Log of the High Council Meeting on 8/21/17

Communications with the High Council of Britannia.
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Log of the High Council Meeting on 8/21/17

Post by Lord DaKaren » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:27 pm

Log of the 512th Session of the High Council of Britannia.

DaKaren: Welcome to the 512th session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Trinsic is still under watch for additional pox victims. Fortunately, it does not appear to be spreading.
DaKaren: However, I have heard tell of a "lazar house" in Skara Brae where those with pox-type afflictions are...er *frowns* allegedly cared for...which has mysteriously gone empty.
DaKaren: It is unclear if this is somehow connected to Trinsic.
John: Thank you Councilor.
DaKaren: In other news, trade caravans are increasingly finding themselves subject to attacks over the last week. This may be due to the attackers believing there are more valuable good sin the cargo.
DaKaren: Please be wary when traveling the roads. *sighs, frowning*
DaKaren: Additionally, a prophecy has made its way to us from Naxatilor in Ter Mur. It reads:
DaKaren: "Listen to the smallest voice, for the clock is broken.
DaKaren: When the evening tide slips the moon's leash,
DaKaren: And the well is dry but not empty,
DaKaren: The king who stands alone falls.
DaKaren: If hope is lost, valor will follow it into the sea."
DaKaren: As this is a translation from gargl, some of the context may have been lost. Hopefully, we will understand its meaning in time to act appropriately.
DaKaren: I...sense...a presence in the ether...five of them to be precise...so please, do be watchful.
DaKaren: Grand Marshal Hla'ate, would you address the Council on military matters in the Kingdom?
Malag aste: I think we need to be vigilant... something big is coming and we should prepare.
Malag aste: I fear for the Kingdom if we don't be wary.
Malag aste: There is something very dark coming.
Malag aste: Not sure what.
Malag aste: Hoping that you all will help in keeping us informed of anything you see.
Malag aste: If you find anything abnormal no matter how small or insignificant it may seem we should know.
Malag aste: Perhaps knowing we can find some sort of answer and can then be more prepared to defend the Kingdom.
Malag aste: I've seen a great number of trades ambushed and it's not just along the roads...
Malag aste: From what I'm hearing the ambushers themselves are strange and more powerful.
Malag aste: So this is a time perhaps you might pose as traders...
Malag aste: Find out what is going on...
Malag aste: See some of this and report back your findings.
Trade Successful.
Thy current bank balance is 0 platinum and 5,784,660 gold.
Malag aste: I am also very concerned about this scar in Skara Brae.
Malag aste: Not really sure what is going on there...
Earlhad Todie: me too
Malag aste: But it looks like trouble.
Malag aste: DaKaren has posted the Queen Dawn’s Legacy near there so we can keep an eye on that.
Malag aste: Stay safe and be forewarned...
Malag aste: Something is on the horizon.
DaKaren: Thank you, Grand Marshal.
Ariel Thorne: *shivers*
DaKaren: Adjutant Knighthawke, does the city of Minoc have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
John: Aye Chancellor.
John: Our charity art auction was a success. I have forgotten the total we raised, but it is a lot.
John: More than had been expected.
John: We have noticed the increased strength of raiders along the roads.
John: We note that some of them when slain have had strange items on them.
John: My employee, for example, has found a small container with alarmingly magical contents,
John: and a gorget modified to be a restraining collar of some kind.
John: I note also the attack of strange humans on the Royal city in Ter Mur. The attack was defeated by the Ministry of Security.
John: The healer to which Governor Kittie and my wife pledged assistance, willing to hear her out regardless of her odd manner,
John: has vanished, but last was seen pledging to approach Ter Mur.
John: I note the reappearance of Bunder Bard and others from the old Town Crier news service,
John: for whom my father had some un-repeatable words.
John: I note that on a hunch, I explored the Void Shadow dungeon,
John: seeking to find an explanation for the strange land formation in Skara Brae.
John: I saw nothing.
John: Finally, I note that the mere fact that in a land this prosperous,
John: that my wife had to put so much effort into raising money for refugees, is very alarming.
John: Refugees not from some enemy.
John: Not from orc attacks, or demon attacks,
John: but from ourselves.
John: That is all, Chancellor.
DaKaren: *nods slowly*
DaKaren: Thank you, Adjutant.
DaKaren: Councilor Warner, does the City of Britain have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Dot Warner: Aye, thank you.
Dot Warner: The Crown's reduction in tariffs has been quite the boon for Britain's coffers. The city currently has a surplus in excess of 277 million gold.
Dot Warner: Mongbat activity around the city has returned to normal following the removal of an odd moongate allowing Feluccan mongbats to invade.
Dot Warner: The gate appears to have been the work of a mongbat allied to Anon, late of the Council of Mages, but now enthralled to Minax. *mumbles about painted whores*
DaKaren: *arches a brow*
Dot Warner: What exactly, if anything, this means is still a bit of a mystery.
Jennifer-Marie: *blinks at the Governor of Britain*
Dot Warner: I have ended the city's minor curfew, but shall be maintaining the increased guard patrols.
Dot Warner: I have opened a refugee center in Compassion Park, between FitzOwen Green and the Chancellor's tower. It's open to those needing shelter.
Dot Warner: Lastly, the Fourth Annual Smuggler's Run Regatta will be Wednesday, August 30th at 8pm, starting at the Moonglow Dock.
Dot Warner: That is all, thank you.
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Adjutant Thorne, does the city of Yew have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Ariel Thorne: All I can say is that Bubbles and I have been running Trade Missions as the Marshall has suggested at the urging of my Governor...
DaKaren: ...Bubbles?
Ariel Thorne: And I have been attacked many times on the roads by terrible creatures.... many of demonic or undead groups...
Ariel Thorne: I don't choose the name...
Ariel Thorne: He told him his name...
DaKaren: Mmhmm.
Ariel Thorne: He said his name was... *gurgles making bubbles*
Ariel Thorne: So that's what I call him.
DaKaren: Ah.
DaKaren: Fascinating.
Ariel Thorne: It's an odd language...
Ariel Thorne: Anyway... a few human bandit types but mostly undead and demons...
Ariel Thorne: I think the humans conjure or use some snakes and such as well...
Ariel Thorne: Anyway, most terrifying of all are the wingless gargoyle types that are searing or burning fire...
Ariel Thorne: Like from the depths of hell itself...
Ariel Thorne: *checks her hair*
Ariel Thorne: Still singed from my last encounter...
Ariel Thorne: I've found that some of them have some rather strange things on them...
Ariel Thorne: Demonic looking necklaces...
Ariel Thorne: Trapped Souls in some odd container...
Ariel Thorne: I don't dare mess with such things...
Ariel Thorne: I too am fearing what is coming...
Ariel Thorne: Bubbles does too.
Ariel Thorne: That's all I had...
DaKaren: Thank you, Adjutant.
DaKaren: Councilor Kittie, does the city of Moonglow have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Kittie: Nothing in particular for Moonglow.. but I have been in Lakeshire, continuing to deal with the slavers issue. Rumor is, there is something coming and there is worry that this will offer an opportunity for the slavers to use the distraction
Kittie: in their favor, for the people that have stayed behind.
DaKaren: Hmm.
Kittie: I'm not entirely sure how I can resolve this.. or if I can.. I do know I may be planning a bit of a stay there. If nothing else, perhaps I can help fend them off if they do make an appearance.
Kittie: Other than that.. I suppose that's all from me..
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Jennifer-Marie, does the city of Trinsic have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Jennifer-Marie: Thank you, Chancellor.
Jennifer-Marie: Trinsic is still reeling from recent events, but we are pushing through confusion and fear to train our forces for the storm that appears to be - by consensus here amongst us tonight - on the horizon.
Jennifer-Marie: I, myself, have received numerous reports of the same attackers on the roads between cities.
Jennifer-Marie: In fact, a book of questionable magic just came across my desk this morning that - allegedly - came from one such attack
Jennifer-Marie: I have not had a chance to summon any mages to come study it for me
Jennifer-Marie: While not prone to hysteria, my citizens are beginning to show worry.
Jennifer-Marie: That is all for now.
Jennifer-Marie: Thank you.
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Minister Todie, do you have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Earlhad Todie: Aye
Earlhad Todie: These have been tumultuous times
Earlhad Todie: been seeing less activity in Felucca which I suspect is because the folks are battling
Earlhad Todie: any and all ambushers on the roads between the cities of trammel
Earlhad Todie: The increase trade activity has boosted the coffers and am glad to see that
Earlhad Todie: my friend Cobweb has also mention to me that there has been some increased
Earlhad Todie: activity around Slim the Fence, but he does not have any new forged or stolen items as of yet.
Earlhad Todie: For my final note I want us to keep the refugees in our thoughts and hope for quick resolution.
Earlhad Todie: That is all.
DaKaren: Indeed.
DaKaren: Thank you, Minister.
DaKaren: Do any of the citizenry have anything to bring before the High Council this eve?
DaKaren: Nay? Very well.
DaKaren: I hereby adjourn the 512th session of the High Council of Britannia.
John: *bows*
DaKaren: Go with the Virtues.
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