Missing Persons

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Missing Persons

Post by MalagAste » Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:36 pm

Missing Persons

Siet Van Tulsmit, a detective of the Royal Britannian Kilted Police, was a tall sturdy looking fellow. He sat quietly at one of the tables at the Winds Tavern out on the floating Emporium. The Emporium was a long group of docks, lashed together, floating on anchored buoys, and cunningly using each other for structural support, out in the middle of the vast Sosarian Ocean. It was built by sailors and traders alike and was a gathering place for many fishermen and traders. Siet had been assigned to the Emporium many years ago. He spent much of his time wandering up and down the docks helping local fishermen unload their days catch or load up supplies for a long voyage back to one of the many Britannian docks. However, his main duty was to watch for signs of any invasions being planned upon Britannian soil and to gather intelligence on the area Pirates. He blended in with the locals quite well with his long sea coat and tricorn hat perched upon his dark gray head of hair. He was known to the people of the Emporium as “Captain Blackstone.” The hat left a shadow over his deeply sunken brown eyes.

“Cap’n Blackstone,” Seit heard a young lass call.

“Aye Lassie.” Seit answered recognizing his young apprentice Serina.
“Cap’n the Lady of the Morning Light has run aground and needs your help Sir!” she blurted as she drew near. That was of course code for you’re being called to Yew.

“I’ll be off straight away then. You’ll mind my seat here while I search for her keel and peel her off the shores.” He said with a nod and a twitch of his eye. The Lady of the Morning Light was code for the Queen Dawn’s Legacy parked in the Harbor in Yew. With that said and Serina to take his place at the Emporium, Siet boarded his rowboat and headed out of the harbor. Once safely aboard his own vessel he recalled away to the Yew-wood Forest Theatre near Yew’s Moongate.

When he arrived Galen Knighthawke, the Grand Marshal of the Britannian Ministry of Armed Forces (BAF), was there to greet him. Must be a matter of great importance, he thought to himself, if they send the Grand Marshal to meet me. The last time they had met had been when Yew’s Mayor was kidnapped. He and Galen had investigated separately, never crossing paths, yet came to the same conclusion. Galen and Siet spoke for some time before Galen headed off.

And, indeed it was a matter of great importance. One Siet had heard rumors of while he was stationed at the Emporium. Even the fishermen talked about the happenings in Britannia, especially the tension between Skara Brae and Jhelom, and of deckhands and cabin boys going missing at Skara, Vesper, and other ports. Serina had brought him reports of dark figures moving thru Minoc. He recalled reading meeting minutes from the High Council about abductions of children and such.

So there were more reports of missing people now and he’d been called from his post to investigate them. This was a huge break for his career. Obviously his reputation as an investigator was growing, and now he had a fancy title, Field Marshal for Investigations, to show for it. Seit was most honored to be asked to look into the disappearances, in his new capacity.

He accepted the task and began immediately. He left the Yew-wood Forest Theatre and proceeded north to the Moongate. Shortly before reaching the gate he passed a small Mortuary. From inside he could hear the soft humming of a female. Siet decided to investigate, much to his surprise it was one of the people he’d wanted to speak to, the Justicar Lady Tanda Kristensen-DeWitt-McLeod-Adkins of Minoc. Apparently she’d reported a missing person, a young lass by the name of Meaghan McTavish. Siet questioned Tanda about the girl for awhile. Meghan, Tanda told Seit, was last seen in Minoc leaving the caves and headed toward the Barnacle, a tavern at the north end of town, for lunch. Siet thanked Tanda for her help and asked her to let him know if she heard any news about the lass or anything else she thought might be relevant and then proceeded to the Moongate and on to Minoc.

Siet took the Gate from Yew to Minoc changing his attire along the way back to his normal Yewish Greens. He also spent a good while on foot getting his land legs back and quietly talking to himself to lose the sailor accent he’d acquired at the Emporium. Once he got into town he worked on getting a room near the Barnacle. Siet rose early and put on his green Yewish robes and pinned on his Royal Britannian Kilted Police Badge and headed to the Barnacle for breakfast.

When he entered the tavern all eyes turned toward him and the room fell silent for awhile. The Barnacle was a long log cabin with a few scattered windows, with hay and such about the floor. There were already several customers there as well as staff. A younger woman beckoned him to a nearby table and took his order. She introduced herself as Alaina. Siet ate his breakfast and talked to a few of the locals, Alaina mentioned she knew the young McTavish and said the girl never arrived that day. Riodan the Waiter said he too was working that particular day and recalled her father and Lady Tanda as well as a young Knight inquiring about her. Siet thanked them for their assistance and asked them to please let him know if they saw or heard anything about the girl’s disappearance or anything else. He then inquired about the “dark hooded” figures folk had reported. Alaina said she’d seen them on several occasions mostly late in the evening or early in the morning before sun up. She said that often they moved along the eastern edge of town headed south. She said they usually had groups of 8 to 12 or more along with pack animals. She also mentioned hearing them speak in a strange tongue she didn’t understand. Riodan said he’d never witnessed any of that.

Siet left the Barnacle and headed towards the mines, on the east side of town, speaking to some of the townsfolk along the way. First he spoke to Zaia the Trade Minister outside the Barnacle. Zaia said Meghan and her father were both regular, almost daily visitors and contributors, but the day Meghan disappeared she hadn’t been by, which was unusual. And, obviously, she hadn’t been back since either. Zaia said she knew nothing about the dark-hooded figures. A Nobleman named Wallace was nearby and said he didn’t know the girl nor had he ever seen any dark hooded figures, though he’d heard stories about them he believed it all to be “rubbish”.

Seit had always been good with accents. It was necessary for his work and it proved especially useful in Minoc. The unusual “Highland” accent ran thick in everyone he’d spoken to.

Siet spent the better part of the day asking around town about the girl and looking for her father. More wear on the boots, more accents, and little information. Gwendolyn at the Gears and Gadgets said that Angus McTavish worked there but hadn’t been in since his daughter vanished. She did direct him though to where Angus lived. Doyle the Noble said he had seen the McTavish lass on the bridge coming across from the Mines. He said there were some strangers near there asking questions, but he hadn’t stopped to answer them and didn’t know who they were. Siet returned to the Barnacle for lunch and spoke to a couple more citizens and one fellow by the name of Johann from Vesper but none of them knew much of anything. After lunch he headed to the McTavish residence and spoke at length with Angus McTavish, who was extremely distraught and fearful. He wept openly for his daughter and begged most grievously for her safe return. Siet could only assure him that he would do his best. By the time he returned to his room Siet was sure something strange was going on in Minoc. He would need to spend a bit more time here than he had planned. And he knew he’d be needing to keep a night watch or two as well.

To be continued…
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