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Shout out

Post by Maelmordha » Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:10 pm

This is a personal thank you from me to Ludwig for all your hard work on the Bard Tales section. Please keep it up. It really adds to the RP aspect of what we do. Sturm your work in getting us info to other guild fucntions and getting our name out there has been much appreciated. Willa you are as always my rock for this guild girl thanks much for your work as well. Leaving no one out i want to give congrats to Zak and Maverick for making Knight. With everyones hard work and dedication we CAN make RKR grow and flourish again. Thanks again everyone for the hard work you all put into this.
Lastly to you Wages good luck and get through your training quickly. We need another good mage. You impressed the hell outta' me.

[spoiler=]Long Live RKR![/spoiler]
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