Compact between the Kingdom of Britannia and the Sultanate of Nujel’m

Communications with the High Council of Britannia.
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Compact between the Kingdom of Britannia and the Sultanate of Nujel’m

Post by Lord DaKaren » Wed Nov 23, 2016 2:48 am

Compact (henceforth known as a Pact) between the Kingdom of Britannia and the Sultanate of Nujel’m
First draft authored by Governor Tanda Knighthawke of Minoc
& her husband, Sir John Knighthawke of Minoc and Late of Newcastle, acting as the Governor's aide

-Preamble & Introduction-
Together the Kingdom of Britannia (to be called Britannia), the Sultanate of Nujel’m (to be called Nujel'm), as well as the Empire of Tokuno (to be called Tokuno), the Kingdom of Ter Mur (to be called Ter Mur), and the City of Luna (to be called Luna) in the land of Malas share an existence which must maintain a delicate balance. A Treaty already exists between the Britannia and the Tokuno. An Agreement has been reached with Ter Mur. It seems fitting that we strive to broker an agreement with our nearest neighbor.

Often such agreements speak of a friendship between nations; Governments cannot form such relationships as these bonds exist between people not between laws and buildings. Thus, Governments forge alliances which are mutually beneficial, respectful and friendly in nature allowing their citizens to form friendships. Through such compacts and agreements nations can build stronger internal and external bonds which improve the future for both by increasing security, education, trade, cultural knowledge, and agricultural production.

For the purposes of this agreement Britannia is hereby recognized as the entirety of the Britannian Continent, the Isle of Deeds, Isle of New Magincia, Isle of Skara Brae (including Iver’s Rounding), the Valorian Isles, any major islands not by law or common practice excluded, Dagger Isle and Verity Isle. The cities of Delucia, Papua are hereby considered to be Britannian Protectorates. Any town outside these boundaries swearing fealty to Britannia and which is duly registered with the Office of the Royal Surveyor may also be considered a protectorate. All coastal waters detailed in the surveying mission also are part of Britannia.

Furthermore for the purpose of this agreement The Sultanate of Nujel’m is hereby recognized as the entire island of Nujel’m and the coastal waterways surrounding it as defined in the following description:

• Northwest corner: 65 North, 135 East
• to Northeast corner 65 North, 179 East
• to Southwest corner 0 North 135 East
• to Southeast corner 0 North, 179 East

allowing room for Verity Isle and Nujel’m to pass between the two land masses.

One of the greatest gifts we can give one another is the right to our own unique identity; it is perhaps the most sincere form of respect one can give, acceptance of our differences. By means of an absurd example, it is disrespectful to dress a dog in human clothes and expect it to think, behave and comprehend what humans see as evidence of prosperity and status, the dog is best honored by being allowed to be what it was born to be. It is with this in mind this Pact was penned, NOT to destroy our individuality but to blend it with some guidance so that the majority benefit and do not trample everything else along the way.

The greatest ideals taught by our now-King, in his younger days, were those of tolerance, respect for diversity, and of freedom. The greatest idea implemented by our now-King in his older self, as King of Britannia, is that of the responsibility that accompanies that freedom.

-Article 1 Mutual Defense-
The Sultanate of Nujel’m and Britannia from this day forward will abide by a reciprocal agreement in the spirit of human decency and dignity to come to the aid of our fellow nation supplying whatever measure of support that is required to terminate any and all common threats, including but not limited to military forces or supplies as deemed necessary to meet the challenge. At no time shall either nation send military forces into the other nation without prior written consent. Waiver of this clause can only happen in times of immediate danger where loss of life and liberty require an expedient course of action precluding the normal channels. Such a waiver shall only exist until the immediate threat has been neutralized and the host nation has regained control or has requested the visiting military to leave.

Included in Mutual Defense shall the sharing of intelligence regarding possible threats to either land, a reciprocal agreement which does NOT require the divulgence of information that may pose a risk to the national security of either nation.

-Article II National Resources and Citizens-
National resources (those lying in the natural environment), and the citizens residing there are governed by their respective governments. Diligence in the care for the health, well-being and safety of each citizen within the borders of each country shall require the introspection and reflection of leadership. At no time shall this agreement demand either nation to forfeit such resources or citizens. In times of plenty our nations shall offer freely whatever abundance/s are available in an open market with the proper accounting for such materials. Neither nation shall remove resources from the other without prior written consent.

Sharing of resources will open lines of trade between the cities of Britannia and the Sultanate of Nujel’m, not just between city governments and Nujel’m but between individual merchants within each. Shipping of said goods shall abide by the laws governing both lands. Shipping of contraband: blackrock, explosion potions, conflagration potions, slaves, vampires, caddellite, cannons, cannon ammunitions, weapons, and any other item that is illegal in either of the jurisdictions at issue shall be forbidden. Consequences of being apprehended with such goods shall be dealt with through an agreement of extradition. Citizens charged with a crime within the boundaries of the other country may request representation from their homeland. Such extradition agreements shall apply to other crimes and/or criminals as well.

-Article III Culture, Knowledge and Learning-
Cultural, intellectual and vocational knowledge are a resource which should not be packed into a shipping crate, measured on a scale, or quantified by our most knowledgeable scholars. Yet they are the most valuable asset any country has. These assets would be the beings living within the borders of Britannia and Nujel’m, not restricted to only those of human origin.

Collaboration between scholars, tradesman, and artisans should be allowed and encouraged wherein those joint projects do not endanger life or liberty.

-Article IV Travel and Trade-
Borders between Britannia and Nujel’m shall be open to lawful peoples wishing to pursue travel and trade. No unnecessary restrictions shall be in place upon citizens or business entities engaged in lawful pursuits. Even in the best of environments some citizens will insist upon living outside of the criminal or civil laws.

It is imperative in order to reach a mutual agreement that each side understand the acceptable and lawful behavior put forth by each nation. In regard to trade Britannia will consider the following contraband or illegal:

• Trafficking in living beings (excluding livestock or other pets and plant materials)
• Transport and/or sale of explosives, weapons, or materials used to provoke war, imprison or destroy life.
• Imposing servitude upon another due to the incursion of debt
• Travel to Britannia by those beings who are known vampires shall be forbidden, any such beings found within Britannia shall be subject to the Britannian Vampirism Act ratified in the year 378 by the High Council.

-Article V Ambassadors-
An Ambassador shall be an individual who will relay information and provide a resource to visitors from their home nation as to the regulations and laws of the land to be quartered within the borders of the host nation. Ambassadors can be selected by whichever means is lawful within their resident nation.

This Ambassador shall have a quarters and/or embassy (it can be combined) where he/she may carry out the duties of their appointed office. This Ambassador and his or her known and registered staff shall have diplomatic immunity. Diplomatic immunity is defined as immunity from prosecution for criminal acts or from civil lawsuits except when the punishment is expulsion from the jurisdiction.

Grant of political asylum: As to any people from one jurisdiction who might seek political asylum in the other, their claims shall be assessed according to known and posted procedures propagated by each government. At no point may criminals use any asylum process to escape just authority.

-Article VI Disputes & Hostilities-
This treaty will be the guideline for mediation of disputes. Prior to any open act of aggression or retaliation diplomatic channels will first be sought. If a peaceful solution cannot be reached then a reasonable effort will be made to reduce the risk of injury or death to civilian populations especially women, children, the elderly or infirmed. Any prisoners of war shall be returned to their respective nation as safety allows.

Use of torture, mind altering spells, incantations, talismans, potions or food products as means of interrogation or punishment shall be expressly prohibited against both combatants and noncombatants from the other jurisdiction, in military conflicts, criminal proceedings or investigations, and civil court proceedings or investigations.

A treaty or pact is a political document as well as a legal one. Treaties and pacts are to establish frameworks and open nations to each other, not to serve as anchors we can cling to in the midst of a storm at sea and, thus, drown.

May we implement this treaty in the open spirit within which it was written.

(Treaty was signed by both King Blackthorn and the Princess Zaida of Nujel'm in November of BY 530 (November 22nd, 2016)
(Treaty authored by Tanda Knighthawke and John Knighthawke)
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