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John Knighthawke (new bio)

Post by John Knighthawke » Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:35 am

Sir John Knighthawke, Knight of Minoc and late of Newcastle, appears to be in his 30s. He speaks with a faint "Highland" (Minoc) accent. His appearance is presentable, his armor, dyed a "Highland" blue color, always is as clean as the situation will allow. He has come to favor simple mail armor and wears a sturdy half-helm of a particular type, offering effective head protection, underneath his skullcap.

He is about six feet tall, and is lean and muscular. An arming sword and "targe" style shield hanging from his belt are near-constant presences save when they are in his hands.

He is known to be the husband of Lady Tanda, the Governor, Councilor, and White Witch of Minoc. He seeks to help his wife find a new course for Minoc, melding the open Minoc of the days of Julia and the more austere rule of the Thanes and the Highland Guard.

He also is known to be the legitimized bastard son of Galen Knighthawke, former Grand Marshal of Virtue. Every day older he gets, the more he looks, and often acts, like his father.


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