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Moonglow, the city of Honesty, sprawls across Verity Isle. The Lycaeum, the Royal Zoo, and the telescope are also located on the isle.

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Walter Tyrell
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Message to the King

Post by Walter Tyrell » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:30 am

Your Majesty,

Upon further reflection I wish to withdraw my request for the construction of a Governor's office in Moonglow at this time. When I made the request I was unaware that we would be limited to one request per term. In light of this new information I would rather use my request for something that I cannot do for myself. I have constructed a building just outside the fence by the Moonglow Bank. This will be perfectly functional as my office for my term as Governor of Moonglow.

I ask your indulgence in considering an arcane circle by the Moonglow bank as my formal request. The materials for the office that were turned in could be held for use in future projects if you so desire.

Thankyou for your consideration.

Your Humble servant,

Walter Tyrell

Governor of Moonglow
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