Log of the High Council Meeting on 12/11/17

Communications with the High Council of Britannia.
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Log of the High Council Meeting on 12/11/17

Post by Lord DaKaren » Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:02 am

Log of the 517th Session of the High Council of Britannia.

DaKaren: Welcome to the 517th session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: The threat of the Heartless Heirs has ended. Their leader, the lich Lothar, was destroyed by the Ministry of Security.
DaKaren: Lothar's recruits appear to have been "released" at the time of his death.
DaKaren: Good riddance.
DaKaren: We are three cities into a highly successful Artisan Festival. Skara Brae shall be the next host city, followed by New Magincia later this week.
DaKaren: Governor elections will end Thursday night to Friday morning, twelve fifty-ish am, as dictated by the eastern stars.
DaKaren: Make sure to place your votes accordingly.
DaKaren: Britain, Jhelom, New Magincia and Skara Brae are the contested cities this cycle.
DaKaren: Good luck to those candidates.
Dot Warner: *grumbles*
DaKaren: Everyone should take note that our next session, the 518th, will be on January 8th. Enjoy your winter holiday.
DaKaren: One last note, a warning... *gestures to the bag of loose pages* If you have read J.L. Polstan's gallows journal, you may have discovered a hidden message.
Martyna Z'muir: *mumbles: Trash writer...*
DaKaren: Under no circumstances are you engage the message.
DaKaren: *looks stern*
Tanda: oh, you don't want us casting spells
DaKaren: Grand Marshal Hla'ate, would you address the Council on military matters in the Kingdom?
Malag aste: *glances at the tree*
Malag aste: *sighs*
Malag aste: BAF training had an abysmal turn out.
Malag aste: I'm hoping for a much better turn out next time. Thinking of holding it next Monday, if there are no objections.
DaKaren: *shakes his head*
Malag aste: Great then that's settled...
Malag aste: Next Monday evening at 8pm under the Central Stars.
Malag aste: We can meet at the Yew Moongate in Trammel.
Malag aste: I'm hoping for a far better outcome.
Malag aste: Continuing to keep an eye on the elections ....
Malag aste: and the issue rising in the desert.
Malag aste: Other than that, have nothing to say.
DaKaren: *nods slowly*
DaKaren: Thank you, Grand Marshal.
Velturus Viaxus: My apologies, I am not sure I am in the right place...
Malag aste: Are you here to turn yourself in...
Nevahs Blazefire: *looks over at the newcomer*
Velturus Viaxus: *smiles*
Velturus Viaxus: I am sure those warrants expired generations ago...
Nevahs Blazefire: *tilts her head and watches the interaction with interest*
Malag aste: Not sure declarations to enemies of the state ever really ... wear off..
DaKaren: They do not.
Farrah: Do warrants just expire?
Velturus Viaxus: *smiles politely*
Tanda: *folds arms and watches*
Velturus Viaxus: We are all citizens of Britannia, as established by our Matron.
Velturus Viaxus: *steps forward slowly*
DaKaren: There was talk of adding an expiration clause to a future redraft of the Court Charter, but as of now, they do not.
Malag aste: *hand involuntarily moves towards his bow*
Farrah: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: *nods*
Farrah: I don't think he means us any harm Malag..
Farrah: Let’s not be hasty...
Tanda: I'm sure if M'lord Viaxus intended to do us harm he wouldn't be here alone
Martyna Z'muir: *searches pack for popcorn*
Velturus Viaxus: It is a pleasure to be in these halls,
Malag aste: So... question stands were you here to turn yourself in? Bring a declaration of peace?
Velturus Viaxus: They seems very different than I remember.
Velturus Viaxus: *nods to the Drow*
Tanda: *smiles*
Tanda: We're all much older
Velturus Viaxus: We have no intention of attacking our fellow citizens,
DaKaren: For now, Lord Viaxus may remain...as long as he continues to act peaceably.
Velturus Viaxus: It is by declare of our Matron that we are Productive Citizens of Jhelom.
Velturus Viaxus: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: My thanks to you, Lord DaKaren.
DaKaren: Councilor Knighthawke, does the city of Minoc have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Tanda: Minoc is faring well
Tanda: been a bustle with different folks preparing for the Yule season
Tanda: Other than that, just planning for the declaration of my next term
Tanda: as Governor
Tanda: That's all I have for now
Ariel Thorne: *winces now shifting her gaze between Malag and the other drow*
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Warner, does the City of Britain have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Dot Warner: Aye, thank you.
Dot Warner: Britain fares well and the citizens are thankful for the mild winter so far.
Dot Warner: I decked FitzOwen Green for the holidays, including a two-story tall giving tree.
Dot Warner: Should the citizens favor my reelection; my next big event will be the Fifth Annual Trans-Britannia Derby later this winter.
Dot Warner: That is all, thank you.
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Adjutant Thorne, does the city of Yew have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Ariel Thorne: *nervously still glancing between the two drow*
Ariel Thorne: Ya... Yew fair... fairs quite well tha thank you...
Ariel Thorne: *trying to shift further from Malag*
Ariel Thorne: La Lady Willa is ah .... assured re-election...
Ariel Thorne: We... wa ... Wish ev... everyone a Wa Wonderful Holiday.
Malag aste: I don't bite....
Ariel Thorne: Th... that's all I ha had.
DaKaren: Thank you, Adjutant.
DaKaren: Councilor Farrah, does the City of Skara Brae have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Farrah: Skara Brae is doing well and enjoying this festive season.
Farrah: I'm excited to see everyone's creative designs for the first annual GL light fight...
Farrah: And I hope to see you all there
Farrah: I further wish all you the best on the upcoming election
Farrah: That's all I have for this evening
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Chief Justicar Blazefire, does the High Court have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Nevahs Blazefire: *shakes her head.* Not at this time, Chancellor. I have a great deal of catching up to do.
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: Thank you, Chief Justicar.
DaKaren: Do any of the citizenry have anything to bring before the High Council this eve?
Velturus Viaxus: *smiles politely*
Velturus Viaxus: *raises hand confidently*
DaKaren: Lord Viaxus?
Velturus Viaxus: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: Perhaps in my tardiness,
Velturus Viaxus: I had missed the calling for Jhelom.
Velturus Viaxus: Was there any news of the Island,
Velturus Viaxus: I had missed in my absence?
Malag aste: Carpe would have to attend a council meeting for us to know.
DaKaren: Councilor Diem is not with us this eve, thus no news from Jhelom.
Velturus Viaxus: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: Perhaps then, I should take the initiative,
Velturus Viaxus: For our Governor.
Velturus Viaxus: The House of Viaxus intends, in traditional Valor fashion,
Velturus Viaxus: To hold a contest of combat,
Velturus Viaxus: As was once done,
Velturus Viaxus: In the Desert of Malas.
Velturus Viaxus: That is all we have to relay.
Velturus Viaxus: Thank you, Lord DaKaren.
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: Are you aware of the arenas?
Velturus Viaxus: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: We have found our own facilities to be easiest to manage.
Velturus Viaxus: But we are willing to learn.
DaKaren: They alleviate many of the issues older martial groups faced.
Ariel Thorne: *nervously watching him*
Surr'ah Viaxus: *scribbles down a note*
Velturus Viaxus: I thank you, Lord DaKaren,
Velturus Viaxus: We shall look into these facilities.
DaKaren: Most welcome.
DaKaren: Councilor Jennifer-Marie, does the city of Trinsic have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Jennifer-Marie: Deepest apologies, Chancellor, for my tardiness this eve.
Jennifer-Marie: Trinsic is aglow with Yuletide and the citizens have rallied around the tree. It is a time of peace and the spirit of community.
DaKaren: *nods*
Jennifer-Marie: Beyond, there is nothing to report as of now.
Jennifer-Marie: Thank you.
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: I hereby adjourn the 517th session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Go with the Virtues.
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