A history Lesson

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A history Lesson

Post by Oona Abhail » Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:54 pm

*** Something occurred to me the other night that the history of Royal Knights of Redemption is not known to the all of you. After speaking with Mael for an extended time this afternoon, I want to set you all on the right path, and I fully take that upon myself, given that I am the last oldest member of the Royal Knights from our “hey days”. This history will begin where Oona the Character began, with my Squireship.

So sit back make some tea, and absorb the knowledge.***

Royal Knights and the Role play community at one time was peppered with a wide cast of characters, good and ill.

The Keep of Redemption was based in the desert lands between Umbra and Luna in Malas. Was our stronghold, our leader Ren the Templar, was adored by his Knights. I was given as a Squire to Aequitas, William and Marvin for training. Aequitas was my Virtue teacher and on the ways of the Royal Knights. William and Marvin outfitted me with armor and began my training. At this time the Chain of command was Ren as Templar, William was his Undermarshal, Marvin, Aequitas, and Scoob as his Turcoples. It’s been so long for me, the number of Dragoons, and Zealots escapes me right now. But I was not alone as a Squire of Redemption, there were five of us; Relder, Knight Walker, Jaemar, Ariakas, and __________.

Ren was also the Grand Marshal of the Britannia Armed Forces. The Armed Forces, were all those that fought to protect Sosaria under the rule of the High Council. Believe it or not at one time almost every city and providence was represented on the Council with Ra’Dian as the Chancellor. We all fought with pride under Ren’s leadership, his command was never questioned. You might ask yourself who else made up the Armed Forces, We had several but the two largest groups were the Royal Knights and the Militias of the cities, Such as Yew, Minoc to name a few. But I get a head of myself, see you much understand the Knights were given a precious item to protect with our lives that was The Princess Nikki; I had always thought that the Princess and Ren were someway related. Cousins perhaps, Princess Nikki was the blood relation of the Great King British, once he had departed the lands of Sosaria she was left behind, along with the Ruling Council that evolved into the High Council.

The Knights worked closely with the Highland Guard, these were massive warriors, I remember being in awe of them, it always seemed to me the Guard did not work under the strict line of Virtue the Knights did or I didn’t fully comprehend what the Guard and the Knights were.


I am sure many of you have heard this mentioned from time to time. This is the veil that the Knights and I suspect the Guard worked under. Being the Crown’s “Dirty lil secret”. That whether at the time I would have publicly admitted it or not we were what kept the peace in Sosaria. We trusted only ourselves, and kept our own council. Only now with it all but disappeared do I see it in a different light.

I moved through the ranks quite quickly. First Dragoon, then the other men I came in with as a Squire, Walker, Jaemar Ariakas and myself actually moved up to fill the holes of those Knights that retired to die in their own beds, or that we lost on the field. Was not long after I became an officer that the move came from Malas to the present location of the Castle once known as the Castle Redemption, but took years to build the castle for a very long time their were several buildings and houses that occupied the land the castle sits on now at this day, I am sure the last reminders of the original buildings can still be seen in the ground at the steps of the castle. Was a long tiring process to build that damned building, Jaemar, Walker, Marvin the Princess herself and me laid the last stone in place as the sun broke over the hills in the east. Was quite a sight, I would be a liar if I said anything different.

I have seen cities siege, burned, looted and sometimes by those in our very ranks. I’ve seen criminals become viable beings that did deserve Redemption. With the many fond and wonderful memories I hope that happened in those walls, they are splattered with the many things I did for my Templar without question. The blood on my hands, the year of imprisonment I swallowed knowing being a Knight this was apart of that oath, the vow I gave. No one not one of my brethren would come for me outright, though I knew they did look… So many things the young ones are not aware of. As I write this going to take two days a week and allow you all to come ask me questions of our history, of our fallen brothers, or those gone on before us.

One thing I hope you all learn is that Knighthood is well, not the easiest or best path for everyone. But if you’re willing to give everything up for the Knighthood you will find something more precious then gold.

New Castle

We came to these lands that were familiar to the knights having the Royal Oaks Tavern up on the peninsula. So many great things happened there to the North! Was my first introduction to the land we now call Newcastle.

We came as a force peaceful and with pockets filled with gold. We went household to household, offering our coffers for their land. Slowly we grew, originally it was the small parcels of lands, then farm lands… But New castle didn’t just flower out of the ground but the blood and sweat of those before you placed it here. And it saddened me to know I am what is left to tell you the stories.

For now this is enough to think on my Knights…
Remember men build this with their blood and their wants and desires for a better life, we all must always be thankful to them for it.
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