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Post by Rylna Barrirret » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:57 pm

Chaos Reigns

Rylna walked the streets of the towns and grinned broadly. “Such glorious chaos,” she smiled thinking to herself. As she walked thru the towns she heard the shouts of the citizens, “What of our Children? I cannot earn my Keep. There is little food to be had.” She stood watching the shouting and feeding on the anger. She slid behind one of the protesters and then handed the woman a flask of oil and a match. “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” She whispered to her. She whispered an ancient spell and felt the level of anger in the woman grow. She chuckled softly to herself as she heard the woman shout, “This will teach them to mess with us!” With that the woman threw the flaming flask into the side of the nearest building. Humans were so easy to ignite. Such glorious chaos they could bring. Rylna turned and slipped through the moongate and set her sights on the next city.
She arrived in Skara Brae the city was still ripe with anger over their children being taken. So easy was it to convince those Apex fools that they were following orders taking the children and giving her a pick of them. But those meddlesome Guards were always ruining her plans. The anger was diminishing. She had to do something about it. Their hatred and anger was like a fire she fed upon, without it she felt so weak. She seemed to float from the shore to the deck of the ship parked nearby. Rodrick stood aboard the stern of the ship. He greeted her with nothing but a nod as she slid onboard. He’d already captured three slaves and had them bound in various areas around the ship. Just then she heard shouts coming from the center of town. It was the Guard. What the devil were they doing here! Rylna grew angry.
“Kill these insolent fools!” She shouted to Rodrick.
“As you command.” He said with a grin and laugh.
The Guard hardly had time to react before Rodrick and his crew opened fire on them. Rynla remained toward the back of the boat out of their range and watched as the glorious chaos unfolded on the streets of Skara Brae. She could feel the fear in some of the Guard and in the peasant folk about. She drank it all in and grew stronger from it. She fed off their fear and anguish and basked in it for a few moments. When they drew near on their ship she fired upon them with her bow. The guard pressed their attack harder and drove them from the shore. Rodrick moved the boat out of their range, but Rylna was not amused. She wanted them all dead.
“I said kill them!” She glared at him.
“They are too many we need to fall back or we’ll be taken. We have already lost our other ship with our new slave and they killed these two already.” He snapped back at her in defiance.
“Then pull the ship round near our other boat. I’ll not have them taking our prize if I can’t have the slave then it shall perish and let the blood of their spawn be on their hands for forcing mine.” She relented coldly.

“As you command.” Rodrick said pulling the ship alongside the smaller of their vessels. The day was a draw but it mattered not. He got to put a few of them to the ground.
Rylna shot and killed the peasant slave aboard the smaller vessel and they sailed for the mainland. Later she would demand repayment from the fools for forcing the death of her new slaves or she would take their lives for her slaves.
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