A Quiet Good-bye

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A Quiet Good-bye

Post by MalagAste » Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:07 pm

A Quiet Good-bye

Nikki quietly gathered her bags and moved them to the great hall in the Hall of Virtue. She stood looking over the items lying on the stone table behind her throne. She picked up her scepter and held it for a moment. She could feel the tears welling in her eyes as she heard the doors to the great hall open. She knew who it was before she even turned to see him. It was her Knight of Lore, Malag-aste, the dark elf.
As Malag entered the hall he quickly glanced about the room. Seeing the Princess at the Throne Malag froze for a moment before falling to his knee. He remained there, his head bent low as he softly spoke, “You sent for me Your Grace.”
“Yes Lord Hla-ate. Please rise and come speak with me.” Nikki replied with a soft sadness in her voice.
Malag rose and joined the Princess near the Throne, he glanced at the bags near her feet a look of bewilderment crossed his dark face. “You are making ready to go somewhere, Your Grace?” He inquired.
Nikki gave a deep sigh and told him, “Yes, yes I am. I really am not sure exactly what I should say right now save that I feel it is time for me to move on.”
Malag cocked his head slightly, “Move on?” He quizzed.
With another deep sigh she said, “Yes, move on. With the new King on the Throne I think it is time that Newcastle moved on without any conflicts. I believe this new King will be a new start for the land, and for Newcastle. You and the Knights have done so much for me and our town. I can not tell you how Honored I have been to have known you all. But it I am no longer a child and I feel that it is time that I learned of things beyond this land. Now that there will be a new line on the Throne of Britannia I think it is time to move forward, not only for myself but for the land. You do understand do you not?”
Malag pondered her words for a moment. “I suppose I do, but what of the citizens of Newcastle?”
“Malag you know as well as I that they will be fine in your care. You, Ariakas and Ludwig are more than capable of caring for the needs of Newcastle. Time has come to perhaps elect a Mayor, build a council of sorts, or perhaps you three might take care of the governing of day to day business here. I trust you to let the others know of my decision.” She said looking toward him. She smiled slightly as he turned his gaze down to the ground. “You still can not meet my eyes can you?” She asked with a smile.
“You know me well Your Grace. I can not. And I respect your faith in me and the Knights but the citizens they will miss you and I am not sure they would understand your leaving.” He told her. She could hear the sadness in his voice.
“Even when I walked the grounds clothed in the garbs of a peasant you knew me. I could never hide myself from you.” She said with a slight smile, feeling the warmth of moisture building in her eyes. “I still remember when you first came here to Newcastle and knelt there before me. I had never seen your likeness up so close. Many whispered in my ear not to trust you or your like. But I could hear the sincerity in your voice and I would not be swayed. I am still glad of that decision. I know Newcastle will be well in your care.” She said as she looked over the table once more. She passed her hand along the shaft of her scepter once more. “These relics I entrust to Newcastle along with all that I leave behind. If they are needed in some way after I am gone you are welcome to do with them what you need.”
“Of course Your Grace.” He said softly. He too recalled the many adventures they had together at cemeteries and such as he followed her on her outings. She tried many times to slip out unnoticed beyond the bounds of Newcastle. But he had followed her often, still her protector but he never told anyone about it. He had always kept her secret. “I shall miss our outings.”
“As will I Malag. Please let the others know.” She said gathering her things.
“Of course Your Grace.” He said with a nod.
“You may quit with the Your Grace, Lord Hla-ate. I leave you as Nikki Ironcraft. I shall no longer be known as Princess as that line is best ended. You do understand, yes?” She quizzed.
Malag nodded quietly, “Of course. The land will follow King Blackthorn now.”
“As it should,” She nodded and slung her things over her shoulders. “Please give me a day’s grace before you make any announcements.”
“As you desire M’Lady. Would there be anything else you require? Your horse perhaps?” He inquired.
“I have him ready in the stables already. I can think of nothing else.” She said and turned to look over the hall once more. “No everything should be in order now, I leave it in your good care.”
Malag nodded and held the door as he watched her pass into the courtyard and beyond thru the outer walls of the Castle. As she departed his watchful eye he turned back to the hall and glanced about. How empty it would seem now without her in it. With that he turned and slid out the doors quietly and followed her for awhile until she passed beyond the moongate near Yew. Where she would go from there he did not know, nor did he pursue. He bowed his head and quietly said a good-bye and a prayer for her continued safety before making his way back to Newcastle. He would keep his promise and wait a day to tell anyone of her departure.
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