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Tannabus McLeod
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Tannabus McLeod

Post by Tannabus McLeod » Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:44 pm

Tannabus McLeod
Born October 12, 397 in Minoc
Mother: Tanda Solstice Kristensen DeWitt McLeod
Father: Calibus

Physical attributes: Height 6'4" Weight: 225 stones
Hair color: deep orange to red
Skin color: Medium gray
Pointed ears, horns, though unlike my father I have 2 eyes, which are green
Human, Inncubus/Succubus mix

I grew up in the home of my mother, visited frequently by my father who was not her husband. I spent a great deal of time with my mother and maternal Aunt Serenity. The two of them raised Cali Anna and I as a team. My mother who is a witch, served the realm as Justicar, Chancellor, and Tavern wench was a pitiful example of what I could become.

I looked very little like my older sister and less like my mother than my father. Cali Anna with her ashen gray skin, red hair and green eyes definitely looked more like our human mother. She drew the bonus card of not having the demon horns as well, so for her life was filled with coos and fawning. While mine was met with gasps and silence.

Early life lessons were about the natural world, her mix of pagan and christian upbringing. Lessons on the craft, alchemy the value of life, and rule after rule about how one conducts oneself when it comes to the use of magic. There were picnics in the garden, outings to gather reagents, dancing in the forest skyclad as we chanted songs and incantations to the Goddess.

My father for all practical purposes tried to reinforce the whole concept of humanity. Other than a few lessons related to my increased strength and the need or desire to ingest embers. He also tried to teach me control, all aimed at allowing me to fit in with this human world. I never understood the reason for his not embracing what it is to be a demon, the power, strength, immortality.
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