Dragon Gods, Ghosts and Demons Oh My!

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Dragon Gods, Ghosts and Demons Oh My!

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:27 pm

Ah Gran, I really do miss your counsel. The realm has grown stranger with the passing of time. It has been many many moons now this being has haunted me, I've become a semi permanent resident in the home of Galen and Joylah Knighthawke, it is my place of solace so far an impenetrable fortress of quiet. One cannae stay squirreled away forever though.

New things worry me greatly, Malag Aste isn't well, that inner voice screams at me each time I see him of late. There was a seance held for Nevahs Blazefire to attempt to find out about her mother. The body recovered was in such an odd state, to perfect to have been dead as long as she's been missing. I was unable to attend this rite, and since this Malag Aste has been suffering. I know not what magic he used, but whatever was done between him and Setatabon a great many things have been altered. Ailieve's soul resides in her daughter's body and reports indicate that Nevah's is now trapped within her mother's lifeless form. The Black One has reappeared in the realm after what has been a rather peaceful slumber on our plane. Things do not bode well.

I have been asked to try to find Ren, Ailieve's husband who has been absent from the realm since the days of my hermitage. I ran into Galen in the library, everyone scrambles these days to find any history on those long forgotten days. We spoke briefly during the hours of reading, I found nothing there to aid me in my quest only records which pull memories out of the dusty cobwebs in your minds depths. Ailieve and Ren had been so in love, they indeed seemed, from what all could see to be a very happy, balanced couple, complimenting each other well.

It was Galen's question that made me realize that here in Newcastle, inside the castle Malag Aste has placed protections and wards on I was also free of my tormenter. It grows time to find the source of this and end it, we have gathered enough souls willing to attempt an incantation to seek the Goddess' help in revealing who or what it is. I prepare for this as I write this, I must be ever so careful in my choice of words for I dare not invite this being or entity in such away as to attach it to other or summon it to physical form.

My intuition tells me a great many things are amiss here and the individual events are woven together like a spiders web. Am I too blind to see it?
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