ToM Rank Structure

[ToM] The Temple of Mondain resides in the Desert of Compassion in Felucca. There, they seek the veneration and rebirth of Sosaria's darkest wizard...

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ToM Rank Structure

Post by Ermac Firebrand » Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:25 am

I thought I would post this so everyone can see and understand better the new ranking structure we have. May or may not help for R/P purposes.

New Players, Members: Novo Aetas - New Life

Crafters: Faber - Crafter, Provectus Faber - Skilled Crafter, Magister Faber - Master Crafter, Magister Arma Faber - Master (of items) Crafter

Tamers: Gregatim Alumno - Herder, Gregatim Peritus - Herder of Skill, Gregatim Magister - Master Herder

Warriors (Depending on which weapon skill they choose, Swords = Ferrum, Fencer = Cuspis, Archery = Arcus, Macer = Stipes): (skill) Pedes - Soldier, () Paratus Pedes - Skilled Soldier, Magister () Pedes - Master Soldier, Regalis Stipatores - Royal Guards.

Mages: Males: Magus - Magician, Magus Malum - Evil Magician, Magister Magus Malum - Master Magician of Evil
Female: Femina Magus - Witch, Femina Magus Malum - Witch of Evil Magic, Veneficus Femina - Vicious Witch, Magistar Veneficus - Master Witch.

Necros: Umbra Monachus - Shadow Monk, Umbra Magus - Shadow Magician, Magister Umbra Magus - Master Shadow Magician, Umbra Magis Maligo - Shadow Magician who contrives Evil.

Overall rank Structure

Guild Leader, Council, Necromancers, Mages, Warriors, Tamers/Bards/Other Professions, Crafters.
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