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Duke Greenspan
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Location: Whispering Winds Militia Memorial Garden
Time: Midnite
Characters: Sam (Duke Greenspan servant), Qui-Gon (knight in TB Alliance, appointed as mission leader by Duke Greenspan), a few grave-diggers and local guards

Qui-Gon: Let’s move on! This will be the last round, handle Omura’s coffin and the gravestone with great care! Take everything to the Duke’s castle. Guards! Once the grave diggers move out, guard the entrance with your life! Not a rat can get inside here.

The memorial garden was once a final resting place of the respected local militia who sacrifice their lives for the town. For tonite, it is just a empty building… After the grave digger finished their transporting, Knight Qui-Gon turn to Sam while the servant started to unload a few books and scrolls from some locked chests.

Qui-Gon: It’s time… make sure you have every single evidence burnt, the Duke won’t be happy if u fail him.

Sam: Aye sir, I dare not to fail the Duke. All those corpses trading deals with Umbra and Bedlam records and documents will be gone after tonight. Yet, I wonder how will master cover up on this issue?

Qui-Gon: I think the Duke goes too far as well, but it is the best time to destroy all the evidence. The blackrock mine and evacuation grabs everyone attention now… He hides all these corpses trading records in the basement all these years. Without this corpses trading business, he can’t rebuild Whispering Winds after the Ophidian’s War that soon… even with his diplomatic immunity, this is something the Duke won’t want to let the True Britiannia Alliance forces to find out.

Sam: Is that consider as illegal trade sir?

Qui-Gon: Hehe.. good question Sam… No, I don’t think there is any rules to prohibit it… or should I say the Ruling council in Felucca or High Council in Trammel will ever think of this problem. The Duke is surely using this grey area to make a profit for himself… Yet, the Commanding Lord of TB Alliance, Lore Denin is straight fellower of Virtue and honor, I am sure he will stop this kind of trading if he figures out this…dirty trading… this is why the Duke is trying to destroy all these evidence before they fail in Lore Denin’s hand.

Sam: Ah… your are right sir, it seems the Duke stopped these tradings once he declares Whispering Winds will be ruled by the Commanding Lord again. However, why will wants to stop his profit and bow to a military leader who come all the way from Felucca?

Qui-Gon: For the Duke, it is just a switch to his paymaster… when he needs the money, he seek Umbra and Bedlam, when he needs military protection, he seeks the Alliance forces… As the TB alliance, they are always looking for a base in Trammel as their home town too. Those crown cities are firmly control by High Council, so Whispering Winds is the place they can easily bargain with… not to mention the Commanding Lord was once a town founder in here too… Well, we have talked long enough, let’s finish the job.

Qui-Gon gave a signal to Sam, then the servant pull out a bottle of oil from his bag, poured it all over the records and setup a fire on…
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Lore Denin
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Re: Evacuation

Post#2 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:37 am

OC:[ You sneaky, sneaky citizens of Whispering Winds, I spend my life fighting against evil in far dark reaches of Sosaria and here it lies in my very backyard. Oh the crazy things that happen when the town lord is otherwise occupied!!!]
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Re: Evacuation

Post#3 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:40 pm

[OOC: Good help is always hard to find EH? ehehehe]
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