Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation Between The Kingdom of Britannia and The Empire of Tokuno

Capital city of the Empire of Tokuno. (Friendly to Britannia)
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Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation Between The Kingdom of Britannia and The Empire of Tokuno

Post by Lord DaKaren » Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:22 pm

Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation Between
The Kingdom of Britannia and The Empire of Tokuno
In that the dangers which arise from time to time across the facets of the world of Sosaria have often threatened the very citizens which live upon the lands, till the farms, harvest the crops, and otherwise flourish from the bounties so diligently worked for; in that during such times of danger the citizenry of the lands do frequently come together to aid each other as common allies against more treacherous foes; in that travels to and from distant lands have often led to cultural exchanges of great prosperity: Now comes before the peoples of the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno this pact of eternal friendship, cooperation, and peace between the two nations, that together as Sosarians the mutual benefits to both peoples are numerous and plentiful.

Article I -
The endurance of the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno through the many varied days of darkness that have enshrouded the lands on far too often an occasion is testament to the resilience of these lands and their peoples. To ensure that each land always has friend to turn to in time of need, the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno do this day affirm a commitment to each other and to the peace that exists between these nations, and resolve to mediate and discuss with a council of equals from both parties any matters that shall arise between them that might otherwise turn lesser nations against each other.
A. The Kingdom of Britannia is hereby formally recognized as the entirety of the Britannian continent, the Isle of Deeds, Isle Magincia, Isle of Skara Brae (including Iver's Rounding), the Valorian Isles and Verity Isle, as well as the area contained within a fifty pace radius of any Shrine of Virtue. The cities of Delucia, Papua and Luna are hereby to be considered Britannian Protectorates. Any town outside these boundaries, swearing fealty to Britannia and which is duly registered with the Office of the Royal Surveyor, may also be considered a protectorate.
B. The Empire of Tokuno is hereby recognized as the entirety of Homare-Jima, Makoto-Jima, Isamu-Jima and all surrounding smaller isles.

Article II –
The friendship that has often existed between the Kingdom of Britannian and the Empire of Tokuno during the times of most dire circumstance and greatest need shall this day forth no longer be a friendship of only convenience, but instead be recognized and affirmed as a true friendship between nations that resolve to aid each other peoples as though born of their own, and to always be ready with aid and support should the need arise in future times.
A. Both nations agree to a reciprocal mutual defense compact to contain or terminate any and all common threats.
B. Neither nation may send a military force into the other nation's territory without prior written consent. This clause may be suspended in times of extreme and imminent danger, however, such a suspension may continue only until the danger has passed, the host nation's military has taken charge, or when requested by the host nation.

Article III –
In that the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno must each at some level look inward to the health and well-being of its own peoples over those who have been befriended, there shall be no requirement that either nation shall provide natural or common resources to the other, though such may freely be offered in times of bounty; nor shall either nation have the expectation that such resources are to be shared without accounting.
A. Neither nation may enter the other's territory for the purposes of resource extraction without prior written consent.

Article IV -
That days of prosperity, intellect, and bounty have been enjoyed at various times in the histories of both the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno, it is recognized and affirmed that through true cooperation of heart, of mind, of soul between the peoples of both nations may lead to greater prosperity, intellect, and bounty for all. It is therefore resolved by both nations to share techniques, to offer trade, to proffer education, and to in all manners aid each other in ways cultural, social, and philosophical, that in the union of ideas, thoughts, and skills may the peoples of both nations thrive.
A. Both nations agree to share intelligence information where deemed appropriate, or upon request, where such information does not constitute a breach of either nation's security. Such cooperation may extend to apprehension of criminal entities on the other’s soil, subject to judicial review by said nation (see Article V).
B. Neither nation will engage in intelligence gathering activities regarding the other nation. Except as noted in Article IV, section A.

Article V –
Though the best intention of peace, friendship, and prosperity between the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno shall prevail through strong minds, open hearts, and brave souls, there shall always be those who live or act outside of the laws of the lands. To ensure that the peoples of both nations are protected from criminal elements, safeguarded from undue prosecutions, and are properly advised in all legalities, the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno agree to aid each other in such legal and civil matters.
A. Both nations agree to reciprocal extradition of duly indicted criminal entities. Citizens charged with a crime within the boundaries of the other country may request that a representative of their government be present at any judicial proceedings as an observer or co-counsel.

Article VI –
It is hereby declared that the truest example of friendship between the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno is to open the borders of each nation freely to each other, to encourage travel, provide new opportunities, and welcome each other with warm and open arms to explore and trade with each other under the best of intents without unnecessary restriction.
A. Citizens of either nation may move freely across borders without undue burdensome regulations subject to the receiving nation’s laws.
B. Citizens and business entities of either nation will enjoy free trade of non-contraband goods between the nations subject to the receiving nation’s laws.

Article VII –
In order to best preserve the friendship between the Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno, it is recognized as not only proper but wise to create an open channel of communication betwixt the two governments, that important matters be easily presented, and that such official channels should be managed by protected persons who are entrusted with the health and commonwealth of this treaty between nations.
A. Both nations are entitled to appoint a permanent ambassadorial party to the capital city of the other nation. Designated high-ranking diplomatic staff will be afforded diplomatic immunity.
B. Diplomatic immunity is defined as legal immunity for diplomatic personnel as they are not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution under the host country's laws. A host country may expel diplomatic personnel and the home country may revoke immunity at any time.

Article VIII –
The Kingdom of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno do avow that coming together in friendship, peace, and prosperity carries with it the responsibility to have open heart and mind with regard to issues that may threaten to tear such friendship asunder, and to look to issues which arise through the eyes of the peoples of both nations to ensure that solutions are presented which are in the spirit of compromise and enduring rapport.
A. All treaty disputes, infringements, or alterations are to be mediated through ambassadorial channels and ratified by each nation’s leadership.

So let it be written that upon this day, the peoples of the Kingdom of Britannia and the peoples of the Empire of Tokuno be drawn together in peace, in friendship, in cooperation, and in prosperity for so long as the days shall come to be.

(Treaty was signed by both King Blackthorn and the Empress of Tokuno in October of BY 491 (August 17th, 2013)
(Treaty authored by RaDian Fl'Gith and DaKaren)
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