Nikki Princess De'Lora

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Nikki Princess De'Lora

Post by Lore Denin » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:11 am

Lore signed the paper, it was official, Nikki Ironcraft De'Lora was now officially the Princess of Loria. Though she had always been viewed as such there was nothing officially documenting that fact until now.

He could remember the first time he met her amidst rumors of her parentage. Happily playing with one of the Royal Knights in the courtyard of Castle Britannia. He had arrived having serious doubts but the moment he saw her, he knew the rumors to be true. Later that night he sat down with Marcus who led the Royal Knights and discussed the implications of her existence.

Both agreed discretion was needed, for the stability of Britannia and Nikki's safety. The King had been strangely absent and the people were growing restless. Lore as captain of the Order Guard was charged with continuing the quest and Marcus and his Royal Knights would be charged with raising and protecting Nikki. No one could say for sure what her future would hold but both agreed it would play a vital role in the future of Sosaria

That had been nearly 150 years ago, Lore straightened for a second, blinking away images of the past. Nikki was no longer that bouncing child but a young girl... No, not a girl, but a women. Though completely human, she appeared to have inherited some of her father's earthen qualities. Marcus and the early knights had long since passed from the realm and Lore wondered how many generations of knights had protected her over the past 15 decades.

Funny how the future they had planned seemed just around the corner when Nikki was taking her first steps and now in an age when all those plans and oaths were all but forgotten, here she was taking her first steps towards her greater destiny.

[This rp goes back nearly 15 years around the launch of Ren. At the time when I was GM of the Ankh of Unity and Marcus started the Royal Knights of Britannia [RKB]. I guess you never know when something from the past will resurface.]
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