Threat from Lord Casca to WW citizens

The sleepy hamlet just outside Skara Brae. (NOTE: WW is defunct, forum kept for historical purposes)
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Threat from Lord Casca to WW citizens

Post by Duke Greenspan » Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:08 am

Below is a report by our scout in the Whispering Wind blackrock mining site:

"Citizens of Whispering Winds, you are to immediately cease and desist all harassment of the Minoc Consortium's contract to mine blackrock from this site for the King's army. Forces loyal t the King will patrol this site to maintain law and order. Citzens are expected to remember the Virtue of Humility as passed by our Lord and King, Casca. Know your role in society and mind your place. Be subservent to the classes above you.

Any ciziten not attached to the Minoc Consortim or Armed Forces caught on the premises will be arrested and held without bail or trial. Justive will be swift.

****signed by elegantly****
Viktor Prices
Serpent Major of the Fortress of Spiritualify"
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