Cobra Lily

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Cobra Lily

Post by cobra_lily » Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:49 pm

Name: Cobra Lily
Age: 20
Height: 5'3'
Weight: 110
Race: Elf

Description: Long brown hair with a blue flower. Pale skin. Black eyes. Slender and thin. Deceptively delicate looking.

From a small farming village, she grew up isolated from the world. She was continuous forbidden from leaving. She sought escape from reading. Through chance and luck and perhaps fate, she eventually stumbled upon a book of necromancy. The art consumed her. She became a fairly good necromancer in a short period of time.

One day, her sister was allowed leave home from their parents. She was infuriated, and destroyed them all in a rage. Unhai found the burning home with Cobra Lily inside in somewhat of a trance. With probing, she was eventually able to remember the scene and what occurred.

More time passed and Cobra Lily became a fairly good fencer and her skill in her art increased. Her thirsts changed to that of blood. While some may ask, blood forcibly taken was much more satiating. Accepting her wrathful and predatory nature, she joined the Temple of Mondain. Each day, she slowly sheds more of her humanity in favor of the all consuming cruelty that blossoms in her soul.

Blood is her weakness and her power. It is her love. It is her drug. It is her life.

Seduction is her tool. Her delicateness. The false sense of security.

Murder is her way of life. Her piercing sword. Her deadly spells.
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