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Lady Kittie

Post by Lady Kittie » Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:34 am

Name: Lady Kittie

Age: 35

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 125lbs

Race: Meer

Physical Description: Pale skin adored this soft beauty with eyes the color of the sea and hair the most striking pink. A soft smile with the sweetest of pale pink lips greets you as she raises delicate hands to place a fresh picked flower into her hair. Slowly does the put them down, as she places them behind her back and begins to sway slightly, with the most infectious of giggle. It was clear the Lady's favorite color as her attire consisted of nothing more, than the same pink of that shoulder length hair, swaying in the breeze.

As she takes a seat upon the soft grass, she looks to you curiously. A sudden slight jolt as eyes widen. Almost as if she had just had some sort of epiphany. She reaches into her pack at her side and hands you a small book. It remains unfinished of course, but she smiles softly and gives a soft gesture with her head for you to read it. You begin to read the book.. starting with Page 1. She continues to softly smile as you move onto Page 2. Nerves begin to set in as she watches you rather intently, canting her head from side to side slowly. Another turn of the page, to Page 3. Shifting in her seat as she glanced over her surroundings. Smiling at the birds in flight as you turn the page to Page 4. Eyes gently shift as she notes that the read is almost finished before returning her gaze out to the landscape. Only for another page to turn to Page 5. A clearing of her throat as she reached in her pack to pull out a bottle of wine. Uncorking as she takes a soft sip or two before putting it back as you move onto Page 6. Bringing hands softly into her lap as she canted her head.. it was the last page that was about to be read now..Page 7. With the closing of the book, she gave a soft nod in hopes of clear understanding now of who she truly was. Once more, the rest of the Journal remained unfinished.. there was much to do and accomplish yet.. for her journey was truly just beginning.

(UPDATE)Kittie looked around at her friendly surroundings. She had friends and family again and more importantly, she felt safe again. Kittie bowed her head, closing her eyes as she began to chant words. A bright and steady glow surfaced around her before it engulfed her completely for a split second. Once the glow had subsided, she removed her hat, with 2 feline ears to twitch. Raising her head as she looked at her hands and cried softly into the soft familiar fur that covered them. She felt her face, as whiskers twitched, before they would reach to the top of her head and touch those soft ears. Smiling brightly through it all, tears streaming down that furred face. Kittie was Meer again and for the first time, she felt truly free. Kittie could once more be herself without the magic and facade. Swiftly did the turn, her tail whipping behind her, making a swift dash up the stairs of her keep. Falling on her knees before one of her boxes, carefully opening it up, only to reveal her treasured feline toys. A bright grin on her face as she tossed up a ball of yarn, giggling. It had been a long while since that box was opened and it was time to relax and just, have fun.
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