthorn: Now I shall respond to the State of the Towns.
Dr Jerred DeSule: Deepest apologies everyone. Must attend to another meeting.
King Blackthorn: Governor Knighthawke, it is good to hear that my city of tinkers
King Blackthorn: was able to work in peace, during the recent upheavals.
King Blackthorn: The auction house always has such innovative festive decorations.
King Blackthorn: I wish them well with their season of giving,
King Blackthorn: Walrus Festival season does bring out the best in us all.
King Blackthorn: Governor Warner, I am pleased to hear that my capital city
King Blackthorn: is taking care of Paws. Very worthy.
King Blackthorn: I hope the Harvest Banquet is merry and bright.
King Blackthorn: We all wish Governor Kittie a speedy recovery, of course,
King Blackthorn: and hope that she is able to attend the Verity Holiday Ball that was mentioned.
King Blackthorn: Governor Skattles, good boy, that's a good Skattles!
Skattles II: Woof!
King Blackthorn: Dr. DeSule, I am sure my city of merchants can rebuild its funds.
Dot Warner: *chuckles*
King Blackthorn: I shall contact the proper authorities about removing the flood wall,
King Blackthorn: now that it's no longer needed.
King Blackthorn: Governor Willa, I am pleased that my city of Justice is returning to normal,
King Blackthorn: especially at with the last of the harvest to bring in.
King Blackthorn: Soon the snows shall fall heavy on the Yew trees, as winter closes in.
Willa of the Yew-Wood: Indeed, your Grace.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall open the floor to new issues.
King Blackthorn: Governors may present any new issues first.
King Blackthorn: Are there any other new issues to be addressed this evening?
Fyaedmar Covla: *raises hand*
King Blackthorn: Please go ahead, Covla
Fyaedmar Covla: I was asked by Jerred to inquire about assistance in dismantling the flood wall in Vesper
King Blackthorn: *nods* I shall see to it that the appropriate authorities are notified.
Fyaedmar Covla: *nods*
Fyaedmar Covla: Our thanks
King Blackthorn: *nods graciously*
King Blackthorn: Are there any other new issues for this evening?
King Blackthorn: If there are no further issues, we shall adjourn.
King Blackthorn: Thank you to all the governors for a very productive Council meeting.
King Blackthorn: My thanks as well to all the citizens who had the civic spirit to attend.
King Blackthorn: Now we shall adjourn. Goodnight.
Tanda: Good night
John: *salutes*
Magnus Grey: *nods to everyone*
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