A heartfelt thanks!

Skara Brae is the city of Spirituality located on an island just off the west coast off the main continent.

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A heartfelt thanks!

Post by Kaydon » Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:57 am

Clannad Skara wishes to thank the many who attended our Stone ceremony and celebration last evening. Our sacred stone is in place, and for us, this means we are now and truly home.

We were most pleased as the drinking and feasting lasted late into the evening, as we met new friends (Lord Galen and Thanatos!), and talked of many things that concern us all.

We are now and at last home in our ancient lands, and we thank you all for being with us!

O'nior gach rud!
Chieftan Kaydon Bhey
Clannad Skara of Skara Brae
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