Deaths Now Reported from Cove Illness

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Deaths Now Reported from Cove Illness

Post by Martyna Z'muir » Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:22 pm

It is with a sad heart that Ingrid, the Chief Healer of Cove, reports that four of her patients suffering from a mysterious illness have succumbed to their condition. Most of the remaining patients have slipped into a delirium and have had to be sedated, apparently indicating the illnesses’ final stage.

One clue, says Ingrid, is that several of the delirious patients have mumbled something about ‘a potter’s work.’ Unfortunately, Cove has no such artisan within its walls and thus further investigation is stalled.

The Red Ankh Society will continue to collect donations for the citizens of Cove at their main office in Compassion Park's FitzOwen Green.

If any readers know of a potter near Cove, they are asked to forward the information to Ingrid. Tips may be sent anonymously through the Tribune.
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