Moonglow Zoo Benefit Saturday, August 16, 3pm CST

Moonglow, the city of Honesty, sprawls across Verity Isle. The Lycaeum, the Royal Zoo, and the telescope are also located on the isle.

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Moonglow Zoo Benefit Saturday, August 16, 3pm CST

Post by UniversalBlue » Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:35 pm

The Citizens of Moonglow are hosting a benefit for the Moonglow Zoo! We are concerned about its current state and would like to raise awareness of the Zoo, its animals and exhibits.

Towards that end, we are holding a contest for those would like to donate to the Zoo on Saturday August 16th, at 3pm CST.

We will meet outside the Moonglow Zoo entrance where the Donation Box is.

Each tamable creature that the Moonglow Zoo donation box accepts will be worth points in the contest. These are as follows:

1 point – Wolves (Grey Wolf, Timber Wolf, White Wolf)
2 points - Slimes
3 points - Polar Bears
4 points - Unusual Riding Creatures (Ki’rin, Nightmare, Unicorn)
5 points - Pet Beetles (Fire Beetle, Giant Beetle, Rune Beetle)
6 points - Dragons and Drakes (Dragon, Drake, White Wyrm. Greater Dragons are not accepted and will receive no points in the contest.)
7 - Reptalons

In order to receive points for the contest, the tamer must check in with their donateable tame to the Contest Moderators, prior to actually donating the creature.

First place prize – Four Million Gold and an Engraved Statue commemorating the Occasion.

Let’s see if we can get the Great Lakes Moonglow Zoo its last two exhibits back!
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