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High Council News...

Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 6:39 am
by Kaydon
At last night's meeting of the High Council, I petitioned for a seat on the High Council for Clannad Skara as defenders and claimants for the City of Spirituality, Skara Brae.

Our greatest thanks to Lord Striker (my true brother in arms) and Lord Zann for speaking on our behalf.

Having been granted a seat, we've asked that Warlord Lynn be our representative on the High Council. Chancellor DaKaren granted our request, and Warlord Lynn was sworn in and immedietely took her seat on our behalf.

As we are now `vested' in the council, Clannad Skara is now an allied member in the Britannia Armed Forces, and so sworn to defend the alliance membership and Britannia. Hence, we must now make aware to our own Skaran that we now have enemies born of this alliance.

O'nior gach rud!

Kaydon Bhey
Cheiftan / Clannad Skara