The City of Compassion

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The City of Compassion

Post by basil » Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:44 pm

I wanted to get a general feel to see if anyone would be interested in getting involved in Britain. I know of one other roleplayer about to actually move into a house there, but beyond that I don't know the interest in the city.

Several years ago, about five of us tried to start up a Britain town council, we made Locke the Govenor. It fell through, but we remained in control of a large portion of the housing around the area for use.

The one thing we had discussed before most quit the game for good was making open the idea that since Britain is the center of Britannia, that it wouldn't be all that insane to allow Britannians abroad to vote in it's elections as if that was their local municipality. This means Britannians in Malas, Tokuno, Ilshenar, and Ter Mur could if they chose to, vote for Britan leadership or run for it.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions on what would be a cool setup for Britain?
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