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Updates and Orders

Post by MalagAste » Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:43 pm

Alright not that any of you aren't aware of our recent name change and I will be speaking to DaKaren ASAP about that and all, but for those of you who haven't done so you need to see me about getting your updated Uniform. I want us all looking sharp.

We need to set a date for the re-dedication of the Castle now known as the Hall of Virtue, Newcastle Township. Anyone have any suggestions let me know. Also on that front I want some ideas on activities for the evening. I personally have all of next weekend off so if we want to do something then it would be good.

Next if you do NOT have your profile posted here in the bios section you need to do so soon. We've let that go a bit lax of late and I don't want that to continue. So follow the format and get that posted. If you need any assistance let me know. If you have not yet registered on the forums you need to do that ASAP. We need all members registered so we can be sure you're not only posting here but getting messages and orders from here. Reading this forum should be something you do often. I'm not gonna say daily but lets say frequently.

All of you by now should know the schedule of activities currently which includes Monday night Tavern Night at the Wild Rose Inn, Tuesday night Guild night for the Knights and Squires we meet at the Keep, and Wednesday night is training night at the Keep. All these events typically begin at 8pm CST so be sure to try to make the time to be there. As always if you can't be there for any reason you need to inform either Myself, Maelmordha or Sturm.

Thank you,

Malag-aste, Undermarshal DLS, Royal Knights of Virtue (RKV)

P.S. Those of you with signatures made by me I'll be updating them soon hopefully this weekend or next week so please be patient with me. Since I lost my entire database of pictures and things there will be changes made so if you have anything special in mind let me know and I'll try to incorporate them into the new designs. And Maverick, I have not forgotten you buddy you will be getting a sig. Zak if you need one let me know I'll add it to my list.

As far as Squires go you post without one until you make Knight at which time if you would like one but don't know how to make one or would just rather I did it let me know and I'll take care of it.
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