Hitching Post & 'Full Bookcase'

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Hitching Post & 'Full Bookcase'

Post by Martyna Z'muir » Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:18 pm

This is something I posted on UO forums about the 11th Anniversary.. junk... It is mainly in relation to the bookcase and hitching post...

Quoted from Magister Returns:
"This is something a large number of players will desire for a long time. And crafters will be able to sell something valuable." (in reference to the bookcases and hitching posts)

Valuable to the crafter... Hmm.. You mean the crafter of the script thief who stole it? Because they are hurting for gold?? /sarcasm

The full bookcase and the hitching post are nice to have added into crafting, but they made them absurdly high-end. A NEW 8th level stealable??? Really? Why not use the scores of books from the bone daemon room in Doom? Does anyone buy them anymore? Better yet, does anyone even bother to steal them? Idea: A (been asked for since '97) Implementation: F (encourages script thief hoarding, ignores suppy/demand realities, moves yet more gold into the hand of the aforementioned scripters)

Ugh the hitching post.. 1 place to get the pheremones... Yay, another place to camp. Lets hope these things spawn around the Abyss, or in a room in it. But why the need to three other rare drops? (5 really) Two rope, realatively easy to get.. Resolve's bridle.. eh.. never bothered to collect them, not sure of their drop rate... and the ugly (yes, its hideous) wooden steed - thats a what, one in 16 chance of dropping in a treasure chest... While I think EA overthought this one a tad, at least its not reliant on a single spawn per shard. Idea: A+ (been asked for since '97) Implementation: B- (overly rare dependant for an item with such a short life expectency)

And now we can pay real money for both of these... Words fail.
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