Log of the High Council Meeting on 5/14/18

Communications with the High Council of Britannia.
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Log of the High Council Meeting on 5/14/18

Post by Lord DaKaren » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:40 pm

Log of the 523rd Session of the High Council of Britannia.

DaKaren: Welcome to the 523rd session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Happy Luicfer Darkwind Day everyone.
Qualark Ventes: *looks up in alarm*
Qualark Ventes: I shall return when able. Deepest apologies.
DaKaren: The Inventors' Exhibition ended with a bang, so to speak. Fortunately, not at Minoc's expense.
Tanda: *nods*
DaKaren: The grand prize, which had been stolen to power a large flying vessel, exploded.
DaKaren: Now, a great many people have access to the blackrock-caddellite alloy...which apparently also contains flecks of active moonstone. *frowns*
Velturus Viaxus: *Grins*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *whispers to Velt*
Velturus Viaxus: *Nods*
DaKaren: Happily, the perpetrators behind the attacks, and the theft, were brought to justice.
Velturus Viaxus: It does, indeed.
DaKaren: Grand Marshal Hla'ate, would you address the Council on military matters in the Kingdom?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *rolls her eyes*
Malag aste: Thank you Chancellor.
Malag aste: Again... while I would love to address the council on matters of state... I feel given the present company that it would be unwise.
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *Yawns*
DaKaren: *sighs*
Malag aste: And until this matter is resolved I hardly wish to discuss issues of state that might be of a delicate nature to the security of this Councils and Kingdom.
DaKaren: Are these matters of a secret nature?
Malag aste: Therefore, I will only say that it is good the matter in Minoc has been resolved.
Eep Eep: *grunt*
Malag aste: I would say the matter is glaringly obvious.
Malag aste: That is all.
Velturus Viaxus: *Looks puzzled*
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *laughs*
DaKaren: *glances at the goblin, sighing*
Velturus Viaxus: *glances at the green creature*
Velturus Viaxus: *whispers*
Velturus Viaxus: Malag does not trust that creature
Velturus Viaxus: *points at the green thing*
DaKaren: I am not sure restricting your speech regarding already-public knowledge is exactly necessary, Grand Marshal.
Eep Eep: *grunts*
C'rinzik Viaxus: its defecating
Eep Eep: *shakes head*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *giggles*
DaKaren: Councilor Kivlov, does the Township of Newcastle have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Guntur Kivlov: *Ahem*
Guntur Kivlov: No.
Guntur Kivlov: Thank you Chancellor.
Guntur Kivlov: *frowns*
DaKaren: *arches a brow*
DaKaren: Very well. Thank you, Councilor.
Guntur Kivlov: *nods*
DaKaren: Councilor Knighthawke, does the city of Minoc have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Tanda: Yes Sir
Tanda: Minoc will be glad to have those machines out of the city
Tanda: I am still looking to work with local employers and see if we can put real people back to work in
Tanda: the mines and shore them up so it is safe to enter
Tanda: Call me old fashion, but we need employment for living beings
Tanda: I am still hopeful we can get some ground work done on the Enemy of the State
Tanda: removal process
Tanda: through that committee
Tanda: Not the law part
Tanda: the how does one earn the trust back of the Kingdom
DaKaren: *nods*
Tanda: That is all
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Warner, does the City of Britain have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Dot Warner: Thank you, but I have no changes to my report from the earlier meeting of Royal Council.
DaKaren: Very well. Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Adjutant Thorne, does the city of Yew have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Ariel Thorne: I... I have na nothing to report that Wa... Lady Willa didn't already ah Address.. Th... Thanks you.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks at the girl speaking and smiles*
Vliz'sav Viaxus: glares*
Eep Eep: *grunts and fills a half empty liquor bottle with water*
Eep Eep: *grunts and giggles madly*
Eep Eep: *squeezes cork back into bottle*
DaKaren: Thank you, Adjutant.
DaKaren: Councilor Jennifer-Marie, does the city of Trinsic have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Velturus Viaxus: *smiles to Jennifer*
Jennifer-Marie: Thank you, Chancellor.
Jennifer-Marie: Beyond the news of the Trinsic Guard and the upcoming wedding, the only news I have this evening is to announce Malachi as my adjutant to the Council.
DaKaren: Ah, do you wish to have him sworn in tonight?
Jennifer-Marie: *nods and smiles at Malachi* Yes, Chancellor, please.
Tanda: We need to sniff the Chancellor's mug
DaKaren: Very well...
DaKaren: Malachi, please approach the podium and raise your right hand.
Malachi: *raises right hand*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *elbows Velt and whispers*
DaKaren: Please repeat after me...
DaKaren: "I, Malachi, do so solemnly swear"
Malachi: I, Malachi, do so solemnly swear
DaKaren: "to uphold the Virtues and the laws of the Kingdom of Britannia,"
Malachi: to uphold the Virtues and the laws of the Kingdom of Britannia,
DaKaren: "to faithfully represent Councilor Jennifer-Marie and the citizens of Trinsic,"
Malachi: to faithfully represent Councilor Jennifer-Marie and the citizens of Trinsic,
DaKaren: "and to foster community with the High Council of Britannia."
Malachi: and to foster community with the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: "In so swearing, I accept the duties of the Adjutant for the Councilor of Trinsic."
Malachi: In so swearing, I accept the duties of the Adjutant for the Councilor of Trinsic
DaKaren: Welcome to the High Council of Britannia, Adjutant Malachi.
Malachi: *smiles*
Malachi: Thank you.
Velturus Viaxus: *Claps Politely*
DaKaren: Councilor Goldie, does the city of New Magincia have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Goldie: Thank you Chancellor
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *claps lightly*
eldrain goldleaf: *smiles*
Goldie: I have nothing else to report since the Royal Council
Goldie: Other than to announce I will be running for Governor of New Magincia again this term.
Goldie: That is all I have to report
DaKaren: Very well. Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Minister Todie, do you have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Earlhad Todie: *nods*
Earlhad Todie: I appreciate all that you do for us Chancellor
DaKaren: *smiles and nods*
Earlhad Todie: I will be starting a campaign for a couple of incumbents in this upcoming election as well.
Earlhad Todie: I was glad to see the Minoc made it through almost unscathed
Tanda: *smiles*
Earlhad Todie: Other than that, I have nothing else to report
DaKaren: Thank you, Minister.
DaKaren: Chief Justicar Blazefire, does the High Court have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Nevahs Blazefire: Other than seconding Governor Tanda's desire to finish the work on the Enemy of State
Nevahs Blazefire: And how to remove them from the list as well as how to decide how former Enemies of State
Nevahs Blazefire: can prove themselves to the Council -- No. Nothing else at this time.
Eep Eep: *corks another watered down bottle and stuffs them back into a pack*
DaKaren: Thank you, Chief Justicar.
Eep Eep: *opens an envelope and pulls out a single gold coin, cut in half*
Eep Eep: My pay ral hek week!
DaKaren: Do any of the citizenry have anything to bring before the High Council this eve?
Eep Eep: *pockets the half coin*
Velturus Viaxus: *smiles kindly*
Velturus Viaxus: Chancellor.
DaKaren: Lord Viaxus?
Velturus Viaxus: *smiles*
Velturus Viaxus: Thank you, Chancellor.
Velturus Viaxus: Please note that our attorney will be filing a brief with High Justicar Blazefire,
Velturus Viaxus: Concerning the removal of Enemy of State Status for the Noble House of Viaxus.
Velturus Viaxus: It is our understanding that Britannia is a Fair Kingdom,
C'rinzik Viaxus: *nods*
Nevahs Blazefire: *makes a note in a book*
Velturus Viaxus: And does naut parade around prisoners of war, force them into their own religious
Velturus Viaxus: views, or cause leaders of defeated enemy states to submit to embarrassing or outright,
DaKaren: *arches a brow*
Velturus Viaxus: "Un-Just," cadences in a victorious campaign of war.
Velturus Viaxus: As the State of War between the House of Viaxus and Britannia ended with soldiers simply leaving
Velturus Viaxus: the fields of battle,
Velturus Viaxus: Even after a glorious campaign that occupied cities such as Moonglow for some time,
Martyna Z'muir: *mumbles something about peeking cheese*
Velturus Viaxus: It would not be inappropriate to concede that the House of Viaxus removed these forces,
Velturus Viaxus: In order to reduce the burden of a needless War with the Britannians.
DaKaren: Mmmhmm...
Velturus Viaxus: As we have invaded your halls tonight with Hope, and opportunities for Trade in both Riches and
Velturus Viaxus: Culture, we would like to ask if there is a Governor that would make a motion on our behalf,
Velturus Viaxus: To declare this ritualistic State of War to be ceased, without any needs for provisions of surrender?
Jennifer-Marie: *nods and raises her hand* In the name of Honor, I will make such a motion, Chancellor.
Velturus Viaxus: As these things are your own inner workings,
Eep Eep: Oto sure Qualark say yerg.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks to Jennifer and smiles*
Velturus Viaxus: I thank you for your time,
Velturus Viaxus: And look forward to watching your culturally significant processes of decision making.
Velturus Viaxus: Thank you, Chancellor.
DaKaren: The Council could vote on removing EoS status from House Viaxus....
DaKaren: However...
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *stares unblinking at Ariel*
DaKaren: Doing so does not absolve the crimes which were committed against Britannia.
Velturus Viaxus: I am prepared to respond to this as well, Chancellor.
Ariel Thorne: *cringes*
DaKaren: Crimes which you, Velturus, have already admitted to.
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *smiles slowly*
Velturus Viaxus: *Smiles and bows head*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *arches a brow*
Velturus Viaxus: Your crimes, caused my people to call me a Hero, Lord Chancellor.
Velturus Viaxus: As I said before,
Velturus Viaxus: I do not believe Britannia to be such a Kingdom,
Velturus Viaxus: That parades its enemies in defeat through the street,
Velturus Viaxus: Declaring the conflicts of a battlefield to be a crime.
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *winks at Ariel*
Velturus Viaxus: We have not sought warrant against any Britannian for murder,
Velturus Viaxus: for defending their homeland or attacking ours.
Velturus Viaxus: I would move that all actions under the Enemy of State bear a new precedence,
Tanda: *raises hand*
Velturus Viaxus: For interactions with foreign aligned States.
DaKaren: Why?
Velturus Viaxus: And as I said, we have returned with our weapons down,
Velturus Viaxus: *glances at Malag*
Tanda: I'd like to attempt to clarify something
Velturus Viaxus: With only the ceremonial status of War between our peoples.
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *waves slowly at Ariel*
Velturus Viaxus: *looks to Tanda*
Velturus Viaxus: Governor
Tanda: Chancellor
Tanda: if we take this vote
Tanda: and it goes in favor of the Viaxus
Tanda: we are then at peace
Tanda: correct?
Tanda: The issue with the house and Britannia is no longer
DaKaren: That would be the ideal outcome, yes.
Ariel Thorne: *tries to ignore their taunts by staring at Nevahs*
Guntur Kivlov: *glances at Tanda*
Tanda: Then the only issue remains that Velturus is the only surviving
Tanda: household member
Tanda: still among us who participated in the war
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *elbows Rhyldrin*
Jennifer-Marie: *pats Ariel's hand gently and raises an eyebrow at Vliz'sav, the corner of her mouth twitching with the hint of a smile*
Tanda: and the warrants against him in a criminal format
Ariel Thorne: *startles*
Tanda: still stand
Eep Eep: *looks around intently, chewing on a dead rat*
Tanda: thus shifting this to a court issue?
DaKaren: *looks to the Chief Justicar*
Ariel Thorne: *given Jennifer a wide-eyed glance*
Eep Eep: *looks to his dead rat*
DaKaren: That could be one interpretation, aye.
Nevahs Blazefire: *Looks over her shoulder at the sound of crunching. Turns slightly green.*
Tanda: *purses lips*
Ariel Thorne: *looks at the Goblin with disgust*
Ariel Thorne: *whispers*
Tanda: I'll second Jennifer's motion
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *Perks up at Ariel's movements*
Tanda: if the Goblin hasn't already
Eep Eep: Oto nerg mul rats ral everyone
Eep Eep: *looks apologetic*
Ariel Thorne: You want more of them I know a field that you could .... gather them from...
Nevahs Blazefire: *Looks down at the book she's writing in.*
Jennifer-Marie: *nods at Tanda*
Velturus Viaxus: If I may,
DaKaren: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: The House of Viaxus is not immune to hearing Civil Issues concerning our Former Campaign
Velturus Viaxus: on Britannian Soil.
Velturus Viaxus: However, the Act of War and thereof is an issue for your esteemed government.
Bel'dorl Viaxus: *smiles at Ariel*
Velturus Viaxus: But we will be pleased to meet all challenges of the Civil matter with the High Justicar.
Velturus Viaxus: We would like to start with a pre-planned shipment of armor to Trinsic,
Velturus Viaxus: *nods to Jennifer*
Velturus Viaxus: Her paladins could use the Virtue Armor to express their Honor in her city.
Velturus Viaxus: And we are glad to assist in the arming of the City of Trinsic.
Velturus Viaxus: As part of our commitment to settling any civil matters.
Tanda: *raises hand*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I assure the Council that the Ilharn bears many new & fresh scars from his previous indiscretions.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *narrows her eyes to Velturus*
Tanda: Since this is on the floor and open discussion
Jennifer-Marie: *tilts her head towards Velturus* The city of Trinsic is grateful for your generosity.
Tanda: I would suggest that if this council were to vote to declare peace and end the Enemy of the State
Tanda: it would come at the price of Velturus alone facing the civil system of Justice
Tanda: Justice for his past
Tanda: But freeing the rest of his clan
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *coughs*
Guntur Kivlov: *looks at Velturus to judge his response*
DaKaren: *looks to the Chief Justicar*
Tanda: Any feelings from other Council members?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: May I remind the council that the Females run the house of Viaxus
Nevahs Blazefire: *looks at Dakaren*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: NOT Velturus
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *bods*
Guntur Kivlov: I would be willing to vote on this, of course.
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *smiles*
Tanda: You were not his Matron then
Eep Eep: Oto fetch Qualark unk bek?
Eep Eep: *tucks away remains of the rat*
Tanda: Ideally, she would have been responsible for his orders
Velturus Viaxus: *nods*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: True, but still ordered by a female, which I took care of
Velturus Viaxus: The Former Ilharess was Killed by my hand in Luna, in September.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: As is our custom, when a Regent becomes too old and powerless.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: In public view
Tanda: So you would have us try you?
Qualark Ventes: *grumbles*
Velturus Viaxus: I do not see Britannia as being that frivolous to try an opposing General for doing his Job,
Velturus Viaxus: But we will meet any remaining Civil Damage Claims in your Court, Fairly.
Velturus Viaxus: Certainly, the Chain of Legality must follow,
Tanda: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: That this Court cannot sue an Enemy of the State,
Qualark Ventes: Hmph. The goblin did not leave a drink.
Qualark Ventes: That's more docked pay.
Qualark Ventes: *pulls out a half coin and cuts it in half*
Velturus Viaxus: Yet, in seeking reparations from a previous conflict, as Friends,
Velturus Viaxus: Certainly, it would have the authority to call upon us as Liable for certain acts of civic,
Velturus Viaxus: Non-Militaristic, mistakes in the previous war.
Velturus Viaxus: And we are asking for peace, with no strings attached.
Tanda: Our issue is not with soldiers losing life in a war
Qualark Ventes: Seems like a profitable arrangement to me.
Tanda: our issue is with civilians, children and noncombatants being slaughtered
Qualark Ventes: Profit from trade. Profit from his past crimes.
Velturus Viaxus: *Nods*
Velturus Viaxus: War is not an exact science, Governor.
Tanda: I am aware
Velturus Viaxus: It is possible our Dragon Artilleries did much damage to cities.
Velturus Viaxus: The Tagnik'zuren would not have seen the result of their orders being executed.
Guntur Kivlov: *rubs his forehead*
Tanda: There are still citizens who remember the devastation
Velturus Viaxus: *Nods*
Tanda: and to my knowing we did not seek such retaliation against the Drow
Tanda: coming into your lands and killing all in the path
Velturus Viaxus: The Drow of Viaxus were under the Banner of the Second Empire of Armageddon.
Velturus Viaxus: We were quite ordered in the Armies of Atalans, Undead, and Mondanites.
Velturus Viaxus: Separation of specific civic mistakes in war, however,
Velturus Viaxus: And Attribution to the specific commanders and militia,
Velturus Viaxus: Are welcome discussions we seek to give this Council and Court Authority to handle,
Velturus Viaxus: Upon a declaration of a cessation of hostilities.
Velturus Viaxus: We could not honor the judgement of a Court that is also an enemy of our State,
Velturus Viaxus: If you see what I mean.
Guntur Kivlov: Drow... if I may?
Qualark Ventes: Are there not statutes of limitation? How long ago was this?
Velturus Viaxus: We would be willing to discuss willingly waiving these rights.
Nevahs Blazefire: *blinks*
DaKaren: We have no statues.
Guntur Kivlov: *looks at Velturus*
Guntur Kivlov: You are all monsters. However, this council has found it in their wisdom
Guntur Kivlov: to allow other monsters into our citizenry...
Guntur Kivlov: You however have committed crimes. It would be up to US to determine their nature.
Qualark Ventes: Where's that fat ogre been?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *scoffs at the word monsters*
Guntur Kivlov: If you were subject yourself to our law, then it would be as charged by US.
Guntur Kivlov: So far as I am concerned, you are all worms and belong covered in DIRT.
Velturus Viaxus: *Smiles Politely*
Guntur Kivlov: But I would do my due diligence and vote.
DaKaren: *sighs*
Velturus Viaxus: I thank you for your Words, Councilman.
Guntur Kivlov: *nods and smiles*
Qualark Ventes: Do we have the authority to charge a foreign entity with a crime?
DaKaren: Aye.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *clenches her fists and bites her lip*
DaKaren: It would likely not be the House itself, but Velturus personally.
Tanda: Thank you Councilman Kivlov
Malag aste: The truth of the matter is he had a choice to serve or to leave if his service to his Valsharess was against his moral beliefs...
Tanda: I was hoping for some input
C'rinzik Viaxus: *rolls eyes*
Guntur Kivlov: We would be fools to ever trust these things. In my unnaturally long, yet still mortal life
DaKaren: Do we wish to bring it to a vote?
Qualark Ventes: Yes
Guntur Kivlov: I have only known one of these creatures worthy of trust.
Guntur Kivlov: Yes.
Earlhad Todie: aye
Guntur Kivlov: Vote
Jennifer-Marie: Yes, Chancellor.
Qualark Ventes: And yet you still refer to them as creatures...?
Qualark Ventes: *looks at Malag*
Briza Viaxus: *nods*
Guntur Kivlov: *nods to Qualark* indeed.
Briza Viaxus: *stares at the bird*
Jennifer-Marie: *clears her throat softly*
DaKaren: Councilor Kivlov, how does Newcastle Township vote on the issue of removing 'Enemy of State' status from House Viaxus?
Guntur Kivlov: Nay.
DaKaren: Councilor Knighthawke, how does the city of Minoc vote on issue of removing 'Enemy of State' status from House Viaxus?
Tanda: Minoc votes Nay
DaKaren: Councilor Warner, how does the city of Britain vote on the issue of removing 'Enemy of State' status from House Viaxus?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *cracks her neck listening*
Dot Warner: Britain votes nay at this time.
DaKaren: Adjutant Thorne, how does the city of Yew vote on the issue of removing 'Enemy of State' status from House Viaxus?
Ariel Thorne: Yew votes Nay...
C'rinzik Viaxus: *scoffs*
DaKaren: Councilor Jennifer-marie, how does the city of Trinsic vote on the issue of removing 'Enemy of State' status from House Viaxus?
C'rinzik Viaxus: ......
Jennifer-Marie: Trinsic votes Yay
Guntur Kivlov: *shakes head*
DaKaren: Councilor Goldie, how does the city of New Magincia vote on the issue of removing 'Enemy of State' status from House Viaxus?
Goldie: New Magincia vote is Aye
DaKaren: Councilor Ventes, how does the city of Vesper vote on the issue of removing 'Enemy of State' status from House Viaxus?
Qualark Ventes: Vesper votes Yea.
Briza Viaxus: *looks at her brothers and sisters*
DaKaren: Minister Todie, how do you vote on the issue of removing 'Enemy of State' status from House Viaxus?
Earlhad Todie: My vote is Yay
DaKaren: The vote is a tie.
Guntur Kivlov: *looks at the Chancellor*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *shakes her head and sighs*
C'rinzik Viaxus: *looks at DaKaren*
Guntur Kivlov: Dakaren, you know as well as anyone here who these people are.
Qualark Ventes: The discussions have concluded.
Qualark Ventes: Please allow him to consider in silence.
Guntur Kivlov: *leans forward*
Guntur Kivlov: *glares at Qualark*
Nevahs Blazefire: *frowns at Kivlov*
DaKaren: I could cast a tire-breaking vote, but I feel it would better serve the Council to bring the vote again before a full session of Councilors.
C'rinzik Viaxus: *scoffs*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *rubs her forehead*
Treybyre Heart: My apologies, but I bring word from the Governor of Skara Brae.
Treybyre Heart: If I may be heard.
DaKaren: *arches a brow*
Guntur Kivlov: *scowls*
C'rinzik Viaxus: typical politician
Treybyre Heart: Her Governorship whispered simply to me,
Treybyre Heart: "Aye, Peace."
Treybyre Heart: *folds the note from Farrah*
DaKaren: You would need to be named as her Adjutant.
Treybyre Heart: *Nods*
Treybyre Heart: I will call for her
Briza Viaxus: ...
Guntur Kivlov: Chancellor, if you indent to prolong this until the next meeting.. I demand you end this now.
Guntur Kivlov: We will vote, as you say, with all heads of the council present.
C'rinzik Viaxus: *glares*
DaKaren: I will not be pressure into casting a vote...
Guntur Kivlov: I am making no pressure.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *raises hand*
Guntur Kivlov: I am asking for this vote to be postponed.
DaKaren: Ilharess?
Guntur Kivlov: and not wait for neglectful and absent councilmembers to come rushing at the last moment.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Esteemed Council
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I humbly am honored that you are reviewing this vote
Kal'iksix Viaxus: And while we have sat quietly at all these meetings
Kal'iksix Viaxus: as well as with the King himself
Briza Viaxus: *nods*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: and have left when we have been asked as well as disarmed
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks to Malag's head*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: without fully knowing why
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I will resign to your delayed vote
Kal'iksix Viaxus: But I ask all
Kal'iksix Viaxus: consider our recent actions
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Our charity to helping those even though we have been wrongly accused
Kal'iksix Viaxus: And called names
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks to the man in the back*
Guntur Kivlov: *meets the woman’s eyes*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: by members of this Council
Malag aste: Let me ask you this then...
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I will make sure my house accepts the final decision
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *hold her hand to Malag*
Malag aste: Do you or do you not still worship the spider Queen, Lloth?
Malag aste: Do you or do you not still practice Slavery as it is known?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Whom I worship and pray to in my private temple is not of your concern
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *holds open her hands*
Qualark Ventes: I agree.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I have no slaves
Malag aste: Do you or do you not still drink Bloodwyne made in the purest form?
Qualark Ventes: We cannot maintain enemy of state status based on our moral opinion
Qualark Ventes: Only on actions they have taken
Qualark Ventes: Of which, in recent modern times, there have been none.
Guntur Kivlov: The hell we can’t councilman
Malag aste: It's not a moral opinion......
Kal'iksix Viaxus: And what I drink judges me?
Qualark Ventes: We cannot impose our moral beliefs on foreign governments and nations.
Qualark Ventes: It is not our way.
Qualark Ventes: We must lead by example if we want to pursue something of that nature.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I asked a simple question to the Grand Marshall, which has yet to be answered
Malag aste: Had you lived the life of the Ilythiiri you would not understand.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I entered this place as always
Malag aste: Perhaps when he....
Kal'iksix Viaxus: in complete fear because of how we have be judged and accused
Briza Viaxus: *nods*
Malag aste: *points to Velturus*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: You state that you protect these people and the land
Guntur Kivlov: *waves off Qualark and listens intently to Malag*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Am I not a visitor to this land?
Malag aste: turns himself over to the council and gives himself up for justice for his crimes one might take you seriously.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Should I not too feel protected beyond what my guards provide me?
Malag aste: Until such time... I chose to see you as harboring enemies.
Malag aste: So if you are a visitor to this land do you not swear fealty to this Kingdom?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Then should be my choice to protect myself should I place myself in harm's way
Tanda: I personally have no quarrel with the majority of you
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Would YOU swear loyalty to Lloth when visiting my land?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks to Malag*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Again
Tanda: I do not imagine the majority of us would willing visit a Temple or land
Tanda: dedicated to Lloth
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks to Tanda*
Malag aste: I would not. Then why do you wish to attempt to then try to tell me you speak for Jhelom?
Malag aste: If clearly you see yourself as not of this realm.
Tanda: I do have issue with General Viaxus
Kal'iksix Viaxus: And why is that, Councilwoman?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I would welcome you to the city
Tanda: Unlike some here I am old enough to remember him
Tanda: was Chancellor myself
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *waves her hand at Velturus*
Tanda: during part of his destruction
Tanda: I've been Justicar
Tanda: I've also been a traitor
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *stretches*
Tanda: and jailed
Tanda: I aided a prisoner and Enemy of the State
Tanda: in escaping
Tanda: because it was the moral thing to do
Kal'iksix Viaxus: But he is nothing but one of the many legs of a spider
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Cut it off and the spider lives
Tanda: So your telling me
Malag aste: He did commit crimes against this Kingdom.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: and another grows
Tanda: that you are representatives
Malag aste: Crimes which he himself did admit to.
Tanda: of that same mindset?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *shakes her head*
Tanda: *point of order*
Tanda: Chancellor I'm going to rain on your parade
Tanda: our own law
Kal'iksix Viaxus: We did not execute captives
Tanda: prohibits you putting this vote off
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I have not asked you to put it off
Tanda: it says you shall and must break the tie
Guntur Kivlov: *breaths in heavily*
Dot Warner: This should be entertaining.
Ariel Thorne: *musters up her courage*
DaKaren: *grumbles*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I was advising that we will resign to the decision of the Council
Kal'iksix Viaxus: But wished for it to be thoroughly thought out
Guntur Kivlov: *watches the Chancellor carefully*
Ariel Thorne: Vote nay..... please...
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *bows her head and takes her seat*
Guntur Kivlov: Perhaps the Chancellor may take these two weeks to think?
Tanda: The Justicar will have to weigh in
Tanda: on if that is legal
DaKaren: I do not wish to place Britannia's citizens in more peril than this world already provides them.
DaKaren: However, the Viaxus are correct in saying that they have been on their best behavior, as it were, since their return.
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *Nods*
C'rinzik Viaxus: Xas
Jennifer-Marie: *taps the table* Chancellor?
Jennifer-Marie: Would it help your decision if a Governor were willing to ... *searches for the correct words*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Obviously our presence it too much for the Chancellor
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I will excuse the Viaxus if needed
Jennifer-Marie: ... *glances at the Viaxus* ... offer their reputation and time to help keep the Viaxus on the path they seem to be on?
DaKaren: Are you offering to be their probation officer?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *arches a brow*
Guntur Kivlov: When they are ultimately declared enemies again, do you go with them?
Guntur Kivlov: or would this just be lip service.
Jennifer-Marie: *blinks at the Chancellor* I think that might be taking it a bit further than I was thinking ... perhaps a little harsher than I was intending ...
Jennifer-Marie: But ... *looks to Kal'iksix* I will be there friend.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *smiles at Jennifer and bows her head*
DaKaren: Councilor Kivlov raises an interesting point...
DaKaren: What if their actions betray your trust?
Jennifer-Marie: *stares out the window again* Then I suppose I am placing a tremendous amount of faith in the Honor of both the Viaxus and this Council.
Malag aste: * sighs shaking his head*
Jennifer-Marie: ... in the Viaxus to not make a fool of me.
Jennifer-Marie: ... and in this Council to do the right thing should they prove me a fool.
Malag aste: *coughs*
Guntur Kivlov: you think the consequence of this is to look foolish?
Guntur Kivlov: what about the dead and enslaved that would lay in the wake of your "foolishness"
Guntur Kivlov: who answers for this?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I will
Malag aste: Who answers then for the crimes committed by Velturus?
Malag aste: Are they to be just forgotten?
DaKaren: Our laws would still apply to all actions taken within our borders.
Jennifer-Marie: *snaps her head towards Kivlov* No. But your flippancy is just as appalling as you find the Viaxus.
C'rinzik Viaxus: *yawns*
Guntur Kivlov: *chuckles*
Jennifer-Marie: I have, numerous times, admitted that I am not personally familiar with the Viaxus' history and past crimes. I can only speak of what I know of the present.
Jennifer-Marie: At present, I have witnessed their desire to atone and make right within Britannia.
Jennifer-Marie: And for me, that counts for something.
DaKaren: *considers*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *smiles at Jenn*
Guntur Kivlov: You will trust them, they will betray you. Your pride in your high ground will come at a steep cost.
Jennifer-Marie: I have faith in Honor - not pride in anything.
Guntur Kivlov: you will ask why, and they will say "you knew i was a snake when you picked me up."
Malag aste: *scoffs*
Jennifer-Marie: If I am betrayed because I have done the honorable thing ... well, I have still done the honorable thing.
Guntur Kivlov: *SHOUTS* People will die for your damned Honor!
Malag aste: While they follow the Spider Queen they have no such thing as Honor.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *mutters 'spider" under her breath to Guntur's reference*
Qualark Ventes: *shakes head*
Jennifer-Marie: *closes her eyes and breathes deeply* I feel sad for those who can't see what is because they are so blinded by what was.
DaKaren: Ehem…
DaKaren: Since rescinding Enemy of State status does not diminish the…history…we have with House Viaxus, any past…issues…may be resolved through legal means by whoever wishes to bring them.
DaKaren: Since Councilor Jennifer-marie is willing to act as an…auditor…and observe the House’s actions while in Britannia, I will break the tie vote.
DaKaren: With a fifth "Aye" cast, House Viaxus is no longer an Enemy of State.
Guntur Kivlov: *pounds the desk*
C'rinzik Viaxus: *claps*
Qualark Ventes: *nods*
Ariel Thorne: *glares at him with disgust*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *smiles at DaKaren*
DaKaren: However, this is not to say that we won't be watching.
Guntur Kivlov: you are a fool.. and I will be here for you to vote them enemies again. If we are alive to do so.
Vliz'sav Viaxus: *smiles*
DaKaren: Is there anything further on this issue?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *shakes her head*
Malag aste: *rolls eyes*
DaKaren: Any other issues then?
Nevahs Blazefire: *slowly tucks her book away looking around the room*
DaKaren: Very well.
DaKaren: I hereby adjourn the 523rd session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Go with the Virtues.
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