Jhelom Looking for Britannia's Best Archer!

Jhelom is the city of Valor located on the Valorian Isles in the southwestern ocean.

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Jhelom Looking for Britannia's Best Archer!

Post by Martyna Z'muir » Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:40 pm

From Councilor Beauvina of the City of Jhelom:

Are you the best archer in the lands? Do you want to help Britannia, preserve the Virtues and make lifelong bovine buddies? If so, Lady Beauvina, Councilor of Jhelom on the High Council, is looking for you as an expert marksman!

Given the state of events currently across Sosaria, Councilor Beauvina has decided to put together a group of archers... problem is, cows don't know how to shoot bows very well! She is looking for the best archer out there, someone who can prove their worth to teach Jhelom's cows to be the fighting force they need to be against evil folk like the Bane Chosen. What better way than to hold an archery tournament?

The event will be held this Friday, October 15th at 8pm under central skies. It will be held at the Jollier Fairgrounds near Skara Brae by the archery buttes. Merely show up, wait your turn and tally up 10 shots. Highest total points will be the winner! First place will win 1 million gold, Second place will be awarded 500,000 gold and Third place will take home 250,000 gold. In addition, the winner will have bragging rights as the first cow teacher of archery skills... and how great is that?

The High Council hopes to see you there!
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