Log of the High Council Meeting on 6/26/17

Communications with the High Council of Britannia.
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Log of the High Council Meeting on 6/26/17

Post by Lord DaKaren » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:26 pm

Log of the 508th Session of the High Council of Britannia.

DaKaren: Welcome to the 508th session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Congratulations on retaining your seats, may this term be successful for you all.
DaKaren: Governor Diem switched to Jhelom, taking over for the late Governor Andrysiak.
Tanda: *claps*
DaKaren: Vesper's new governor is...er...Skattles. *blinks a few times at notes* Ehem.. Skattles is governor of Vesper. *shakes head a bit* Really?
Tanda: May he live longer than she did
DaKaren: That should be interesting.
Dot Warner: At least he's not a cow!
DaKaren: *sighs*
DaKaren: I have heard that racially motivated incidents have occurred in Cove, with at least one death attributable.
Tanda: *nods*
DaKaren: The culprits are calling themselves the "Britannian Purity League," and appear to be targeting gargoyles.
DaKaren: Since I am of no mind to coddle a deplorable collection of reprobates, or allow them to terrorize Cove, I sent the Queen Dawn's Legacy to Loch Lake to show the flag and support any B.A.F. or Ministry of Security actions.
John: *a slight, smirky smile at the name "Legacy"*
Dot Warner: I also sent an envoy to the local orc clan to help deter potential fears of an attack upon them sanctioned by Britannia. For whatever good that may do.
DaKaren: Oh?
Dot Warner: Our mutual friend from Arcodia.
DaKaren: Ah...
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: The less said then.
Dot Warner: *nods*
DaKaren: Since the situation has the potential to become an international incident, affecting our relations with Ter Mur, I ask that it be closely monitored.
DaKaren: Thoughts?
Malag aste: I'm not about to allow anyone to terrorize anywhere... cove included.
DaKaren: Grand.
Tanda: *raises hand*
Malag aste: If... however I have to do it on my own since obviously no one seems compelled to show up for trainings.
Guntur Kivlov: *yawns*
DaKaren: Councilor Knighthawke?
Malag aste: Again one was scheduled and no one bothered to show up.
Tanda: I think we need to be very diligent here, we've worked to hard to build relationships
Tanda: with our neighbors of other races
Tanda: and continue to move the realm forward
DaKaren: Indeed.
Tanda: rather than return to the days of witch burnings and such
Tanda: We also need to watch for Blorn
Tanda: and if we find eyeballs laying around
Tanda: we'll know Kittie found him first
Dot Warner: The Library of Scars has deployed "troops" to watch the village, but the gallows still stand.
Martyna Z'muir: *snickers*
Tanda: If they are who they say they are
Tanda: aye
DaKaren: Gallows... how.. ghastly.
Tanda: That's how our wingless friend
Tanda: met his end
Mr E: *nods off*
Dot Warner: Is the 'Legacy still armed?
DaKaren: Of course.
Dot Warner: *grins wickedly*
Dot Warner: We should blow up the gallows.
Tanda: I can supply the explosion potions
Tanda: kegs full
DaKaren: That might be a tad overkill, if not satisfyingly dramatic.
Dot Warner: Burn it then?
DaKaren: If you can manage not to burn down the village as well.
Dot Warner: ...probably?
Tanda: *snickers*
DaKaren: *sighs*
Tanda: I like optimism
Guntur Kivlov: So the council wishes to resort to summary execution?
Dot Warner: Never know until we try.
Guntur Kivlov: without even the pretense of a trial... or evidence?
DaKaren: Execution?
DaKaren: *cocks a brow at Kivlov*
Guntur Kivlov: *Raises brow back*
Tanda: The target is the gallows
Tanda: not the person
Guntur Kivlov: Aye... of course. just the object...
Dot Warner: Aye, gallows are a method of execution...
Guntur Kivlov: I am sure no one will be harmed in such a drastic measure...
Guntur Kivlov: *smirks sourly*
Tanda: We're being a bit tongue and cheek
Tanda: about this
Tanda: of course we can not resort to such tactics
Dot Warner: Well, since Cove keeps removing them, but this "League" keeps rebuilding it in the dead of night...
Tanda: no matter how much we may wish to
DaKaren: Has no one watched the area for the builders?
Martyna Z'muir: That level of logic seems to have escaped the Covians.
Tanda: I thought that's what we had asked Steinar to do
Guntur Kivlov: *nods* so be it, these high council halve truths are often hard for this old man to decipher.
Dot Warner: Half-truths?
Guntur Kivlov: *looks to Dot stone faced*
Dot Warner: You said it... Back it up.
Tanda: What we know for fact is this purity league
Guntur Kivlov: Aye. We but jest, and sharpen our knives.
Tanda: tried to beat the stuffing out of us
Tanda: and Mr. Blorn
Martyna Z'muir: The League attacked the Ministry of Security in Cove just last week.
Tanda: was very vocal about his dislike of anything gargoyle
Tanda: and only barely tolerant of anything not human
Dot Warner: We must always sharpen our "knives" against the forces of evil.
Guntur Kivlov: *shrugs*
DaKaren: Non-humans make up a sizeable portion of this world's sentients.
Tanda: *nods*
Tanda: Has Britain
DaKaren: Allowing a group of humans to terrorize them would be reprehensible.
Tanda: seen any new refugees?
Dot Warner: No more than usual.
Tanda: I've not heard of any influx either
Dot Warner: Perhaps they are avoiding immigrating...
Tanda: Oh to intimidated to risk leaving
DaKaren: Sadly, I do not blame them.
Dot Warner: Well, Britain remains open to refugees and immigrants.
Tanda: as does Minoc
DaKaren: Anything further on this topic?
Tanda: *shakes head*
DaKaren: Grand Marshal Hla'ate, would you address the Council on military matters in the Kingdom?
Malag aste: The situation in Cove is most distressing and we really do need to keep an eye on this issue.
DaKaren: *nods*
Malag aste: Many of the people are not just Human, with Gargoyles, Elves and other races...
Malag aste: But in order to do this...
Malag aste: I need to be able to count on folk when called.
Malag aste: Which means I expect them to show up for training.
Malag aste: Or at least give word that they can't make it.
Malag aste: We need to keep our skills sharp and have good communication.
Malag aste: So...
Malag aste: I'm once again going to try to schedule a training for a week from Wednesday...
Malag aste: I would hope that someone will show up.
Malag aste: Can't really have an Armed Forces if no one participates.
Malag aste: Please make an effort to attend.
Malag aste: That's all I have.
DaKaren: I suggest reminding people early and often...
DaKaren: Thank you, Grand Marshal.
DaKaren: Councilor Kivlov, does the Township of Newcastle have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Guntur Kivlov: *sighs*
Guntur Kivlov: We do not....
Guntur Kivlov: *ahem*
Guntur Kivlov: Thank you chancellor
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Knighthawke, does the city of Minoc have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Tanda: Minoc is in the early planning phase of a Charity art gala
Tanda: perhaps an auction
Tanda: not sure
Tanda: just yet
Tanda: and I am building stores of non-perishables
Tanda: for any refugees we may have coming
Tanda: other than that
Tanda: all I can do
Tanda: grit my teeth
Tanda: and watch Cove
Tanda: That's all I have
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Warner, does the City of Britain have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Dot Warner: Britain is doing well, though the mongbat population around the city appears to be increasing.
Dot Warner: I've asked the citizens to keep an eye on them in case it becomes a population control problem.
Tanda: Breeding like proverbial rabbits?
Dot Warner: But worse!
Dot Warner: At least rabbits are tasty.
Dot Warner: Mongbats are.. just... ewww.
Tanda: that's what I was just thinking
Dot Warner: Contrary to the propaganda that Mongbat Puffs would have you believe.
Dot Warner: *shudders*
Dot Warner: The Crown has agreed to support remodeling the unused guard tower next to the Sweet Dreams Inn to build a municipal jail.
Dot Warner: This should help relieve some of the pressure on the Trinsic Jail and the Yew Prison, while allowing various Ministries easier access to prisoners.
Dot Warner: Construction will begin once the final details have been ironed out and the proper materiel secured.
Dot Warner: Lastly, Fallen Angel won my haiku contest during Kittie's Moonglow Garden Gala and Faire last Saturday, congratulations to her.
Dot Warner: That is all, thank you.
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor E, does the city of New Magincia have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Mr E: oH
Mr E: Uh
Mr E: *tries to wake up.*
Mr E: Yeah uhmmm good... things are good
Mr E: City is good
Mr E: wife is good
Mr E: Stuff is good... yeah
Mr E: Thanks
DaKaren: *tilts head*
DaKaren: Good to hear...
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
Mr E: Tired... been tough.... I apologize
DaKaren: It is alright.
Mr E: Long hard days... I will explain when I have more energy... That is all I have
DaKaren: *nods*
Tanda: *whispers*
Tanda: perhaps go find your bed Sir
DaKaren: Do any of the citizenry have anything to bring before the High Council this eve?
Tanda: and let yourself sleep
Martyna Z'muir: No, I do not.
DaKaren: *smirks at Martyna*
DaKaren: Very well then.
DaKaren: I hereby adjourn the 508th session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Go with the Virtues.
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