Log of the High Council Meeting on 1/22/18

Communications with the High Council of Britannia.
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Log of the High Council Meeting on 1/22/18

Post by Lord DaKaren » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:43 am

Log of the 519th Session of the High Council of Britannia.

DaKaren: Welcome to the 519th session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: There is a band of brigands terrorizing the Great Northern Road between Yew and the Minoc-Vesper Crossroads.
DaKaren: Unfortunately, little is known about these criminals at present.
Qualark Ventes: *winces*
DaKaren: Regardless, please advise your citizens of the possible danger.
DaKaren: Fortunately, the rest of the kingdom appears to be peaceful.
DaKaren: Grand Marshal Hla-ate could not be with us this eve, so we shall go directly to city reports.
Mr E: Doors confuse him I think
DaKaren: Councilor Knighthawke, does the city of Minoc have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Tanda: Minoc is doing well, the merger of races seems to be working.
Kittie: *continues to low growl at Velt and his entourage*
Tanda: John spoke of increased range of raider nearing the Royal City in Ter Mur
Mr E: *snickers*
Tanda: Other than that, Minoc is doing what it typically does
Tanda: that is all Chancellor
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Warner, does the City of Britain have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Dot Warner: Thank you, but I have no changes to my report from the earlier meeting of Royal Council.
DaKaren: *nods* Very well.
Kittie: *her claws singing deeper and deeper into the table*
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
Kittie: sinking*
DaKaren: Councilor Kittie, does the city of Moonglow have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *nudges Kalan and motions to the bottles*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Bel’la dos
(Thank you)
Kittie: *growling with teeth baring as she answers, eyes locked on the "group"*
Kalan'Iim Viaxus: *nods*
Kittie: Nothing more than what was said at Council..
C'rinzik Viaxus: *chuckles*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Usstan tlun aluin ulu ssrig'luin natha drital ulu jallasat ilta norrs
(I am going to need a drink to tolerate her mouth)
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Adjutant Bentley, does the city of Skara Brae have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Mr E: Nothing to add to what the Boss said
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *smiles*
Velturus Viaxus: *Shakes Head*
Kalan'Iim Viaxus: *stares at kitty with a cold look devoid of any emotion*
Velturus Viaxus: I do not drink.
Bentley: *nods*
Surr'ah Viaxus: *laughs*
Bentley: Yeah, yeah I got it
Bentley: Dun be so bossy
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks at Velt mid drink*
Bentley: Farrah did not ask me to add anything
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Since when?
DaKaren: Mmmhmm. Very well.
Mr E: *nods*
Kittie: *Kittie continues a blood curdling stare.. her eyes baring deep into the soul as if to pin it with her own claws*
DaKaren: Thank you, Adjutant.
Dirz'a Viaxus: *smirks*
DaKaren: Councilor Goldie, does the city of New Magincia have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Syr'dar Viaxus: *meows quietly*
Goldie: Thank you Chancellor
Goldie: At this time I have nothing new since the Royal Council Meeting.
Velturus Viaxus: *Whispers into the Ilharess's Ear*
Velturus Viaxus: *chuckles Slightly at his own joke*
Kittie: *her eyes slowly begin to change in color.. from the most calming blue.. to a purple.. then to a pink.. its intention to go red... *
Goldie: Stay tuned for the Net toss Schedule and I will advertise it, once a date is chosen.
Goldie: Thank you again, that is all for tonight.
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
DaKaren: Councilor Ventes, does the city of Vesper have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Qualark Ventes: All these troubles and disturbances are concerning
Qualark Ventes: But as tenant 11 says, the deadlier the trade route, the greater the profit.
C'rinzik Viaxus: *throws a small stuffed mouse on floor*
Qualark Ventes: Nothing to add. But I will remind you if any of you know citizens of Vesper,
Qualark Ventes: The city meeting is the 29th at 7PM.
Qualark Ventes: Thank you Chancellor.
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: Thank you, Councilor.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *hic*
Kittie: *ignores the stuffed mouse.. her eyes still deep into that cold and unforgiving stare*
DaKaren: Minister Todie, do you have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Earlhad Todie: Thank you Chancellor
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *rolls her eyes at Kittie's attempts at intimidation*
Earlhad Todie: I missed the Royal Council Meeting, so I will review the notes at a later time.
Kalan'Iim Viaxus: Velt dos zhal'la inbau nindel klez natha but'laeb d'yarn
(Velt you should get that thing a ball of yarn)
Kittie: *Kittie isn't attempting anything.. she truly has hatred in her eyes for them*
C'rinzik Viaxus: *chuckles*
Earlhad Todie: I look forward the Verity Isle Holiday Ball.
Mr E: Duck
Mr E: Duck
Earlhad Todie: oh my
Kittie: *she nodded her head in thanks towards Earlhad*
DaKaren: *sighs*
Dr Jerred DeSule: *blinks*
Earlhad Todie: On the note, I have nothing new to report and yield the floor.
Qualark Ventes: *looks around, realizing he's been too formal*
Qualark Ventes: *uncorks a bottle of whiskey*
DaKaren: Thank you, Minister.
DaKaren: Chief Justicar Blazefire, does the High Court have anything to bring before the Council this eve?
Qualark Ventes: Oh thank you!
Nevahs Blazefire: Not at this time, Chancellor.
Qualark Ventes: *knocks back some liquor*
DaKaren: *nods*
DaKaren: Thank you, Chief Justicar.
Surr'ah Viaxus: It is a Holy Tradition for us.
DaKaren: Do any of the citizenry have anything to bring before the High Council this eve?
Qualark Ventes: I shan't turn down free drinks.
Velturus Viaxus: Chancellor,
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *smiles under her hood*
Kittie: *she stands slightly as he comes closer*
DaKaren: Lord Viaxus?
Velturus Viaxus: *nods head deeply*
Bentley: Snow White!!! How ya doin
Velturus Viaxus: The Citizens of Jhelom and Umbra have considered in closed chambers,
Velturus Viaxus: The Requests of the Grand Marshall of the Britannian Royal Armed Forces.
Velturus Viaxus: It was noted, if I may Quote,
Velturus Viaxus: "Then show up,"
Velturus Viaxus: I believe is how she phrased it...
Velturus Viaxus: *Shrugs uncomfortably*
DaKaren: *tilts head*
Velturus Viaxus: The Citizenry of Jhelom has voted,
Velturus Viaxus: Or rather,
DaKaren: "She"?
Velturus Viaxus: Our Section of that Citizenry,
Velturus Viaxus: And by Voted,
Velturus Viaxus: I mean, Ordered by our Matron Mother,
Velturus Viaxus: To conscript our forces into Malag the Rivven-Lover's Militia.
Velturus Viaxus: To Assist in the Defense of Rivvenia
Velturus Viaxus: *coughs*
Velturus Viaxus: Britannia
C'rinzik Viaxus: *chuckles*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *stifles a chuckle*
Dirz'a Viaxus: *grins*
Velturus Viaxus: Many able-bodied women,
Velturus Viaxus: and a few of our non-pathetic men,
Velturus Viaxus: Will be glad to join the Grand Marshall,
Velturus Viaxus: Perhaps to share tactics and maneuvers.
Tanda: *raises an eyebrow*
Velturus Viaxus: And contribute to the Common Defense,
DaKaren: That...proposal... is interesting...
Kittie: He doesn't want to help protect anything! His only interests are to take over.. and I'm confident if he could, he'd kill the King to do so.
Velturus Viaxus: Of Rivvenia.
Velturus Viaxus: *coughs*
Velturus Viaxus: Britannia.
Bentley: Whoa whoa whoa. This is entertaining
Velturus Viaxus: That is all, Lord DaKaren,
Velturus Viaxus: Other than,
Velturus Viaxus: We are currently discussing a motion,
Velturus Viaxus: To combine the Governorships of Moonglow and Jhelom,
Velturus Viaxus: But we are still discussing this matter, internally.
Qualark Ventes: *scratches head*
Velturus Viaxus: Malla Ilharess.
(Honored Matron)
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *nods to Velturus*
Kittie: You have NO place in Moonglow or Jhelom for that matter.
Surr'ah Viaxus: Racist Meer!
Bentley: *tears welling up trying not to laugh*
Kittie: The people are pleased with where they are in Moonglow.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: And who are you say that?
Kittie: RACIST?!
DaKaren: While your use of the pejorative is...misplaced, you have the small problem of still being considered an enemy of state.
Velturus Viaxus: *slaps the guard*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *arches a brow*
Velturus Viaxus: The word is noted, Chancellor,
Velturus Viaxus: May I consult with my Ilharess,
Velturus Viaxus: Concerning this matter?
Velturus Viaxus: She is the Ultimate Authority of the Noble House of Viaxus.
DaKaren: Of course.
Velturus Viaxus: Your Highness,
Velturus Viaxus: Your predecessor,
Bentley: *waves Monstery over*
Velturus Viaxus: Who's name is forbidden, according to your law,
Kittie: Me?! Ask around! The people are content with what I give and offer to them every month!
Monstery: *leans over*
Velturus Viaxus: Was crowned by the Second Empire of Armegeddon,
Velturus Viaxus: And led a Revolution against Rivvenia
Monstery: *points at cluster of poorly formed soldiers*
Tanda: May I ask a question if Grand Marshal has been spoken to yet?
Velturus Viaxus: For this Ancient Crime,
Bentley: *nods*
Monstery: *chuckles*
Velturus Viaxus: The House of Viaxus was considered an Enemy of the State,
Velturus Viaxus: For Attacking Skara Brae,
Velturus Viaxus: Occupying Moonglow
Velturus Viaxus: Occupying Nujel’m.
Velturus Viaxus: Burning Down Occlo
Velturus Viaxus: Attacking Britain
Velturus Viaxus: Attacking Trinsic
Velturus Viaxus: Leading the Empire of Tokuno into an Alliance,
Velturus Viaxus: Then betraying them,
Velturus Viaxus: Then executing their diplomat
Velturus Viaxus: ...I am sure I could go on, and on....
Velturus Viaxus: What is your wish, Matron?
Bentley: But we prefer you just give the short version
Qualark Ventes: *wide-eyed at the list of crimes*
Tanda: that was the short version
Velturus Viaxus: Oh
Tanda: of why they were enemies of the state
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Interesting history
Velturus Viaxus: Bribing Merchants of Vesper and Minoc
Kal'iksix Viaxus: But again....it is history
Velturus Viaxus: *looks to Qualark quickly*
Qualark Ventes: Hrmph.
DaKaren: There is also the matter of taking over these chambers during Chancellor Fl'Gith's tenure.
Velturus Viaxus: Hiring mercenaries to maintain control of Territory in Felucca
Velturus Viaxus: *looks back*
Velturus Viaxus: My apologies
Velturus Viaxus: I did forget that one
Velturus Viaxus: Taking the High Council Chambers,
Velturus Viaxus: Setting fire to them
Velturus Viaxus: A couple...
Velturus Viaxus: Err...
Velturus Viaxus: A few times...
Velturus Viaxus: Killing Britannian Armed Forces trade shipments
Velturus Viaxus: Robbing them blind
Velturus Viaxus: Animating their corpses
Kalan'Iim Viaxus: *chuckles*
Velturus Viaxus: And... I won’t tell you the rest...
Velturus Viaxus: But it was certainly Rhyl's idea....
Velturus Viaxus: *shrugs innocently*
Velturus Viaxus: I am not sure, Ilharess,
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I think it is unfair to classify me and the new House with that of my predecessor
Velturus Viaxus: The Council's position on these crimes from almost ...
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *smiles sweetly at DaKaren*
Velturus Viaxus: Several hundred years ago?
Bentley: *smacks forehead on table*
DaKaren: *arches a brow*
Bentley: You are about to bore me to death... today..... That would be a new more current crime
Velturus Viaxus: Lord Chancellor,
Velturus Viaxus: I would like to invite the Ilharess to speak before you.
Velturus Viaxus: If this chamber will permit it.
Monstery: Can we vote on this?
DaKaren: *nods*
Velturus Viaxus: Your Highness.
Velturus Viaxus: GUARDS
Bentley: I like that idea. Let’s vote
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Lord DaKaren, my predecessor was a power-hungry female who was truly weak
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I do not feel it is proper to judge my new house with hers
Kal'iksix Viaxus: We have done nothing despite what the Kitten says
Bentley: *begins to snore*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: And Lord Velturus has survived this dark history and guides me to prevent the same mistakes
Kittie: *growls*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *smiles innocently*
Bentley: ZzzzZZZzzzzzZZZzzz
Qualark Ventes: *nods in thanks*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I fully support Velturus' proposal
Qualark Ventes: *raises hand*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I am open to any questions from this council
Tanda: If I may your Highness
Qualark Ventes: *holds up a hand*
DaKaren: The Council will definitely take it under advisement and speak to the Grand Marshal when he returns.
Qualark Ventes: I still have the other.
Surr'ah Viaxus: It will not be enough
Qualark Ventes: *laughs*
Qualark Ventes: *laughs heartily*
Qualark Ventes: Point.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks to Tanda*
Tanda: Am I correct in thinking you wish to be removed as Enemy of the State?
Tanda: Then to join forces with our Militia?
Tanda: *tilts head*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: We have done nothing since our return to the surface to warrant such a label
Kal'iksix Viaxus: It is our olive branch to mend our past
Tanda: I just wanted to be clear
Bentley: What amends have you provided for what sent you running with yer tail between yer legs?
Qualark Ventes: A question?
Velturus Viaxus: If I may answer, Ilharess.
Qualark Ventes: *lifts hand*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: I was a mere student at the time, so please Lord Velturus
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *motions to Velt*
Velturus Viaxus: I am the only survivor of those days.
Velturus Viaxus: None of these Nobles have anything to answer for.
Bentley: She wasn't a student and living like she just said a moment ago
Velturus Viaxus: I do not know a civilization that punishes the children living in the times of a…unjust Monarch.
Velturus Viaxus: I am certain the Enlightenment of Rivvenia is similar.
Velturus Viaxus: *slaps wrist*
Velturus Viaxus: Britannia
Bentley: I just am curious. If you say no one is alive. Then say someone is alive
DaKaren: *arches a brow*
Bentley: Who else who is not here could you be covering for
DaKaren: That word again. It undermines what you are trying to accomplish.
Velturus Viaxus: No one that was invited, nor do we expect their return... not very soon, anyways.
Bentley: Who else have you accidentally forgotten or decided they did not merit to be counted
Velturus Viaxus: I was born in a different time...
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Students are not allowed to take part in the running of a house. I knew nothing of these
Kal'iksix Viaxus: transgressions
Velturus Viaxus: Old Riven are obtuse to learning new entertaining motions.
Velturus Viaxus: *checks a notebook*
Velturus Viaxus: Old dogs are hard at new tricks.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: My focus was to rise to the top of the class and ultimately take my place as Matron
Surr'ah Viaxus: Told you so
Qualark Ventes: No - really. I have plenty.
Qualark Ventes: The night will be over VERY quickly if I have much more
Surr'ah Viaxus: *motions to the debate*
Surr'ah Viaxus: You know...
Surr'ah Viaxus: *Whispers*
DaKaren: As I said, the Council will take it under advisement and speak with the Grand Marshal.
Qualark Ventes: *lifts hand*
DaKaren: This is not a matter which will be resolved immediately.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *bows her head in understanding*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Bella Dos Lord DaKaren
Surr'ah Viaxus: Ten Drow you know are better than 10 merchants who think you don’t know relative value of
Surr'ah Viaxus: production....
Qualark Ventes: May I ask...
Qualark Ventes: You are House Viaxus, yes?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *looks over*
Velturus Viaxus: The Ilharess is embodiment of the House, xas.
Qualark Ventes: And her predecessor.. House Viaxus?
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *clears her throat*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: Lord Velturus, you may speak her name
Kal'iksix Viaxus: this time
Velturus Viaxus: Of course she was the Blood of the House of Viaxus.
Velturus Viaxus: But I am curious....
Velturus Viaxus: Is the ancestry enough to make a true judgement of the offspring?
Velturus Viaxus: My life is simple.
Dr Jerred DeSule: I presume the councilor is implying it is the entity, House Viaxus, which
Dr Jerred DeSule: has been declared enemy of the state, not the individuals.
Velturus Viaxus: I am a Sword.
DaKaren: *nods to Dr. Ghyss*
Qualark Ventes: Indeed, Advocate.
Velturus Viaxus: When a hand takes me into its grasp,
Dr Jerred DeSule: I'm not certain that holds up in the court of law
Velturus Viaxus: I will Kill
Velturus Viaxus: But I am not the judge of the decision.
Dr Jerred DeSule: They are not a country, kingdom, empire or otherwise.
Velturus Viaxus: The Ilharess is such a person, for our people.
DaKaren: *nods to Dr. Ghyss*
Qualark Ventes: Mm.
Qualark Ventes: Well.
Velturus Viaxus: And the Crown of the Second Empire of Armageddon,
Velturus Viaxus: Died many decades ago.
Velturus Viaxus: As did its last heir.
Qualark Ventes: In a personal opinion, the best tenet Vesper has is "There is no profit in revenge".
Qualark Ventes: I take it to mean let bygones be bygones.
Qualark Ventes: *drains a bottle of liquor and sets it aside*
Tanda: You have my assurance most of us will consider the issue as openly as possible
Qualark Ventes: *nods*
Tanda: as we all have "demons" for a lack of a better
Tanda: description in our pasts
Bentley: We can't answer for people who ain't here. Anything else Sparky?
Dot Warner: The Security Committee will need to meet as well.
DaKaren: This may take some time, but a decision will be made in good faith.
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *nods and returns to her seat*
Kal'iksix Viaxus: *snaps her fingers at the guards*
DaKaren: Does anyone else have anything to bring forth?
Velturus Viaxus: *Whispers*
DaKaren: Very well...
DaKaren: I hereby adjourn the 519th session of the High Council of Britannia.
DaKaren: Go with the Virtues.
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