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[ToM] The Temple of Mondain resides in the Desert of Compassion in Felucca. There, they seek the veneration and rebirth of Sosaria's darkest wizard...

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A simple service

Post by Unhai » Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:46 am

Greetings my fellows i am new to your fold however that does not mean i am not of value i have a residance just north of the minoc stables you will see it becouse i have taken Pains to build it in the style of the Temples of mondain inside on the floor with t-o-m written on the tile are sevrel chests accessable only to members of ToM each is stocked regulerly with wepons and armor for you to take and upgrade your equipment with i must say that each peice is expensive and powerful from my own collection that i think should be used for the betterment of us rather then waste away in my junk rooms there are also runes to my residance in one of the chests enjoy

rembember north of minoc stables located in north-east minoc you should not cross any bridges on the way for it will lead you in the wrong direction
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