Moonglow Charter

Moonglow, the city of Honesty, sprawls across Verity Isle. The Lycaeum, the Royal Zoo, and the telescope are also located on the isle.

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Moonglow Charter

Post by Kenyon » Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:09 pm

City of Moonglow

The city of Moonglow is ruled by the city council headed by the Mayor of Moonglow . For now there are only two other seats on the council . More may be added if there is a majority vote from the exsisting council members.
The seats are as follows :
Mayor of Moonglow duties consist of :
A. Acting as the figure head of the city.
B.Presiding over Council meetings.
C.Maintaining order and restraint in all public events of the city .
D.In the event of a tie during a vote the Mayor shall cast the deciding vote.
E.Calling for vote of the Council when necessary.
F.Appointing an Adjutant to act on his or her behalf in the event of absence.

The Ambassador of Honesty shall represent the interest of the city's traditions and promote the Virtue of Honesty. Also to help with evaluation of crimes, disputes from a lawful and spiritual means.

The Sherrif of Moonglow shall reside over any and all court hearings or trials within the city.
He or she may appoint up to three assistant judges who may act on the Sherifs behalf in the event of numerous trials and/or extended absence.
He or she also has the following duties:
A. He or she will maintain the city's citizen register.
B. If deemed necessary the Sherif shall organize and maintain a local militia.
C. Have the ability to perform Civil Services; such as but not limited to marriages, maintain death records, adoptions.
D. Evaluation of crimes, disputes from a lawful and spiritual means.

City Laws

Disturbing the peace: This includes any street brawling or excessing shouting, sometimes called spamming. Punishments can range from fines, expulsion,or to sewing ones lips shut.

Assault: This includes attacking any non enemy of the state without a warrant. Punishment can range from fines to explusion or a good old fashion stoning.

Obstruction of Justice: Any interference in the serving of a Just Warrant, an investigation of a crime, or failure to comply with a Just Order from a Recognized Member of the Council of Moonglow shall be considered an obstruction of justice. Punishment can range from fines to expulsion to tens years of hard labor in prison.

Falsely Reporting a Crime: Anyone reporting a crime that evidence proves never occured will be subject to expulsion with the branding of the letter "L" upon their forehead.

Disturbing the Rest of the Fallen: This will include grave robbery, mutilating corpses, and animating the dead into the undead through necromancy. Punishments will range from excommunication to death.

Possessing Necromantic Reagents: Possessing Necromantic Reagents is illegal. Any such reagents are subject to confiscation.

Using Necromantic Spells: Anyone suspected of practicing Necromancy is subject to Inquisition. If the Inquisitor determines the criminal is indeed a necromancer, they are subject to excommunication or death.

Using Necromantic Forms: Any use of Necromantic forms will result in the criminal being considered one of the Undead and being killed, immediately.

Adultery: This is NOT considered a crime in Moonglow.

Trafficking and Possessing Nightshade: This is NOT considered a crime in Moonglow, provided the buyer, seller and user are all above the age of majority.

Theft :punishable by the removal of the offending hand

Banditry, Racketeering, Extortion: All punishable by expulsion to excommunication. And the loss of all worldly possesions.

Slander : punishable by fines and or loss of tongue.

Harassment, Fraud: Subject to fines and or public humiliation.
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