Log of the High Council Meeting on 4/03/17

Communications with the High Council of Britannia.
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Log of the High Council Meeting on 4/03/17

Post by Lord DaKaren » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:08 pm

Log of the 503rd Session of the High Council of Britannia.

DaKaren: Welcome to the 503rd session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Britannia still enjoys an era of peace and prosperity, with no significant incidents to note.
Dot Warner: *ahems*
DaKaren: *sighs* Aye, barring the local troubles in Britain...and Minoc.
Janice Andrysiak: *scoffs*
DaKaren: Ah, and the kidnapping in Jhelom of the author.
Martyna Z'muir: *mumbles "Good riddance"*
Tanda: *tilts head at Martyna*
Janice Andrysiak: *squints suspiciously*
Tanda: I thought Librarians liked authors
DaKaren: At any rate, it had been quiet for most of the realm's citizens.
Martyna Z'muir: Not bad ones...
Janice Andrysiak: *scoffs more audibly*
John: Not those kinds of authors as a general rule.
DaKaren: Grand Marshal Hla'ate, would you address the Council on military matters in the Kingdom?
Malag aste: Thank you Chancellor
Malag aste: Last Wednesdays BAF Training and patrol went rather well.
Malag aste: Thank you all who attended. We'll have another one a week from Wednesday.
Malag aste: As a report we investigated reports that the inhabitants of Wrong were cooking something other than venison.
Malag aste: While we found no evidence of them cooking..
Malag aste: It was quite obvious they were tormenting and tearing up humans.
Jennifer-Marie: *coughs*
Malag aste: Seemed specific to humans as no evidence of Gargoyles or Elves was found.
DaKaren: Interesting.
Malag aste: The matter may warrant another investigation at some point but they certainly were not cooking anything...
Malag aste: Though they do possess an oven or two they didn't seem to be getting much use.
Malag aste: I doubt any of the ..... bodies.... found there ever made it as far as the oven.
Malag aste: Seemed most of them were picked clean right where they were chained.
Malag aste: Was rather gruesome for some.
Dot Warner: *cringes*
Malag aste: As a note also did not find evidence that they were making bloodwyne either... at least not in the traditional sense.
Jennifer-Marie: *whispers* That's awful ...
Janice Andrysiak: *frustrated expression*
Malag aste: No children were found.
Malag aste: At any rate, the dungeon seemed.... well... as it normally is.
Tanda: So perhaps indigent, the poor and homeless? or drunkards?
Malag aste: Whatever hapless adventurer or some thief that passed by I would assume...
Malag aste: Or an unwitting traveler or two...
Tanda: They should have sealed that pit years ago
Malag aste: It is what it is.
Ordnok: *grunt*
DaKaren: All of the dungeons could use a decent sealing...
Malag aste: Still plagued by the occasional lost soul... still wandering the hall..
Jennifer-Marie: *blinks* It is what it is?
Malag aste: It is a dungeon.... filled with the usual rabble of Ogres.. No offense to present company.... Trolls, and Lizardmen...
Tanda: They should have put all those souls from the prison to rest
Ordnok: *grunts softly*
Malag aste: Who enjoy eating human flesh...
Tanda: just a conduit for evil
Malag aste: Well perhaps someday we can perform some sort of .... ritualistic cleansing there for them if you like Tanda...
Tanda: perhaps
Malag aste: However, I am fairly certain it will only fill back up with the rabble.
Dr Jerred DeSule: A boulder at the door would suffice
Malag aste: In my opinion... if the rabble has a place to contain itself and be content to remain contained... let it remain self-contained.
Malag aste: Barring the door may only serve to have the rabble seeing new shelters.
Malag aste: In less.... out of the way areas.
Malag aste: I think there is more than enough rabble out and about...
Malag aste: But that's my opinion.
Malag aste: If fools wander in there that's on them
Malag aste: At any rate there will be another outing a week from Wed.
DaKaren: Thank you, Grand Marshal.
DaKaren: Councilor Knighthawke, does the city of Minoc have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Tanda: Thank you Chancellor
Tanda: *sighs*
Tanda: we will begin the process of a formal investigation into these
Tanda: little gray beings
Tanda: and the dismembered cows
Tanda: on 19th
Tanda: provided all the necessary investigatory pieces can be put in place
Tanda: Hopefully it'll tell us
Tanda: something more concrete
Tanda: which oddly enough is gray too
Tanda: *laughs*
DaKaren: *nods slowly*
Tanda: other than that Minoc is as well as can be expected
Tanda: that's all I can tell you Chancellor
Dr Jerred DeSule: Hm.
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
Tanda: *whispers back to John*
DaKaren: Councilor Warner, does the City of Britain have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Dot Warner: Britain has been a hotbed of criminal intrigue the past month or so...
Dot Warner: We've had a double murder at Haskett's Boarding House in east Britain which seems to be drug-related, a drug not dissimilar to the Glaze which troubles Cove.
Dot Warner: Although the Red Ankh Society has informed me that the "Venom," as the new drug is called, is a clearly inferior...and more immediately deadly...knock off.
Dot Warner: Anyone found peddling this poison will be arrested and their assets seized to pay for the care of those they afflicted.
Dot Warner: The one ultimately responsible for this scourge calls himself 'The Snake,' a far too on-the-nose nom de guerre for my liking. He is reportedly an average brown-haired male with a goatee. *frowns at the vague description*
Dot Warner: So if someone gets the chance to cut his head off, Britain would thank you for the irony.
Jennifer-Marie: *smirks*
Ordnok: *chortles*
Dot Warner: The Kinship of the Rose has been dealt a few related setbacks as well...
Dot Warner: Their leader, Amoranth, has been poisoned. Likely by an infiltrator from the Snake's ranks. I believe he is now being cared for by the King's personal healers.
Dot Warner: Also, I was forced to deport the Kinship's golden gaman due to their inability to properly manage or care for the creatures. They have been returned to Tokuno.
Dot Warner: That's all for this session...thank you.
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor E, does the city of New Magincia have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Mr E: I was on vacation for the last few weeks. I missed the king last week sadly
Mr E: I have not had a full chance to catch up and appreciate all the information provided this evening.
Mr E: I am a little worried as I have not seen Lt Governor Goldie for a few weeks
Mr E: alone with Todie for a few weeks. I will have to follow up and check on them asap and hope to
Mr E: know more soon.
Mr E: But the land still stands strong and the bars have seen far less unhappy Jhelom guards.
Janice Andrysiak: *eye roll*
Mr E: Nice and peaceful at home again. Thank you Chancellor
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Farrah, does the City of Skara Brae have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Mr E: *looks around*
Mr E: Farrah?
Mr E: She is still on vacation. She stayed a few extra days
DaKaren: Councilor Andrysiak, does the city of Jhelom have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Janice Andrysiak: Of course!
Janice Andrysiak: As you are all well aware, the national treasure, JL Polstan, has been taken
Janice Andrysiak: by a group calling themselves "The Men of the Woods"
Martyna Z'muir: *rolls her eyes*
Janice Andrysiak: Book hating, education hating, bunch of illiterate scum
Janice Andrysiak: Many of you have expressed a disdain for, what I can only guess are authors and books in general!
Janice Andrysiak: *looks around with paranoia*
Janice Andrysiak: Ahem.
DaKaren: *arches a brow*
Martyna Z'muir: Just awful bodice rippers...
Janice Andrysiak: *eyes Martyna*
Janice Andrysiak: Mm hm.
Jennifer-Marie: *stifles a laugh* Perhaps they stole the author "because" they love the books, rather than hating books in general?
Martyna Z'muir: Tawdry sexcapades...
Janice Andrysiak: At any rate, the.... ogre... you see in the corner has agreed to negotiate a contract to rescue him
Janice Andrysiak: *glances over*
Dot Warner: Ordnok?
Janice Andrysiak: It's not the case, unfortunately. They were quite clear in their demands
Tanda: Maybe "men of the woods" are led by a woman
Dot Warner: He has a name you know..
Janice Andrysiak: They wanted 10 billion gold, an abolishment of all schools, and a ban on magic
Ordnok: *nod*
DaKaren: Those are insane demands.
Ordnok: Umie und Ordnok talk.
Janice Andrysiak: I quite agree.
Tanda: I'm not giving up my spellcraft
Janice Andrysiak: You can expect an expedition led by, er.. Ordnok, sometime in late April or early May.
Tanda: before long they'll want to burn witches again
Janice Andrysiak: There is little else occupying my mind. All of Jhelom's populace are deeply concerned for our loss.
DaKaren: Rain spells.
Janice Andrysiak: I'm certain a ban on magic will not be happening.
Janice Andrysiak: I can only hope we rescue poor Polstan soon.
Mr E: You could have stopped after Mind.
Dot Warner: *chuckles*
Janice Andrysiak: *looks perturbed*
Janice Andrysiak: Well.
Janice Andrysiak: I'm glad at least some of you take this seriously
Janice Andrysiak: That was all, Chancellor.
Tanda: Maybe they're hoping he performs as well as he writes
Tanda: *snickers*
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Jennifer-Marie, does the city of Trinsic have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Jennifer-Marie: Thank you, Chancellor.
Jennifer-Marie: Currently, Trinsic is still fully emersed in the final stages of preparation for our Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt.
Jennifer-Marie: The buzz around our fair lands is strong with citizens eager to attend.
Jennifer-Marie: I am hopeful that this will be the beginning of a new age of prosperity for Trinsic, and likewise for all of us.
Jennifer-Marie: *nods assuredly*
Jennifer-Marie: That is all for Trinsic ... for now. Thank you.
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Do any of the citizenry have anything to bring before the High Council this eve?
DaKaren: Nay?
DaKaren: Very well then...
DaKaren: I hereby adjourn the 503rd session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Go with the Virtues.
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